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: A three-part carrier was moving through the desert. The carrier was a faded blue, and stood out easily. The driver did'nt care though. He was just doing his job. There were 4 Zakus aboard the first carrier, just in case something happened. The cargo was two mobile suits, neither of which he got a good look at. The 4 pilots sat behind him, chatting away.
--Pilot 1: Well, we know the first suit is a new mobile armor built by the colonies. Of course, it's useless while on Earth. Now the other one is the mystery. It's covered in some sort of armor.
--Pilot 2: It's called a mobile egg. It's used when a suit is being stored for a long while.
--Pilot 3: But what's in it?
--Pilot 2: We don't know. Besides, we're just soldiers. Our job is to protect it.
: The 4th pilot remained quiet. And it was quiet for a while, with the exception of the hum of the carrier. Everything seemed to them to be going okay. They did'nt know about the person watching them. They did'nt know that the GM Custom was about to attack. And it did. It lunged out of the sand, and fired three blasts at each of the carrier parts. A few explosions followed, and the GM Custom began to charge at the carrier. The pilots in the carrier were all right, and they rushed to their Zakus. When the first Zaku exited the carrier, it was met with a blast to it's left arm. The Zaku fired back, missing it's shots. The GM Custom drew it's geo-blade, which slided out to form a thin sword. The GM Custom sliced thru the third carrier, forming a large gash.
--Axe: Okay, I'v got to set the heavy mine before I get to the egg.
: Axe's mobile suit launches a disk from it's shoulder. Ax then opens the cockpit of his GM Custom and uses his grapling cord to swing to the gash in the third carrier. As the damaged Zaku approaches, he sees the GM Custom kneeling behind the carrier. The Zaku charges, only to step on the heavy mine, and the Zaku is shattered like glass.
: Meanwhile, Axe is standing in front of the large mobile egg. It's hard to make out the egg in the dark. Axe uses his grapling cord to reach a walkway leading to the egg's entrance. He pulls out a small device and hacks into the door. It slowly opens. He runs into the egg. Outside, the other three Zakus are destroying the GM Custom.
--Pilot 2: Wait! I don't think the pilot is in it!
--Pilot 3: Where is he?
--Pilot 2: Damnit, he must have gone inside the carrier.
: A thick fog pours out of the carrier. Inside the new cockpit, Axe is activating the suit.
--Pilot 2: What the hell is-
: Suddenly, the back of the carrier is blown off, and the Zaku is blasted three times before it explodes. In it's place stands a large white mobile suit. It also colored with red and blue, and it holds a large rifel in one hand. In it's other is holds a gigantic geo-blade. In a quick motion, it lunges at another Zaku, slicing it into oblivion with one slash. Before the last Zaku can react, the large suit fires vulcan cannons at the Zaku, sending it to the ground.
: As quickly as it appeared, the giant suit flies off, sending a gust of sand over the damaged Zaku. That suit was the first Gundam to be awakined. It's name is Geminass.
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The VoLPHAU ( OOC: Gundam SEED ZAFT transport) flew slowly over the vast Amazonian rainforest, faint sounds of the wildlife could be head if one listened well enough. Novus stood looking out at the trees; looking over at his Rasveyt he wanted to be on the ground. Flying in transports were neer really his style, clomping around on the ground was his thing. The only reason why he was in the VoLPHAU was because of his reassignment to a new base that needed MS piolts to safe gaurd the surrounding area.
He looked down at the reassignment papers, " Shear, unadulterated mercenary work." he grumbled.
" Looks like there going to be another war going on old buddy," he said the Rasveyt.
The machine only looked back at him witht he cold stare that it always has, and always will have.
Suddenly an alram went off in the transport room, wiht the PA blaring," Sir, we've come under attack from a sqaud of Mobile suits... We've just identified them as Virgos. We're opening the cargo bay door for you to take them out. OVER."
" Finally some action!" Novus said as he jumped in to the cockpit.
The doors opened and the Ras flew down to greet the attacking enemies, just before he hit the ground he deployed the bits in order to confuse the Virgo squad.
Waiting patentially he spotted one of the Virgos, it had ceased all firing on the VolPhAU, and had comenced with searching for the MS that had fallen from the air. One of the Bit Ras' jumped from behind some trees with the beam saber ignited and pulling off a downward slice, as the piolt froze in surprise. Unknowingly, the Virgo piolt never saw the real Rasveyt coming from behind him and stabbing through the cockpit. The explosion from the first Virgo attracted the others to the spot. Calling back the Bits, Novus positioned them around the area to confuse the remaining piolts.
The Bits inplace Novus piolted his MS to a secluded area overlooking the Bit locations he aimed the beam rifle at an approching Virgo...
Virgo 1: " Did you guys find that mobile suit?'
Virgos 2 & 3: " No, Sir. Still looking"
A Bit flashes it's image for a second to startle the sqaud members.
Virgo 1: " Did you guys see something in the foilage?"
Virgo 3: " My Sensors aren't picking anything up."
Virgo 2: " Nor are mine."
" Farewell fella's, " Novus said taking out Virgo 2, with a direct hit in the torso.
" Shields up boys!" yelled the commander of Virgo 1, but it was to late, Novus had already taken' out Virgo 3. The Bits had activated all at once. the piolt kept his cool and surrendered to the Bits. Novus went down and greated the new POW, with a smirk Novus opened the hand of the Rasveyt, and took the piolt to the place where the VoLPHAU had landed. As he walked off the Bits deactivated and reattached themselves to the MS.

The questioning aboard the transport was though, but informal. Informal being shock therapy.
" What were you, and your squad doing out there in the rainforest?" Novus asked the piolt with a little schock
" We were looking for a crashed meteor. Nothing else."
" So your people sent a group of 4 armed Virgos to look for it"
" We had no way of knowing what may be in it."
" What do you mean 'in it'?" another burst of eletricity
" It was a transport capsule form the colonies, they sent it to someone and we're here to gt it first."
Novus looked at the man, thinking to himself he said, [I]" Could this be the Gundam that's been so talked about? I must get that Suit!"[/I]
"Where did it land, TELL ME!"
" It landed near the riverby the border of Peru and Brazil. 700 Km NNE of Huanuco, Peru." more electricity throuhg the piolts body, just for good measure. "Please don't kill me!"
" I won't. Thanks for the info." smaller burst of the electricity."Piolt take me to these cordinates 70 degrees West by 13 degrees South. We have a capsule to find!"

OOC:: edit edit! ha ha shock therapy. and yes my transport just conviently carries one around
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Guest Spike88
Captain Xiao Frost is awaiting the arrival of his new top secret weapon. In through the door comes the pilot of the vessel with a scared look on his face
Pilot:Sir I have some bad news
Frost: Then you value your life very lightly pilot
Pilot: The vessel was attacked by a mobile suit about an hour out sir and......
Frost: You incompotent bastard tell me what happened now
Pilot: The mobile suit came through got out of his suit and made for the egg but, the mobile armor made it here safely
Frost: As did you I see well that egg was mine and I'll have to admit I'm alittle upset. Pilot it's ok your dimissed
Pilot: This won't ever happen again sir
Frost:well at least you got one thing right
As the pilot walks away Xiao pulls agun from his drawer and shoots the pilot in the back
Frost: you shall run like a coward and you shall die like one as for this pilot of the Gundam I shall find him myself. Though his machine is to powerful for me to handle right now. I have another tip about a suit thats just landed.
Frost turns his chair around facing the wall adn calls the guards outside the room
Frost: get this garbage out of my site and if that stain doesn't come out I'm holding you personally responsible and I won't be as nice to you as I was to him
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[size=1]Tyoko looked up in space, and wondered what was up there. only recently had he gotten his mobile suit and transport. Tyoko set coordinates fro earth after reading the radar reports saying there were gundams there.[/size]
[size=1]Tyoko saw a shooting star heading for earth. He saw then that it was an egg. He saw a green eye staring back at him.[/size]
[size=1]Tyoko: That was my gundam! Setting coordinates, I've got to find out where that thing lands.[/size]
[size=1]Tyoko jumps in the pilots seat and gets his V-Dash suit ready. When he lands, he'll find that gundam.[/size]
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: Axe, a mobile suit pilot who attacked the carrier and stole the Gundam, is sitting at his computer, asleep. It's dark in the room. Suddenly, the computer begins to make a rythamic beep. Axe opens his eyes, and examines the screen. He then sits upright in his chair. He begins typing on his keyboard.
--Axe: It's another one. For some reason, and egg is entering the Earth's atmosphere. But what about the reports of the Earth's military knowing the location of another Gundam.
: He scans through reports before making a conclusion.
--Axe: I can guarantee the Earth military will see the one entering the atmosphere. I can't with the other one. There's a good chance that the Earth military dose not know another Egg's location. I'm going after the one that just entered the Earth's atmosphere.
: Axe gets up from his desk and runs down the hallway. He opens the door to the mobile suit hangar. There are 4 mobile suits there: a Tauros, his GM Custom, and the Gundam he stole. There was also another suit. It was as large as the Gundam, but seemed incomplete. Axe looks over at his GM Custom.
--Axe: My GM still needs repairs. I'll take my new Gundam.
: And Axe sets off to find the Gundam Egg. Little dose he realize that another pilot by the name of Tyoko was looking for the same egg...
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Toko put bosters full on. He could barely see the gundam's eyes anymore. ABut he could see the shell of the gundam egg. Tyoko set the ArchAngel on course for a desert whil he go Dash, his custom GM suit ready to go look for the gundam. He saw it falling towards a city and rushed over there in a hurry.

?: Get away from that suit. It's mine.
Tyoko: What? I've been tracking this suit since I saw it in space.
?: Whatever you want to say is fine, but you're lying. It's mine.
Tyoko: I've an idea. Let's let the gundam decide.

Tyoko jumped out of the cockpit and walked towards it. the other guy fired to stop him, but the egg started glowing and the earthquake made the bullet hit the ground way off their target. Tyoko ran back to his suit and launched up in the air a few meters.
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Guest Spike88
Frost:Ahhh well, it seems we have got yet another Gundam. I won't let other incompotent people go in my stead. I'll go get it myself since it seems that I have a few people who like to steal from me they shall pay with their lives. Let's see what are the coordinates to our base.
Frost shuffles through his desk and looks through a folder labeld top secret.
Frost: Here we are I'll have to move on it fast before others find out about this other Gundam. I shall leave immediatly. Guards get my mobile suit ready.
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*OZ systems mobilise*

Ki's Suit powered up, and the screen flashed into an activated stage. The OZ symbol glowed brightly on the screen, and the mission briefing suddenly materialised. A bored sounding technician droned through the cpeakers on a recording.

*Good morning, Saito. As you know, an Egg carrier system has dropped through the Earth's atmosphere. Preliminary scanning shows a presence of Gundanium. Your task is to intercept the craft and capture the Gundam for OZ. You will be going with a squad of 5, your usual squad. Good Luck.*

A click signalled the end of the transmission. Ki sighed, just another mission.

Ki - All troops, sign in.
OZ 1 - OZ 1 ready.
OZ 2 - OZ 2, ready.

Ki listened through his squad's prep.

Ki - Any questions on todays mission?
OZ 3 - Just one, sir.
Ki - Yes?
OZ 3 - What opposition will we be up against?
Ki - Not that it matters, this is a free-for-all. Expect any number of enemy units. Destroy all who are not OZ.
OZ 3 - Yessir.
Ki - Anything else?


Ki - Good. All units, prepare for launch.

The air transport floor suddenly gave way, sending the Tragos units falling to the floor. Jet boosters engaged, cushioning the blow, but Ki still felt the crash shake through his very soul.

Ki - All units OK?
All - Yessir!
Ki - Good. Let's move out!

The platoon moved across a motorway, leading into a non-OZ city. Perhaps some demolition work was in order. The magnifiers in his helmet scanned the setting, looking for any supposed enemies.

Ki - OK, let's move in.

The Tragos' plodded forwards into the city, keeping to the walls. With blasters in hand, they looked surprisingly like an infantry squad on an espionage mission. The unit nearest the corner peeked around, before suddenly falling back behind the building.

OZ 5 - Have sighted the target, sir.

OZ 5 was a friend of Ki's, a woman known as Naomi. They got on quite well outside of work, but this was no time to be thinking about social situations...

Ki - Good. Units, sweep the area.
All - Yessir.

The units moved around the buildings silently, their visual motors whirring, searching for the enemy. On his Nav, Ki noticed that all but one unit, 4, had reached the destination on the outskirts of the square in which the Egg had landed.

Ki - 4, status report.
OZ 4 - Sorry, sir. Have sighted enemy unit. Ready to engage...
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Guest Spike88
Frost appears at the Earth Forces Military base in his mobil suit.
Mobil Suit: Restricted Access
Frost: HA I forgot these fools did do one thing right it seems they did install the security system I asked for.
Mobil Suit: Sir I'm sorry I know who you are but you will still have to state your name and let the computer recognize your voice
Frost: I know you idiot I designed the system myself. Captain Xiao Frost
The red Light on the computer screen turns green and flashes access granted
He steps through the door in his mobil suit and goes to the docking area to get out of his mobil suit.
Soldier: Welcome sir we have been expecting your arrival
Frost: As if I didn't know that because I sent word myself. Do you have it ready.
Soldier: Yes sir
Frost: I shal inspect it myself and if you mesed up this egg I shall have all of your heads.
Soldier: We didn't touch it as you have instructed.
Frost: Good this Gundam shall be mine. So it is packed for storage then. My mobil Suit shall personally accompany this back so I can run a few tests. After that it shall havea pilot. I Xiao Frost shall finally have what I deserve.
Soldier: Right this way sir
Frost turns to follow the soldier down from the dock and out into the cement floor of the base. They two of them turn down a hall until they come to a door marked top secret.The door opens and there are two men there with guns.
Armed guard 1: Sir we are ready to move out.
Frost: Good place the case on the vehicle and let's get start. Get me all the mobil suits here and put them in our convoy. I won't let it fail this time
Soldier: yes sir but....
Frost: But what I don't care what they are doing get them in their suits now
Soldier: YES SIR
Frost: We shall see if anyone wants a piece of this now with me going through
The base door slides open and out marches 30 mobil suits with Frost's Serpentis right in the middle guarding a car.
Frost: Let's go
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Tyoko jumped out of the lake. His gundam sat by the edge of the forest, curled up. "So, you're name's Blitz Gundam. Well Blitz, My name is Tyoko, but you can call me Ty. I have my own ship, You wanna see it."

Tyoko blasts off in his new gundam and heads for the ArchAngel. Tyoko docks his gundam and then walks over to the pilots chair. He sees a convoy heading somewhere. Tyoko remebers something and brings up a com link to the convoy. "Hello, is this the....Earth Military Force?"
"Yes! This is Captain Xiao Frost! Who are you?"
I am to delliver a package to you. Where is you base? I'm coming into Earth's atmosphere so you'll see me in a few seconds."

Tyoko reduces thrusters and set revere booster acceleration to full as he starts to descends onto earth.
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: Meanwhile, someone else is watching. The Geminass is crowching down, watching Tyoko decend towards the earth.
--Axe: I won't let the Earth's government get a Gundam. I'd rather have it be destroyed. Okay Geminass, let's see what you can do.
: Geminass' eyes flash, and the suit stands up. Axe thrusts forward, and the Gundam bursts into the air, strait towards Tyoko's suit.
--Axe: TIME TO DIE!!!

[I]Hey Jagan. I'm sorry I did'nt write too much, I did'nt really understand your post too well. One moment you just got out of a lake in a forest, the next you're decending towards the Earth. But thanks for posting.[/I]

PS: For no apparent reason, everything that belonged to Novus/Junyi exploded, and his head flew out of the rubble and landed in Xiao Frost's lap, who now uses it a a paperweight. :devil:
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