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Writing Aragain 1: Quest for the magical sabre

Guest Mr Mattinson

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Guest Mr Mattinson
This is a story i hav been working on for sometime, this is as far as i have got and as you read this i will probably be writing chapter 6 (Journey of Death)

Quest for the Magical Sabre

Chapter 1
Battle at the Black fortress

After the times of the Elves and the Creluntars and Acktorl warriors
Eldin and his brothers, Maludin and Dendrune, have created thousands of new species. The most powerful of those was the human and the wizard/sorceress. The leaders of the world now were Zeronatek and Rosalia. Who lived in white castle on the top of Eldin?s peak the highest point on Aragain. They governed it for a long time and thousands more wizards came to be from all the billions of humans.

30 years went by the two wizards gave birth to three children. The first was named Rongundous the second Merlock and the third Enerous.

Two years later a comet hit Truciri killing hundreds of people and wizards this was not Eldins fault and was not planned it was named comet Toron which was also the name of Rosalia?s tapestry which she wrote before her death. Enerous disappeared during the explosion and he was never found. The people of Truciri searched 7 months for the child and after that they gave up.

In Zeronatek?s royal court on the high tower arguments were breaking out because of the threat of the trolls that were destroying lands of Truciri.
Rosalia said that war was not the answer.
?You are foolish my wife to believe that we will not decide on war as our action, war is the only option!? said Zeronatek.
?Then I will not be part of it war is not the case! These creatures deserve a chance to live you are just like them reckless and a machine of War!? said Rosalia.
?You forget I am King and ruler of this World, soon I will even be greater than Eldin and I, I shall be god! Now my wife you will be first to suffer from my new order!? roared Zeronatek he ran to her picked her up high above is head and cast her over the tower!
?AHHHHH!? she screamed as she fell into the rocky abyss below at the foot of Eldins peak.
She fell passed the foot of the castle still screaming now she would fall another two hundred leagues until she would fall into the rocky chasm below.

Back upon the tower top Zeronatek chucked all the others off then declared war on Aragain. The Duke of Kazra heard of the declaration and acted immediately he forged armies of the last few thousand elves, knights, foresters and wizards and when he had 400,000 in his army his men marched up Eldins peak where at the top the enemy were waiting. The enemy were forged of Trolls, black knights and Faceless warriors. This bloody battle went on for weeks while Zeronatek was still watching from his tower. Rongundous and Merlock were there fighting as well and Rosalia! A magician on his way up the mountain saw her and used magic to save her life.
The giant ugly trolls waved their clubs through the air, the black Knights in their shining black armour wielded swords of black adamant.
The faceless warriors wore black capes, helmets of a black steel and black armour on their chests and legs.
The swords they had were made from black pearl, the favourite jewel of Zeronatek.
The Dukes archers fired at Zeronatek and the Faceless warriors.
The duke?s private order of knights with him in his iron chain mail on took ladders to the castle and started to climb up the grey baron walls of The black fortress to get Zeronatek but enemy catapults fired at them knocking the ladder down and left the duke hung on to a gargoyle on the wall. Zeronatek walked up to his window and saw the duke hanging to the gargoyle, Zeronatek snapped his clawed fingers and the old dusty gargoyle suddenly broke, the Duke fell into the middle of the battle, the fall killed him and some Trolls feasted on his flesh.
Then came the black dragons which had giant claws and scaly wings. They were ridden by Faceless warriors. The dragons picked up the followers of good and threw them into the air and into others.
The drastic problem was them breathing fire, they would burn all the men (the Elves and Wizards could protect themselves) which would decrease numbers.

Frendin, an Elf lord, managed to jump on to a Dragon and slay its rider, Frendin could speak the tongue of Shadrinor (language of the dark peoples) so he was able to command the dragon to attack the other dragons.
Twenty-nine of the thirty dragons were slain, the other was the one Frendin had rode. He renamed it Silverbreath, and when the elves disappeared, Silverbreath went with Frendin. .

Finally after 45 days the enemy were losing greatly but Zeronatek had come down from his tower, the enemy parted leaving a gap for Zeronatek to attack; Zeronatek slammed his staff on the ground making the ground shake and knocking everyone back killing a lot of the people in the circle around him. One man was Elthen son of Grenthor and his sword was thrust backwards into the air and hit a huge boulder on the grey and dusty battlefield. The force from Elthen?s sword cracked the rock; Elthen saw a glittering thing inside it, it was a diamond clear sabre; Elthen grabbed the Sabre and sprinted as fast as he could to Zeronatek and plunged it into his chest.
Zeronatek looked at Elthen and cursed under his dying breath. His sword of Emerald fell to the ground his sapphire armour cracked and flew into the air. He collapsed onto the battlefield and a spirit came out of his body looked at Elthen and disappeared.
Elthen was crowned king of Truciri by Eldin. Elthen made Rongundous baron of the west, Merlock Baron of the south and Krendor (his brother) Duke of the east. When Elthen had grown very old he decided to hide the sabre so no one could steal it or find it again.

Two years after the hiding of the sabre King Elthen died his daughter Anzia became Queen of Truciri. The secret of the sabre now only lay with the king?s advisor Karin who killed himself so no one would find out the location of the magical sabre.

Now one-hundred year?s later queen Anzia and her daughter Kuluri have passed away and there is a new queen, she is called Queen Alia and she has a daughter, Princess Elluan. Rongundous and Merlock are still alive.

Chapter 2
The council

Queen Alia was sat on her throne around a circular table with her husband King Eldran.
This was the Queens council. Other members included: The two Wizards Rongundous and Merlock. Sir Nalu and Sir Rarzin, leaders of the knights of the realm. Lord Elagar and Lady Elsan who would take the throne if something happened to the king or Queen and they had no heir. Kulu the kings? advisor. The earls of Whiriton, Estrus and Dwindefor. Baron and Baroness Bekdun of Eldrinion and King Radorn of the foresters.
?My son has now been missing for seven months, and I am angry that he has not been found, Sir Nalu I would like an explanation!? Said Queen Alia.
?Well we don?t know why he hasn?t been found your majesty, but a number of men haven?t returned from searching, anytime we found out our men have nearly found him, they all die!? explained Sir Nalu.
?I see,? said Rongundous, ?The person behind this is very clever, and cannot be deceived easily, I myself will go with the next party and see if I can solve the mystery, I could do with some help as well?
?Then I shall come, and find my son,? said King Eldran.
?And I shall,? said Merlock.
Radorn just nodded his head.

The next morning, Sir Nalu, Sir Rarzin, Rongundous, Merlock and the two kings set off to Derin?s forest the only place that had not been searched.
When they finally got there they set up camp outside it.
When the night dawned it became deathly quiet. Merlock lay awake, scared of what could happen if he fell asleep.
?Is it time?? whispered a voice in the trees.
?Yes,? another replied.
?What is happening?? whispered Merlock to himself. I must have been dreaming, he thought.
?Rahhh!? roared tons of voices, swords were drawn and Arrows were fired at the campers.
?Get up. Run!? shouted Rongundous.
An arrow hit Merlock in the leg.
?Ahh!? he roared as the pain seared through his body.
He fell backwards to the floor; some of the hooded things from the forest ran to him and picked him up.
?Help! Help! Rongundous! Nalu!? he screamed.
?Merlock!? shouted the King. But before the king could move he felt a strange pain in his chest.
When the other hooded things saw this they ran back into the forest.
The king lay down, it didn?t hurt, and the arrow had nearly pierced his heart.
?You?ll be fine,? said Rongundous.
?I think I?m ok,? said the king and sat up.
?No,? said Rarzin, ?Stay lying down rest.?
The king then went to sleep as did the other members of the party but Radorn had gone.

They all were dressed in black at the chimn church to honour the passing.
He lay there everyone was crying after they had found him dead in the forest in the morning. This was a great loss.
The king had died the arrow had poison on the end.
Crozon the vicar spoke.
?We have come here today to honour the soul of the king who unfortunately passed away while looking for his son. He was thought to be ok but the arrow that hit him had poison dripped onto it.
I knew him quite well, but not as much as the royal family.
Now poor Queen Alia has suffered many losses over the past year.
When her parents were sailing to Isdor isle the ship was struck by lightning as sunk beneath the diamond sea.
Then there was the kidnapping of her son and now the death of her husband King Eldran, I am wondering your majesty would you like to say a few words,? said the Vicar.
?Well, my husband was a very kind person and cared a lot about others. So I think he would have been proud to die while searching for his son. We never even got to name our son!? she said
as she started to cry.
?Moving on,? said the Vicar, ?We have also lost someone else, Merlock was kidnapped also and is dead his cloak and swords were found smeared in blood near the forest. Thankyou all for coming.?

At the council the next day a lot was discussed.
?I have decided,? said Queen Alia,? that I shall leave to go to my other palace near Derin?s forest.?
?I am also leaving, I will got to the Eldrinion where my old friend Aldor the great lives he has fostered a child and wants me to be its godfather like to his other son,? said Rongundous.
?I and lady Elsan will go with you,? said Elagar.
?Meeting adjourned and I hope I will see you all again soon,? Said the Queen.

Rongundous and the Lord and Lady went to find a carriage that would take them to Eldrinion.
The journey took 6 movements of the Amun Di (the sun, each movement is an hour) to get there. In this part of the country it was snowing because the city was near the Ice Mountains the only thing separating them was the Isdor channel.
Finally when Rongundous and the other two got there they met up with Aldor and his wife, they showed him their new fostered son he looked strangely familiar.
?We named him Taurock after Elthen?s brother who died in the Aluzan war.
Rongundous stayed here for the next 27 years to watch Taurock and he saw that he had something special and kept looking at him thinking he looked more and more familiar to someone he knew from the distant past.

Finally once 27 years had flown by Taurock and his new best friend Tuio had become very good warriors.
?Aldor?? asked Rongundous.
?Yes,? he replied.
?Well, I would like to take your son into the mountains near the town of Buruh,?
?That?s fine,? said Aldor, ?but Rongundous now my wife has passed away its hard to look after both boys anyway my other son is living in Buruh now anyway because I?ve been asked to go on a quest, a black Knight has been spotted so if you could take Taurock on one of your adventures, that would be great.?
?Well okay,? Rongundous agreed.

Rongundous took Taurock into the mountains and Tuio to show them the carved drawings in the dark cave in the mountains to show the great battle from long ago.
?Ah! Here it is,? said Rongundous and he pointed at a picture carved of Elthen killing Zeronatek.
?What about it?? asked Taurock.
?Well look, Elthen looks like you!? Rongundous answered.
?I think you two are connected in some way I don?t know how but you definitely are!?
As they came out of the mountains and had walked down to Buruh a man ran to them and said,
?Rongundous, Tuio?s parents were found dead in his house, magical wounds not the work of a sword,?
They sat there thinking and stayed quiet for a long time, until Tuio said, ?Well Rongundous does this mean I can stay with you??
?Yes!? he replied.
Elagar came over to Rongundous and told him that Lady Elsan had gone to Estrus to meet back up with her unicorn.
Apart from that he stayed quiet for he saw that Tuio
Had heard.

Chapter 3
A strange thought

?Ah? Rongundous said like he was hurt.
?What?s the matter Rongundous?? asked his friend Taurock.
?I felt something, a whisper in my head,? Rongundous answered.
?What did it say?? asked Tuio.
?It said that a shadow has returned!? Rongundous answered.
?Impossible? Stated Lord Elagar.
?But what would evil be after?? asked Tuio.
?If it was after anything it would want the Magical Sabre? Rongundous said.
A golden Falcon flew towards them and landed on Rongundous? shoulder.
?What?s the matter Elzin?? Rongundous asked the beautiful bird.
Amazingly the bird could talk!
?Some Trolls are attacking the Queens Palace master,? Elzin answered.
?We must get there at once!? Said Rongundous.
?But its 30 leagues away, we can?t walk!? Exclaimed Tuio. Rongundous cast a spell,
?Eldin hasaru!? The spell made Elzin grow huge, the four of them jumped on the bird; it flew fast against the wind.

They were there in no time.
While Taurock, Tuio and Elagar distracted the trolls Rongundous ran into the palace, there were Goblins everywhere he raised his staff and light shone all around the room driving the knights away. Rongundous ran up the stairs into the throne room and found the queen and princess tied up and an old warrior next to them.
?Who are you?? asked Rongundous.
?I am Fororlia strongest and wisest of all Shadow warriors.?
?You may be the strongest Shadow but you cannot hide from the light!? Shouted Rongundous.
?Oh really,? Fororlia roared and shot Fire out his eyes. The fire sent Rongundous right into the wall.
?I summon the ancient light of Finifor to do my bidding helamar Finifor!? Roared Rongundous.
?Ahhh!? Screamed Fororlia as a wave of light shaped like a falcon raced towards him.
?Salut ingraru!? Roared Rongundous. This made the bird explode in a great white flash next to Fororlia.
?AHHHH!? Roared Fororlia, ?Uh, I?ll finish you next time? Fororlia said and jumped out the open window.

Taurock and the others weren?t doing so well against the two trolls; two men raced towards them
?I am Sir Nalu and he?s Sir Rarzin, we?re of her majesties order,? Nalu explained.
Taurock jumped onto the troll?s head and struck it in the neck with his sword and the troll collapsed dead. ?One down one to go? Said Sir Nalu. The remaining troll picked up Sir Rarzin and started to choke him.
?Nalu, if we don?t do something soon Sir Rarzin?s going to die!? Panicked Elagar.
?Too late!? Shouted Tuio. Sir Rarzin was dead and the troll through him against the wall. The troll was now throwing anything that was on the floor.
?Duck!? Shouted Taurock as a broken pillar was hurled at their heads. Standing on the wall behind the troll was Princess Elluan. She jumped onto its back and plunged her sword through the back of its neck.
?Uhh!? The troll roared as it fell to its death.
Rongundous jumped from the window in the throne room.
?Good work Princess? said Taurock congratulating her.
?Thanks? Princess Elluan said.
?Rongundous?? said the Queen.
?Yes your majesty?? Rongundous asked.
?That warrior told me who his master is.?
?Who is it?? asked Elagar.
?It?s Merlock!? admitted the Queen.
?Oh, God!? gasped Tuio.
?Well that explains his disappearance? suggested Taurock.
?If he?s the one than we must destroy him? said Tuio.
?Then we must find the Magical Sabre? said Rongundous, ?My Queen, do you know where it was hidden??
?I?m afraid I don?t know the exact location but my Grandmother Queen Anzia heard King Elthen say it was beyond Eldin?s peak,? explained the Queen.
?Then we will pass through the forest of Derin and then pass over Eldin?s peak,? ordered Rongundous.
The companions left the palace and went on their journey to the forest of Derin.
?King Elthen also spoke of a hidden chamber in the mountain, he was going to put the sabre there but a monster found the chamber and terrorised the King so he went beyond the mountain? The Queen added.

Chapter 4
Journey through the forest of Derin

?This forest is strange? said Taurock.
?Does anyone know what was here before the forest?? asked Tuio.
?It was where Zeronatek?s secret fortress was? explained Elagar.
?Why so close to the Queen?s palace?? asked Taurock.
?There was no palace there then, it was built after Zeronatek?s death? explained Rongundous.
?Why did they cover it in forest?? asked the princess.
?Because they wanted to seal the evil underneath the ground? explained Rongundous. ?You must whisper now for we are getting close to the centre and the deeper we go the more darkness will be revealed? he finished.
?What sorts of things live in here?? asked Taurock quietly.
?The master of the forest is the creature Derin hence the name of the forest, there are also creatures in the centre of the forest that rise from the ground if you stand on them,? Rongundous said.
?How-? Tuio started but he and the others heard something.
?What is that?? asked Elagar.
?It is Derin, we are getting close to him, quick climb up this tree then we can have a look around.? Ordered Rongundous.
So all of them climbed up the huge tree.
?How do you know if you?re standing on one of those creatures?? asked Tuio.
?You don?t? answered Rongundous, ?Quiet?.
Two creatures came out of the ground they had grey and green skin with curved swords in their hands and were just a little higher than a dwarf, they bowed their heads and then footsteps could be heard it was the same sound Rongundous and his companions had heard earlier. A creature that looked like the ones from the ground, but darker and bigger came towards the other two.
?Where are they?!? said the creature an essence of rage in his voice.
?We don?t know master Derin? said one of the creatures sounding very worried.
?Then why did you come out of the ground?? asked Derin.
?Because we heard them, then one of them whispered something, we couldn?t make it out, then we came up and they were gone? explained the other creature.
?Then they are probably still here then,? said Derin.
?Well you fool?s, go and find them!? Derin roared and then he walked back into the darkness of the forest.
?Let?s go find that wizard and his friends? said the first creature
?Phew? sighed Tuio.
?Are we going to have to destroy Derin Rongundous?? asked the Princess.
?Not unless he finds us? answered Rongundous.
?How will we get out of here?? asked Elagar.
?I can?t make Elzin grow bigger, he is to tired after the journey to the palace, now Derin knows were here the forest will be surrounded by his minions so we can?t escape, we must try to get through this forest without being noticed? explained Rongundous.
?So, we?ll have to climb from tree to tree until we reach the end of the forest,? said the queen.
They started climb from tree to tree until suddenly one of the branches cracked.
?Oh dear!? said Sir Nalu. And the branch hit the ground.
They could hear a roar in the distance,
?It looks like we?ve been discovered!? panicked the Queen.
?Don?t worry Derin can?t be that powerful,? scoffed Tuio.
?You are wrong Tuio, hardly anyone who comes into this forest lives,? Explained Elagar.
?Rongundous,? said Derin?s voice, ?So good to see you again, but this time there is no way to escape I have my minions all around the entire perimeter of the forest.?
?My Queen you must go back into that tree and get to the top and wait for us,? said Rongundous.
?Can we defeat this Foe?? asked Elagar.
?No,? replied Rongundous, ?But we can weaken it.?
Derin slowly walked forward, he raised his arms and vines shot out of the trees and grabbed Rongundous.
?Ahh!? Rongundous screamed. The ground started to shake violently.
The tree the Queen was in fell to the ground. Taurock drew out his sword and cut Rongundous free.
The violent shake had created a hole in the ground and the Queen was hanging onto the ledge of the pit.
?Help!? she cried. She was now only hanging with one arm.
?Mother!? cried Princess Elluan. She ran and helped her up at the same time the tree that had fallen fell down the pit. The princess then threw her sword at Derin.
?Ahh!? He cried as the blade cut off his left hand.
Rongundous threw powder onto the ground,
?What is that Rongundous?? asked Taurock.
?You will see!? he replied.
Tuio drew out his bow and put fire from his torch onto the end and fired at Derin. Something strange happened then, the sky turned black and the forest went silent, two of the strange creatures came out from under the ground.
?Draw your swords!? shouted Elagar
The company drew out their swords and attacked the creatures. Tuio made the first kill knocking one down the hole, but then five more creatures came out of the ground and started to attack.
The queen who was sat watching all this had an idea she took up her torch and set fire to the tree she was in she jumped off at the last moment and the tree fell. The fire hit the powder Rongundous had laid down which burst into flame. Derin stumbled in to the fire then with the help of an arrow from Tuio Derin fell down the pit and to his doom.
All off them ran to the edge of the forest but the wall was still up,
?What are we to do now the minions are everywhere we cannot overcome them!? said Taurock.
?Climb the dead tree it is high enough to avoid them!? ordered the Princess.
They climbed the huge tree and jumped one at a time to the small wall at the edge and slowly and quietly sneaked away.
?Run! Run! Run to the gates of Niragal!? shouted Rongundous. They left Derin to perish in the burning forest.

Before them stood the large wooden gates of Niragal,
On the gate was a carving of a Unicorn the symbol of peace in Truciri. This was the ancient Unicorn; Harringtour.
They stepped forward and the gates opened to a beautiful land. Suddenly there was a sound, howling through the burned forest of Derin.
?What is that?? asked Taurock.
?It is the five Shadow Seekers from Inugul a lost realm from beyond the Tiniya Sea. They were servants of Zeronatek but now they serve Merlock, the five faceless warriors, we must seek refuge here for the night and hopefully we will not be discovered,? explained Rongundous.
?We must go to that cottage over there; the man there knows of our quest and can help us.?
They went towards the cottage and Rongundous knocked on the door.
It was answered by a man in a long green tunic and long brown hair.
?Yes?? he said.
?It is me, Rongundous,? said Rongundous.
?Ah, I?ve been expecting you,? he said.
?I am Eleran, an archer I travel from place to place never staying anywhere too long, the Queens advisor sent me a message that got here before you that said you were on your way to Eldin?s peak, it is just behind the glittering lake but the Faceless warriors are stood there now so you must rest here until we have a plan, I will come with you over the Mountain for I know the quickest way over, however there is a hidden chamber along the short road so we should go the long way,? Explained Eleran
?Yes,? said Rongundous.
Suddenly they heard the warrior?s call again and there was a loud knocking on the door.
?It?s them!? exclaimed Tuio quietly.
?Quick through here!? ordered Eleran. And he moved a curtain to reveal a hidden exit, once they had all ran out Eleran locked the secret door.
?Follow me,? said Eleran leading them to a small waterfall, ?We have to go through it, this is the secret way to Eldin?s peak.?
As the final person went through the door of the cottage burst open and the faceless warriors entered, they had black cloaks and just a head with nothing on just coloured white. Each had a sword and the captain (Lordon) had a star spear.
?They are not here,? said one, ?They are probably on their way to Eldin?s peak, quickly!?

?We are now in the second half of Niragal,? explained Eleran.
They had ended up in a huge chapel like building; they ran to the top and looked out the window. The warriors were in a boat rowing across the lake.
?Go,? said Eleran, ?I?ll stay here and distract them.?
As the others raced towards the mountain Eleran fired an arrow at the shadow warriors it hit one of them and knocked it into the water.
?What!? said the leader, he turned and saw Eleran.
?Fire!? ordered the Faceless warrior leader; one arrow hit Eleran in the chest.
?Ahh,? he screamed, he ran up to the roof and shot another warrior into the water. Another arrow hit him, this time in the leg. He jumped onto the next roof and the roof after until he caught up to Rongundous
The Faceless warrior leader reached out his hand and rocks fell down from mount Eldin and blocked the road.
?You?re trapped now,? smirked the leader.
?Arnith limbonith,? said a voice in the language of the Faceless warriors, the warriors looked up and then turned got back on their horses and galloped away. Slowly the rocks parted.
They headed towards the Mountain and started to climb, ?They are coming,? whispered a voice from high in the mountain.


Far away from Niragal, the evil Merlock was planning his next move with Fororlia.

Out of a shadow came a black figure with a black staff, finally flames illuminated the entire castle.
The figure could be seen clearly by all in the castle now, it was Merlock.
Fororlia stepped towards him and bowed his head.
?My Lord,? he said.
?Yes?? replied Merlock.
?They have reached Eldin?s peak,? said Fororlia.
?I know,? said Merlock.
?How?? asked Fororlia.
?There are others who serve me,? explained Merlock.
Then three other shadow warriors rose out of the ground and came towards Merlock?s throne.
?My lord, Fororlia said you wanted to speak with us,? said the leader.
?Correct, I have a new assignment. I need you to travel to the docks on the other side of Eldin?s peak, the party will go there after their climb if they have not already died. If they arrive you must not let them arrive at whatever their destination is,? Explained Merlock.
?Yes my lord,? answered Lordon. (The Shadow seekers captain)
The Shadow seekers left the room and jumped on their steeds, Lordon blew his horn and they galloped away into the frosty night.
?My lord,? said a passing guard.
?We have a prisoner.?
A lady was dragged forward, it was Lady Elsan.
?So, I see who the real evil is,? she said.
?Where did you find her?? asked Lord Merlock
?She was riding a unicorn on the plains of Estrus? replied the guard.
?Put her in the dungeon! She will be executed in the morning!? explained Merlock.
?You?ll never get away with this!? She screamed as she was dragged away.

Something small was walking across the marshes and was moving towards the dungeons of the castle.
Lady Elsan awoke, she was bounded with chains and hung with her face staring out the window.
She saw the strange thing coming towards her, she could have sworn it was a Gnome .
The ?Gnome? threw a rope at the window it missed so he levitated himself up.
?Who are you?? asked Elsan weakly.
?I am Isan the Gnome wizard, the Wizard tower?s Co leader sent me here because Rongundous is on a quest, and I think his name was Elurian.?
Said the Isan.
?Well thanks! But how are you going to get me out of these chains?? she asked.
He did not reply all he did was close his eyes then levitated Elsan out the window the chains gone.
?Wow!? was all the lady could say.
?Follow me,? he ordered.
He took her to a stable with two unicorns in it.
They got on them and sped off to the Wizards tower and the unicorn tower.

Then when they had reached the wizards tower, mage Set was waiting for them.
?You must hurry we have looked into the seeing pond, Merlock?s armies will be here soon, about 100 are marching here to destroy the tower the army is made up of Hobgoblins and Mountain Trolls,? said Set.
?What are they?? asked Lady Elsan.
?Like Goblins only a lot bigger. They will be here by nightfall there is no way that the towers will stand through the battle.? said Isan.
?Come you must meet Elurian head of the tower while Rongundous is away Elurian has been awaiting you,? said Set.
Set took a candle and took Elsa up to the top of the Wizards tower and there she saw someone who must be Elurian.
But before he could speak there was a huge crash as a metal sphere from a cannon tower crashed through the wall knocking Set down the stairs.
?Set!? cried Elurian
?What?s going on?? asked Elsa, Elurian looked out of the window and he saw the armies but before answering he got his longbow and started to fire arrows.

Set rolled down the stairs and then hit his head on a bookcase that turned around.
Set heard something dripping like water from a tap, drip, drip, drip.
?Is anyone there?? Set whispered. Then in his hand he made a fire that illuminated the whole room. He looked around the small chamber and saw a
tap dripping water, he touched it and a tiny droplet came out and hovered by his face then turned into an old dusty book he opened it and words appeared before him; he read them out loud.
?This spell is both dangerous and great but interferes with the fates, for it will use the magic in the tower, to keep an injured alive with power. The incantation is as follows: Iric drue alom su inicu bane Finifor dane!?
Suddenly as he finished speaking the incantation a silver ghost came half way out his eye, it looked like Set and it said:
?You have awoken me the ancient spirit of Finifor this magic will kill you but save another so whose life would you like to save??
?Lady Elsa? answered Set, then he collapsed on the floor dead.

Meanwhile in Merlock?s castle, Merlock was staring into an old fashioned clear orb where in it he saw the battle at the wizards? tower.
?All is going as planned then?? asked Fororlia.
?Yes,? said Merlock.

?Lady, jump to the Unicorn tower!? Cried Elurian.
Lady Elsan jumped and was caught by Mage Arandor.
But just as Elurian was about to jump an Iron ball smacked into the wizards tower knocking it down.
?Elurian!? cried Elsan.
But she didn?t see anything else for the unicorn tower fell down.
Elurian got up, he was ok he drew his sword and cried,
?Back soulless beasts!? he ran towards them with his sword raised high he struck many dead he swung at the catapult it fell and landed on him.

All was deathly silent, dust hovered in the air, and hundreds of carcases lay on the floor. Blades lay broken on the desert ground. Two crumbled towers lay beside each other on the plains and an injured woman walked along the sand, trying to find Elurian. Lady Elsan found Elurian, his broken body lay underneath a catapult.
?Elurian? She wept.
?My lady, Set used a spell to save you to give you another chance to be with your husband,? Elurian groaned.
?Elurian, not now, please!? Lady Elsan said against her tears.
?Go, do not be sad, we will meet again!? he whispered.
?What?? Asked Lady Elsan, but when she spoke his body turned into leaves and blew away in the wind.
?NO!? Elsan cried.
She ran to a nearby stable, there was one pure white horse there with a sign next to him saying ?Silvermane?. Elsan went up and stroked its silver mane and it?s white coat.
The horse did not get angry but nodded its head.
She jumped on him and rode in to the last sunset she would see.
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