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RPG Ah!!My Goddess RPG


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I'll be Kietro.

*wakes up :sleep: to find a giant demon standing on his bed*" AHH! oh that was just my Inu Yasha poster....."

I don't know what to write, it's just starting, and yeah.... so far so stupid :wigout:

These are some of the characters(some i didn't put in, obviously):



Robot thing-y:

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[color=green]Hi Nathaniel,

The Adventure Arena has a specific set of rules on the procedures of the RPG. For more information, please read the stickies at the top of the forum. If they don't make things clear, you may want to look around the forum at the example of other RPGs, or PM one of the moderators of the forum with questions.

[b]Cloud Strife[/b], playing mod, or acting like you are a moderator if you are only a member, is discouraged. Instead, please report posts to moderators if you feel someone is not following the rules.

I'm closing this thread to avoid further confusion. Nathaniel, if you wish to start another Ah! My Goddess RPG, feel free to begin one in the Recruitment section after reading the rules thoroughly.

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