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~*The Hardest Part Of Life Is Love*~

Summary:This story is told from Inuyasha's and Kagome's perspective. She had just moved to a new school. Kagome immediately becomes popular. Kikyo instantly despises her. Sango, Miroku, Koga,Rin,Sesshomaru and Ayame immediately becomes friends with her. What about Inuyasha? I'm not telling you! But one thing is: they automatically argue. But...is Inuyasha going softer and softer to her...everyday? Are they feeling something? Does Inuyasha have a girlfriend? What is Kagome hiding from them? A secret? Or two? Or three? (Who knows...) And who is this strange student that came 5 months later when things were starting to lighten up? And...why is Kagome so scared of HIM?(Mind you, "Him" Is an important word) And, last but not the least, what is the connection of Kagome moving rapidly from place to place? Why am I asking stupid questions when I already know the answers?Read on to find out!

Chapter One: Kagome Higurashi

?says? ?thinks? (Notes) /Kagome?s Thoughts/

Disclaimer: Who would know that I own Inuyasha? I still don?t own him. *SIGH* Maybe I should dream and endless dream where I own Inuyasha. Oh kuso (I swear here and in the Internet ?coz I?m not awed at school!) My mom found out what I was planning! *slaps herself* Whew! Calm down, girl! Act normal! Give no hints! Say normal things! Act innocent!

A/n: Another fic from me, huh? I know, I haven?t finished Memories or Hikari University, but this was the story I wanted to work on. And besides, I lost?um?some ideas for Hikari University (but I know the ending!) and my friend is typing Memories for me. I hope, when you?re reading this, don?t give up on this story! I read Inu/Kag stories only! This is, of course, an Inu/Kag story. I?m gonna start this out with Kagome writing a poem. I?ll try to make it have rhyming patterns at the end. Oh, did I mention that I HATE KIKYO!!! I DO!!! Who wants me to start my ?stowy?? *Everyone raises hand up* Not me! *They glare* Fine, I will! Happy? On with the story!

~* Kagome?s Perspective *~

The Hardest Part of Life Is Love by: inuyasha_kagome

Why is it so hard to love?
When there?s no choices in the above
I try to love so many times,
But my heart always breaks like broken chimes.

The hardest part of life is love
?Coz you cannot trust when you?re in love
I?ve tried so hard to avoid it, but
When you see me try, I?m like a nut

Who am I kidding? It hurts so much,
I can?t do much if I have no such
Feelings are hard to control for me.
He cannot even leave me be.

I am so afraid he?ll follow me
I want him to just leave me be
My heart was broken so much times,
I wonder why I even survived.

?There, finished!? I said as I finished my poem. Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you who I was! I am Kagome Higurashi. I?m 18 years old. I?m just starting university at Tokyo. The name of the school is Kyodaina University. I?ve been moving from place to place since ?he? came to my life. I can?t tell who ?he? exactly is. But I?ll tell you that he?s evil! Really evil! Anyways, I have to pack my clothes. ?Kagome, dear, let?s go before he finds out!? yelled my mom, ?Sota! Faster! Dad! Leave those charms alone! Hurry up!?

?Yes, mom!? answered Sota.

?*SIGH* Fine, dear,? replied grandpa sadly.

?I?m ready mom!? I said. I was all red with exhaustion. Sweaty from hurrying up, too. I was wearing my usual red T-shirt with ?Mysterious? written in Japanese, which is Fushigi, in white angel letters. I was wearing my new green mini-skirt and my high-school socks, you know, those long ones that reach up to my knees. I wore my sweet sixteen 24 karat gold, ruby heart-shaped gem with diamond outline pendant. My deceased father gave this to me at my sweet sixteen before he recently died when I was seventeen. Sounds pitiful, huh? But I don?t want anyone?s pity because my life is too complicated to accept people?s worries, pity or something like that because I want my close friends to be safe. So I?ve asked my mom to move us to a safer place. I was originally born in Niigata. Then we moved to Nagoya, then Osaka, then Kyoto, then Sagamihara, then Kawasaki, then Yokosuka, then Fuji, then even Fukuoka, then Yokohama, then Toyota and now, we?re moving to Tokyo. Y?know, I rarely stayed in one city for 5 months because of that baka(jerk). Ohh!!! How much I hate him! I hope things will be better in Tokyo.

I went inside the car along with my bags of clothes. Everywhere we go, he finds us. We?re not safe anymore. I?ve also fell in love with so many guys, but I find them kissing another girl. But?I don?t know why I never stop falling in love with guys. Guess that?s life. ?Sis? Hello?? my brother waved a hand infront of my face.

?What?!? I snapped back.

?You just looked so?troubled,? replied Sota.

?Thank you so much for worrying about me,? I said as sarcasm was evident in my voice.

?Well, sorry for worrying about you?Kag-chan,? he snickered. He knew one of those were the nicknames that one of my ex-boyfriends used to call me. That was the last straw! ?What the hell did you just say?!? I warned him with a look that said: I dare you to say that again.

?Uh?? stuttered Sota nervously.


?Mom!? pleaded Sota.

?Now, now, dear, don?t do that to your brother,? my mom sweatdropped. She knew about my secret. Heck, they all knew it.


?Fine, mom,? I sighed heavily. Yet, I was so close, my mom had to stop me. I mean who wouldn?t beat your brother into a pulp when he?s trying to bug you? (A/N: I would! My brother is so damn annoying!)

Now, I only have one thing to say- ?Kagome? Did you ever hear of the authentic enchanted mirror of a youkai?? my grandpa handed me an old, simple-looking broken mirror. /What the hell?/

?They say when you look in the mirror and you see it in one piece, it will reveal your future to you anytime you want,? replied grandpa as he read my ?what-the-hell-is-this?? expression.

?No thank you, ojiisan (grandpa), I think I?ve had enough ?magic? for the day,? I said, but he /Of all the people/ insisted me on keeping it. You bet I kept it. Just to make him ?shut-the-hell-up?.

Anyway, I really have one thing to say: ?Sayonara, Toyota and Konnichiwa, Tokyo!? Shippo, my adopted son, was sleeping on my lap. So peaceful?

A/N: Like? No like? Review! There ya go, my first chapter for this story! This time, I won?t give anymore summaries of the next chapter! Haha! I need at least 10 reviews to update! So update fast! I?m still working on Hikari University, so that will be postponed for a while. My friend is typing Memories for me. I hope y?all fans of Hikari University can wait! Ja ne! R/R!!!

Why is Kagome moving so much? Who exactly is ?he?? what was Kagome about to do to Sota? Who used to call her ?Kag-chan?? is her grandpa?s saying true about the mirror? Who owned it? What is Kagome?s secret? These questions really make you wonder, think hard and you just can?t wait for the next chapter!

Um......THis is just a preview. To read the whole story, go to [url]www.animespiral.com[/url] and search for: ~*The Hardest Part Of Life Is Love*~. Ja ne! See ya there!!! :babble:
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