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Writing Three Poems from an Unborn Mind


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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]For the record, CNC and Hero aren't about me. Hero is a song I wrote turned into a love poem (sort of) about a certain love-traingle. CNC is about said Triangle. It's not hard to guess which one.

H is a letter with one sound
A huh and then it?s gone
Cannot be stopped once it starts

Can?t stop the H
What starts as Hi
Can only become Hello

The indomitable H
Unstoppable in simplicity
Unfathomable, yet shallow
Superficial, subtle

Spanish Hs are silent
Hola is Ola
So is Hi just I?

Spanish Hi?s turn to Is
Turn to I Know
I want
I seek
I love
I need

H the eternal
Eternal in a never-ending second
The Hi that?s Hello that?s Hippo that?s I love you
The H that?s I
The Sound that sounds off a thousand others
Like a linguistic Drill Sergeant

H, huh?

[U][SIZE=2]Courage not Craft[/SIZE][/U]
I was never good at this
Talking about my heart, my soul, my inner-child
All that psychoanalytic bull-*****
It never ceases to confuse, condone
I never cease to muddle and mumble
Misspeak and Misstep

Miss, like mistake
Miss, like missed opportunities
Miss, like Cupid?s arrow when he struck another
Miss, like Miss Him, not Miss Me

I was never good at tact
Never good at speaking
Especially what?s really on my mind
I hide with blind blunders
Tactless tactics designed to throw you off the trail
I hide behind a mask of bold brashness
I hide behind my façade of never speaking lies
But I do

I hide my feelings, my emotions
I hide my soul, hide my mind
I hide from truth
I hide from you
Like I never hid from anything else

I hide behind courage
I hide behind tenacity, truculence, temerity
I hide behind a shield that distorts
Distends, defies, lies, hiding my true emotion
I hide from nothing but the truth
I hide from nothing but my heart and soul

Fire burns bright in my heart
Fire burns in Phoenix Wings and Dragon Breath
Fire burns within
Anger, passion, lust, love, hate
Fire always burning on, yet hidden by the black-painted lantern
Fire of my soul and mind

I am kindling for the fire
Greenwood that slowly burns
Yet still burns anyway
Kindling that wants to escape the flames
Yet cannot, for it cannot move
That is me

Wooden face, wooden smile
Wooden thoughts, splintering with time
Cannot keep it up much longer
The lies, the hiding, the pain
The sorrow that slowly chips away
Like a chainsaw, grinding away my heart

I bound my feelings back
Yet like horror-show monstrosities
They threaten to break free
Rampaging, uncontrollable
Until the city of my life lays in ruin

Friendship lies in ruin
Love lies in ruin
Courage standing above it all
A wooden façade that cannot truly be broken

Until I break it

You look at him through hopeful eyes
Seeing a hero
The one who protects you
Saves you
From all that would hurt you

You look at him through shining eyes
Seeing your hero
The one who?ll always be there
Always saves you, helps you, keeps you
Makes sure you don?t hurt

But he?s not
He?s not your hero
He?s not Superman, Batman, Spiderman
He won?t always save you, protect you, help you
He won?t always be there

You look at me through bloodshot eyes
And tell me, sobbing
That he is your hero
That he didn?t mean it, didn?t mean to, didn?t want to

You look at him through blind eyes
You look at him and see what he?s not
You see Spiderman, Batman, Superman
But you don?t see behind
Behind the mask, the mask that hides his two-face

You see the Ace of Hearts
But I see he?s really the Joker
You see a Hero, a savior, a God
I see the truth
I see behind the mask, I see behind the guise
I see the villain that you put the mask on

Please review.

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