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Anime favorite bishounens and bishoujos


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A thought has occurred to me.
What are your favorite shounens and shoujos?
I've researched and I've found... No threads of the same topic.
Hey guys,.... PLEASE CONTRIBUTE!!!
I've noticed that most of the new members' threads don't get much attention.

So I'll have to start.

1. Kazuki - Get backers
2. Mousse - Ranma 1/2
3. Genjo - Gensomaden Saiyuki

1. Mikaze - Stratos 4
2. Cherry - Saber Marionette J
3. Shampoo - Ranma 1/2

I have 2 words for you all:
[COLOR=Red][SIZE=4]Just keep on postin' until ya'll faint and go ta hell!![/SIZE] :flaming: [/COLOR]
(Just jokin')
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[quote name='friday 13][COLOR=DarkRed']you used 11 words and what are these bishounens and bishoujo's because i'm new to this anime world [/COLOR][/quote]

Friday, if you wanna become an anime fan, you gotta know some stuff first.

Bishounen is translated into: cute or handsome guy.
Bishoujo is translated into: cute or beautiful girl.

I think you should learn more about Japanese phrases.
I suggest you go to "www.animeinfo.org" and look for the otaku phrases page there.

PS - The 11 words was only a joke. I'm just tryin' ta be funny
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[size=1]A person does not have to know what a bishounen and bishoujo is in order to be an anime fan, lol. I never even knew those words existed until I started to stop watching anime, heh.

Anyway, I ask that you at least give some legitimate reason(s) as to why a person makes your list. Not just because "LoLZ, OMG they r sooo kawaii! >_
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Favorite Bishounen:

2. Sesshoumaru (Inu-Yasha)
3. Ryou Shirogane (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Favorite Bishoujo:

1. Tomoyo [damn, i always forget how to spell her last anme been too long] (CardCaptor Sakura)
2. Mint Aizawa (Tokyo Mew mew)
3. Shiori Takatsuki (Revolutionary girl Utena)

And favorite gender bender XD:

Nuriko form fushigi yuugi and Fisheye from SM. (don't ask me, i always liked Fisheye O_o)
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[color=crimson][size=1]Well, our wonderful Team Leader [b]PiroMunkie[/b] came here and gave you some wonderful advice to keep this thread alive and the very next post completely ignored it. Which irritates me.

As new members, the rules should be fresh in your minds, as you were supposed to read them and abide by them when you registered for the OtakuBoards. And in these rules, you would see that favorites thread are HIGHLY discouraged. This is not because we want to take the fun out of posting, but because they usually lead to short and spammy posts like these, which lead to no discussion whatsoever. However, favorites threads that include very detailed descriptions of what you are discussing are sometimes allowed. I'm sorry to say that this thread is not one of them.

If you would like exclaim to the world who your favorite bishounens and bishoujos are, your signature is the perfect place.

Thread Closed.[/color][/size]
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