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RPG Final Fantasy: after the XI


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Chapter I
The Pendant of Doom

A year after zidane and his "party" defeated kuja, a peace returned to the land. But, this piece was shortly lived all the eidolns were captured by one, a thief that was stronger than the all the eidolns put together. He used his dark socceress powers to conceal all the eidolns into a pendant... this pendant was too great of a power and one with a dark mind had it... this could only mean trouble. This dark one was called Hacko (don't ask why i chose that name). A mist filled the air around the nation called Banandria, a nation that all the nations combined into.

Ontop of golden hawk, his air ship, he makes his plans that will change the world forever...

" Prepare the dark forced, this is a great chance." hacko evily said
His dark servent replied," Yes Master!"

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