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This is a BIG request I know, but I'm on several other message boards also.

My first is a Hitokiri Battousai because that is my name on one so I'd like it to be a banner where is it has Kenshin as the Battousai with the Battousai eyes from the show. With several awesome pics of him with his sword out whether they be in stance form or action form. Also have it say something dark that the Battousai would say. I want this one to be dark and mysterious.

My 2nd is a Trunks banner with him doing his Burning Attack (the full picture of him, not just the face), one pic of him with his sword in action, and the one with him sitting holding his sword looking at you all in blue/light blue to add for environment. I want it to say in burning letters "You're about to fight a real Super Saiyan"

My 3rd is an Inu-Yasha one for this message board hence the name. I want it to be like the others in pics and one of his human form. Preferably with him smiling. I want it to say "It's not easy being the best of both worlds" in smooth/sleek writing.

My last one is a Teen Titans one with only Cyborg & Raven. I want this one to be REALLY special since my name is Cyborg&Raven4Ever. I really can't think of the details I just want it to be special. Also a Cyborg avatar with his proton cannon out that says "Boo-Ya" on it.

Hope it's not too hard. Many thanks. This is all I'll be needing, I don't mind if you put your sig on it.
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