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RPG Blitz: Fall to the Past

Sky Moonflow

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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Blitz:Fall To The Past

Welcome to Blitz.
This is the year 2964.
The human race is falling towards nonexistence.
The planet Earth is fall apart.
The Taluka War has been going on for 29 years.
Wars are being fought all around the world. Peace time is nowhere in sight. The technology has advanced to far. Androids are being created, some are good and some are evil. Deamons exist due to a twisted labatory accident. The sicentists at the TSTS (Taluka Station of Technology and Science), are working to create a weapon to destory the androids and deamons. They beleive that this will cure the war, that this will restore the human race. Are they right or are they wrong. Who volenteers to travel across the war lands to the TSTS? Will we survive or will we perish alongside our warriors?


Android: Ginntomisai (Gin)-Sky Moonflow
Android: Kenjiro (Ken)- Knightmare
Human: "Orange" Maxamillian- OberOn the Neko
Human: X-Factor (X)- Spydaweb782004 (Shortened ya name to make it easier to remember hope ya don't mind!)
Human: Mary Stuart- Sunofexiles
Demon: Roxoki-jro13

-My thoughts-

"Begin the activation of the creation", a voice said.
"Yes sir", another replied.
Eyes open. Feelings lost.
I wake up to see people standing over me.
-They seem so strange.-
"The creation is awake." the voice said astonished.
-Who are these people.-
Mind goes blank, thoughts are racing.
-Where am I.-
They stand over me like I was a pet.
-I want out!-
A flash of light. Eyes burn.
I wake up. The people are gone.
Everything is destroyed.
I'm alone.....

My posts are confusing but they will clear up with time.

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[B]*** TSTS COmplex C-003 ***[/B]

[B]D A T E : April 8th, 2961. F I L E : 'The First 'SA' Android.'[/B]

Scientists are gathered around some "newly ensambled" Android.

"SA-001 is Complete"

"Is perfect!"

"We should begin with the testing"

"W-Where am I...?"
*** Testing Grounds. Location: ??? ****

D A T E : April 10th, 2961. F I L E: 'Testing.' [/B]

A guy with military clothing and black hair lays on the ground with a snipler riffle is observed by a group of scientists.

"Fire!" One of them shouts.

And so the guy fires at multiple targets.

"He passed all the tests" A scientist said. They all go near the military guy and congratulate him.

"Well done, SA-001. You passed" The elder scientist said.

"Thank you, Sir!" The military guy quickly said.

"Now, let's see how you do with-- Wh-What are you doing?! Put that gun do--! *Bang!*" He yelled at the Military guy as he received a head shot from him, before he could deliver the object he was holding.

"What the--?!" The other Scientist couldn't believe what they just saw.

"001, Reset your program!" A scientist shouted to the military as the guy picked up the object the dead scientist was holding.

"He's gone Berserk! It most be his Mother chip! Let's destroy it!" Another scientist said just before the military guy activated the object, of which a bright blue laser came out.

"He has the Laser Katana, and he seems to know how to use it! Run for it" A scientist said before running away.

"SA-001, Code: Stealth Assasin 1357, Activate Self-destruct program! Now!" The Military guy looked up at the screaming Scientist and slashed him with his blade, then grabbed his Sniper riffle and shot the running scientist in the head. After that, he fell on his knees"

"W-What have I done?" The Military guy thought and ran away.

[B][End of Recording]

*** City of Gaia ***[/B]

"Memories persue me... I need to run away..." Kenjiro said while walking the lone streets and right before he crashed head first with a person, or that was his impresion. "I'm sorry... I wasn't looking..." He quickly apologized"[/FONT][/COLOR]


OOC: Someone else follows.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Gin looked up at the stanger who bumped into her.
"s'okay" she said.
The man started to walk away.
"Wait," she called after him, "what's your name?"
"Kenjiro," the man answered.
"I"m Gin." she said happily.
The man walked away again. She didn't stop him.
-He is a troubled mind-
Gin looked up at the sky and started walking down the street again.
She stopped in her tracks as the memory of when she came to life began again.
-Why am I here?-
Sound of metal on metal.
Turn around.
Someone falls to the ground.
His face is messed up his arm is bent backwards...he's dead.
-Did I do that?-
Turn around again.
Walk on.
Sirens wail.
Don't look back......

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Walks down the street thinking about what group of enemies he should attack as he keeps walking he sees two androids he takes out a controller looking thing and puts it over the male android and he sees everything that has happened in the past. He approches slowly, holding his minigun tightly."What are you doing here you, you man slaughtered all those scientists, you shall die for all those deaths."Points his minigun up at him and looking deeply into his eyes thinking of pulling the trigger.

OOC: I hope that was ok
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[FONT=Verdana][COLOR=SlateGray]Kenjiro sees the man holding a gun against him.

"You wish to destroy me?" He asked the man.

"It's my duty!" The man replied.

"What are you waiting for?" Kenjiro said as he turned his face down.

"W-What?!" The man asked surprised. "If you wish to die so much--" The man was interrupted before he could finish his sentence.

"Wait!" Gin shouted.

"Who are you? And What is your bussiness with this assassin?" The man asked.

"I'm Gin, and I don't really know him... I just don't think is fair for you to kill him just because he is an Android!" Gin said putting herself in front of the man.

"Move or I'll shot you both!" The man said.

"Let the man do what he came here to do" Kenjiro said to Gin.

"No matter what you did, he has no right to kill you" Gin replied.

"I went berserk and killed my creators once... Then I went bersek again and killed some humans who were taking care of me... The third time was different..." Kenjiro didn't finished whatever he was about to say when Gin asked: "You went Berserk?" Kenjiro then answered: "Yes. There is a problem with my Mother chip"

"A problem with your MC?" The man asked surprised.

"Can't you fix it?" Gin asked.

"I'm a unique model, the only person who knew all about my functions was Dr. Dentha, who I personally slashed in two by the way" Kenjiro answered. "So, What will you do?" Kenjiro asked.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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"You mean your oh my god i can fix you i'll take you to my lab and don't worry you won't be able to kill me" the man says walking into a alley. He looks behind him and then walks into a door hidin behind garbage and there is a lab it looks better than the lab Ken was located he walks over with Ken over to a table and tells Ken to lay down.Ken lays down and he shuts Ken off and plays with his Mother Board and he soon turns him back on saying"Ken your fine now trust me you won't go berserk unless you want to and you get to pick who to go berserk on".
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Gin peeked over the man's shoulder.
"What ya doing?" she asked.
The man jumped a little.
"Please don't scare me like that." he said.
Gin nodded and walked off to explore.
She came back to see Ken sitting up on the table looking much better.
"You fixed him?" she asked.
"Yea." the man replied.
"Wait what are you called?" she asked.
"X." he replied.
Gin nodded again and started to poke around the lab again.
She walks outside and starts on her way again.
"Where are you going?" Ken asked.
"Not sure myself." she replied.
She smiled and walked into the murky night.
-He is nice-
-I like him-
A crash.
Turn around.
A cat.
No worries.
Turn around again.
Walk away.
Leave everything behind.
No looking back......

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"Ken go after her i know you like her it night it gonna be you and he go after her." Ken looked at him like he had 10 heads. X said to Ken"Listen i know what it is like to be alone just do it i still young but still i don't have anybody you should. Ken replied "But i don't know where she went". X hands Ken a controller saying "it a tracker she has a memory card that can be tracked all i have to do is...." X puts in a whole bunch of numbers"ok it fine now go after her" Ken starts to walk out the door and looks back at X and nods.
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[COLOR=SlateGray][FONT=Verdana]"Thank you... I hope we meet again" Ken said as he turned to the door.

"You're welcome and... We will" X said before Ken got out.

Kenjiro walks the alley while looking at this device thing X gave him. He starts turning the object in all directions and thinks: "Do I have it upside down? Damm!" He leaves it in one direction and keeps walking. "I hope this is ok..." he said before the signal got stronger and a beep sounded repeatily and every step louder. "Looks like its working... This annoying sound could wake the dead" He said to himself. Then he saw something and yelled: "Gin, is that you?" [/FONT][/COLOR]
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X thought to himself"There is no way that guy is gonna find her, good thing i put a tracker in the tracker". He walks out and walks following the signal to Ken. He sees Ken and someone walking around the corner, he noticed the shadow as he yelled"Ken get back to the lab fast". Ken started running and X ran to where Ken was with the mysterious man in sight X said to the man"what are you doing here". The man replied to X's question quickly"I'm here to destroy your so called friend Ken''. X looked at him and said"I can't let that happen". X started to fire at the man as the man jumped onto the wall and started running at X. X toke out his knife as he dropped his minigun done to the floor. He charged the man and slid his neck open saying"I am sorry brother but you have killed enough". X walked away slowly get. When X made it around the corner Ken was there. X said to Ken"Go head and look now the guy dead and if this happens again just come back to the lab and grab anything to fight with. Ken looks at him and nods walking away looking for Gin again.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Gin looked back and saw Ken coming towards her.
"What do you want?" she asked
"I came to get you." he replied.
"Why?" she asked.
"So you don't get hurt," he answered.
Gin smiled a bit.
"I"m an android," she said, "I can't get hurt."
Ken shook his head and grabbed Gin's wrist and took her back to where X was waiting.
"Blood." she said when she saw X
"Yea," X said, "Ken had a nasty little run in with someone."
-A human helping an android.-
-He is a friend.-
Gin smiled and sat down.
She then started to clean her plasma gun.
Be calm.
Friends come.
Friends go.
He is here to stay.
Don't be afraid anymore........

OOC: Where are the others!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/FONT][/COLOR]
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OOC: Sorry I am late! I didn't realise it had started!


Orange looked out from under his wide-brimmed hat. He saw the city streets, and the people inhabiting them. "Whatta world..." he said to himself as he saw a small conflict erupt in a small corner of a less occupied street. He stood, and peered around, looking for Roxoki for backup, but he wasn't there anymore.

"Ah damn..." he said to himself. "Guess I'll find out by myself."

He walked up to them and tried to avoid being noticed until the last second. He walked almost past them when he pulled out his grappling gear. "What's up?" He said. "and do you plan on continuing disturbing the peace?" He said, but was ignored.

The three were locked in almost a dreamlike state in which only they existed. "Hello!?" Orange sighed. "Look, just listen to me. Bring this somewhere else, okay?"

The 19-year old had whipped out a bright katana almost instinctivley. He held his sabre out to block the blow, but it was a feint. The katana whipped out at him, and he moved out of its path, cutting the youth as he slipped out of the path of his momentum. "Too slow." He said.

"Will you please leave us alone?" The youth said. This was the first time he had heard him talk. His voice was hard to put a finger on, but it was very odd. There was a slightly metallic quality to it.

"Why... what's-" He looked at the small girl, who was bleeding. She was cleaning a gun. [i]What a f-cked up world we live in...[/i] he said to himself. "Do you have a license for that weapon?" he asked. She replied with a showing of her wrist. There was a metal plate attached. "Ginntomisai, model 01-436G. COMBAT UNIT!?" Orange exclaimed. He looked at the innocent looking little girl. Her facade was fading away, as he could see the blood that she had shed. It was all in her eyes. She had seen more than any human- or machine- was ever supposed to see. He looked over her, almost aghast at the incredible sadness he saw deep inside her.

He dropped the loitering ticket. He looked the crowd over. The strange youth, the bleeding girl, and a person of his age. "Look, I'm sorry about all that. How can i make it up to you?"

OOC:hehe... how CAN I?
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