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Writing Ignore Me


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Ignore Me
That's all you do anyways
Coming and going
You're never here to stay
You leave without word
Step after step
Never moving backwards
But always Fowards
I try telling you
Just stop
Please listen
You don't want to hear me
Ignore me...

I wanted to spend time with you
But you were never there
I wanted to see you
But still you never talked
Never shared
I cried
I tried
But you were never here
So we started to divide
If I was to dare
Sitting beside you
You woldn't care
Shut the door on my face
Me watching you leave this place

I hate you now
I wish you to be dead
All these thoughts
Moving back in my head
Leave me now
Leave me like you always do
I for sure
Our departure
Won't be one to miss
Seeing you again
Shutting the door
I know I am to be Ignored...
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