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Writing Freaky poems


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Yo people!
This here thread's gonna be a sanctuary for funny, crazy, stupid or gross poems!
NOTE: don't put any lime or lemon poems. No ecchi writings. (That means NO NUDITY, SEXUAL INTERCOURSE OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT!!!)
Just plain stupid!

[SIZE=4]Something stupid I made up[/SIZE]
As a cherry blossom falls, a thought now strikes my head.
A thought seemingly resonative, yet a thought I've never read.
"Why does not a petal or leaf just not float instead,
Of falling to the ground because it is not made of bread.
The ups and downs of gravity just surely rocks and rolls.
Like cooking rye and pizza pie, you put on pantyholes.
My tounge is green and made of spleen. Hey, wanna give a kiss?
Did I mention that my spit is made of turtle's piss!
If trees would fry and pigs would fly then what I say is true.
Hey, look! There is a pig in air! Let's eat it with tree stew!

I'm going to Bangkok, Thailand for the rest of my summer.
When I'm back, I wanna see some posts!!
I'll update this when I'm back.
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