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Writing The Da Vinci Code?


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I just started this book last week, and wow. :eek:

In my mind, this book is pure genius. I had heard people talking about it these past months, but never bothered to pick it up, thinking it was just one of those "grown-up" books, if you know what i mean. I am a science fiction kind of guy, and I rarely read books outside of it, they never catch my interest. But this book....again...wow. I love it. Amazing how my view on the Bible, Da Vinci, etc.. has just completely changed. The arguments are sound, and I am sure there are plenty of sources out there to support the fact, I just haven't looked. Im a little over half way through the book, and find it very hard to put it down, I want to finish it as soon as possible to see how it all turns out.

So, anyone else read/ing this book? What do/did you think?
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[font=Tahoma][color=Sienna]I was wondering when a thread about this would pop up. Yes, I loved the book. The thing about it is, even if it goes against what you believe, and your views don't change, you just can't put it down. That's why it's so popular. Whether to someone the book is a revelation or a lie, the curiosity will probably eat away at them until they read more.

I don't think the author would have been bold enough to simply write this book without any basis. We [i]all [/i]know that the medieval-ish age church was corrupt. It's a well-known fact. Not only that, but you can make connections with what's going on, so that it actually makes sense.

And that, I think, is why this book hasn't recieved much flaming. Unless a person is either really ignorant or really naiive, they [i]will [/i]make connections, and the way the book is written doesn't make them abandon their faith in order to understand.
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