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Anime Daigunder


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Who actually watches this anime?
It looks somewhat like a distant cousin of Crushgear and Yu-gi-oh.
Anywayz... this is about a boy who has a dream of getting the Titan belt.
Akira Akebono together with his battle bots are on a battlestreak, ready for victory.
Just.... post on whatever you have to say on this series.
I say I like it.
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Daigunder? This is the horribly animated anime that airs on ABC Family correct? I personally watched an episode of this series then found myself in complete shock of how badly done the anime was. The animation isn't really that hot, the VA's are the same recycled garbage we get for all mainstream anime, the show is purely episodic and the same moves and what not are used to end each "battle", and last but not least the themes and thought processes that the anime trys to present are all too cliché (friendship blah blah...). Maybe part of the reason why I detest this anime (besides the fact that it is horribly done) is because it's definatly aimed at younger kids, no guts no glory eh?
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