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RPG Wolf's Rain


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Wolf?s Rain

In the book of The Red Moon it says that wolf?s were first to walk on pure earth and man became its messenger. In other words men were created from wolves so says the book of The Red Moon. In the outskirts of the lands there are several cities that are massive in size. Cities scattered across the world sense the war.
Ruins lie in wastelands of this war. There is only bent metal left. Many of the wolves have left their natural home to live in cities after they discovered their power. Humans don?t believe there is a trace of a wolf left in the land. For on a list was the names of all species of animal that became extinct.
Now that wolves live in the city they lost all reminder of paradise. Paradise is a place where all wolves could be free from the humans, until they came and destroyed it. Now that is all left is the memories of paradise. Yet it says that paradise was reborn and made in a place where humans couldn?t reach.
All wolves? ambitions are to find paradise and frolic in the lunar flowers. Lunar flowers are vast fields of flowers that bloom only in a full moon. The sweet nectar of wolves? dreams. Now the wolves are searching intensely to get to paradise.
Extremes are come to be known as pets, to survive. Savages are another. The middle type of wolf is more of a wonderer in humans? eyes. The scents of lunar flowers are intense so wolves nestle in any state of the three above until the time is right to leave.
Many wolves that have ventured have told about ruthless days without any food. There are many concerns other than that one. To set course to paradise is to set course through amazing ventures beyond your imagination. Now this is where all takes place. Now in the city of Kobana four wolves are distinctly known throughout the district.
These wolves will be whoever signs up. They have their human identity on record only. Now instead of making one record this one calls for two. One is your police record and your wolf record. Only a few know the wolves? identity. These are human hunters. They hunt for wolves with their dogs. If you are a human make a person record and a dog record if you have one. Dogs can speak to wolves but only in their wolf form.

OOC: Bring in the stories.

IC: Tsumi was jsut walking along the street when he heard a noise in an ally. The ally was dark and pitch black but his nose could defenetly sense something of a human esence. Then he could smell the smell of fresh paint when you open a bucket of it. He heard a can drop and hid around a corner. The police sirens were wailing because another gang had decided to raid a nearby facility. "Man this town is really in the dumps. No wolf would ever think of hiding here." "God I think they spotted them." The sound came from the ally again. "Who is there?" Tsumi called "Uhh...no one is here." Soon some weird looking man came out of the ally and ran as fast as he could.
Later in the labratory two scientists were making a mechanical being from the DNA of a wolf hair. Soon enough the project will be complete. "Doctor I have some status regulations you might want to look at." "It appears to be dream waves. What I don't know seems to be what could be causing them." "Well doctor it could also be related to the gang break outs in the city." "Who knows doctor Veronica who knows."
OOC: Doctor veronica will be everyones secondary charecter. She is a doctor who is going to be effected by the ultimate evil one.
IC: Later Tsumi went back to the apartment building in which he lived in. "I got to get out of this town." 'but there is a strong essence, a weird essence.' "But I can't place it." The sirens went off again. "I got to form a pack again. Not just because I want to be in one, I want to get out of this god forsaken town." Tsumi traveled down the street a bit and saw a man with a sniper rifle. Tsumi turned around and ran. He got back to his apartment. "I need to watch T.V." He turned on the T.v. and the first thing he heard was, 'News come in today that a rise of raids were rising. Labrotories also confirm of the terst are going great. In ot..." "I need a drink."
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[B][I][COLOR=Teal]Kikira had just gotton back from work and she was ready to relax. She quickly hit the couch with a THUD. A depressed sigh escaped her lips.

"I won't be able to handel much more of this," Kikira whispered to herself. A sudden knock at the door made Kikira fall off the couch. She quickly stummbled to her feet and ran to the door. She slowly and quietly opened it.

"Hi Kikira," a boy around Kikira's age said as he stood at the front door, "Did you see the news?" Kikira looked the boy over and put her hand on her hip. The boy had ear length blonde hair, aqua green eyes, and his ears pierced. He was wearing a blue jacket that was far too big for him and a big blue t-shirt. His blue jeans were baggy and ripped. His black sneakers had holes in it.

"No I haven't," Kikira said as she invited the boy in, "Why Rioji?" Rioji looked at Kikira and shook his head. He then sat down and turned the TV on. The news quickly appeared on the screen as Kikira sat down.

"Raids have been going on everywhere," Rioji said as he started to rock. Kikira put her hand on Rioji's shoulder and shook her head. She then put her hand to her chin. A stern look suddenly crossed her face.

"I've got to get out of this town," Kikira said in almost a whisper, "I need to find a pack and move out." Rioji looked over at Kikira. He didn't look happy.

"You can't leave me here all by myself," Rioji said as he looked down. Kikira looked upset. Rouji was the son of her late owner and he kne vhing bout h. She's been pleading with him to stay in his mother's house with her, but he wants to make it on own.

"I'm sorry Rioji," Kikira said as she stood up, "I've got to leave one of these days. When I do, promise me you'll take care of the house." Rioji looked a little unsure, but he suddenly gave Kikira a thumbs up. Kikira gave him one bck and looked out the window. Something was bothering her.[/COLOR][/I][/B]
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Leilani sat on her bed, inside her extremely small dormitory. And the only things in that dormitory, were her bed, fairly small desk, and a little television. She was writing in her journal, as a small rumble of thunder could be heard in the distance. Leilani felt comforted by it, for she loved storms, and felt at peace again. It wasn't unusual to stay alone as much as possible; though today, she felt as though she were keeping from her own self. The faintest noise of that thunder made her relax once again, as she progressed to write in her journal.

"The words of one are very confusing. Not knowing what they really could mean, nor..." With this, Leilani shook her head and tore the paper from the journal, crumpling it into a ball and throwing it away. "Nothing I write makes sense right now. Guess I'll have to give it a rest today." With saying this, Leilani swiftly closed the journal and put on her perriwinkle over-shirt, then left to go for a very short stroll around her alleyway in the city. "A walk might do some good, at least for now. And hopefully a storm will come tonight...Very unlikely though."

The thought of the word "unlikely" made Leilani ponder about the once known Paradise, a wolf's dream. And as one thought led to another, she then sensed two humans coming her way. She kept her view coldly locked onto the ground as she walked past them; the humans were both talking in rather loud tones. "Did you hear on the news?" said one human, kind of cocky. "Something about raids." Both of the humans' voices faded as Leilani kept walking. "Guess I'll have to go and take a look at this when I get home." thought Leilani, as she squinted and let out a silent sigh.
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[COLOR=Purple]Somewhere in the rot of the city, in a small deserted lab, a faint glow came from inside the rubble. The doors were blocked by stone and wood, and the windows had long been filled in with dirt and plant life. Small animals scurried around.

The faint light came from a large orb, filled with a glowing liquid. The orb lay between the twisting branches of a large, beautiful tree, its leaves relfecting the glowing liquid and the figure within. The being lay quiet, the liquid flowing and sparkling around her as she quietly breathed. She slept...for now. But she waited; waited for something...someone...to find her. A faint scent surrounded her, which only wolves would be able to detect.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=SeaGreen]Mykel looked on with wonder, holding his breath. It was the fifth night in the row that he had returned to the laboratory, sitting on the ground in front of the orb to watch the luminescent figure. She was beautiful, to say the least, but that wasn't all. There was something about her...something that he couldn't put a word to.

[I]Flower Maiden...who are you? What...is your..name?[/I]

He waited, still watching the quiet flowing of liquid. He would return to his home late that night, if he returned at all. The flower maiden captivated him, but he welcomed it. There was so little left in the world that was worth valuing, and he had found one of them.

[I]The flower maiden...stay with me, please?[/I] [/COLOR]

[COLOR=Purple]But the sleeping figure said nothing, her hair waving and sparkling in the gentle flow. She waited.[/COLOR]
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On top of a roof. TY is sleep in a cover and soon his sleeping bag gives up and he slips off the roof and lands through the window of some lady when he opened his house he saw a battub.

yes! finaly some where fancey. finaly i can make my seld decent.

TY takes a deep breath and. jumps in the showe sudenly he heres steps and he turns off the shower.

AH! im so stupid the human is steel home but why could'nt i hear her.

TY ducks in the tub hopein the human dose'nt come in but jst then the door opened a pretty young lady about a year younger than ty she then took off her clothes and put on a towel and opend the curtinshe droped her towel TY sat there for a while then her jumped and hurryied and put on his clothes

who are you! and what do you want!.

i'm sorry i just did'nt have anywhere to go

oh i'm sorry well go down staris and we can talk

ty was steel there looking at her then she hurryied and pulled up her towel ty ran and jumped down the steps
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Scarlet walked into her aparment and open the door. She didn't bother to lock the door. She didn't have anything worth stealing anyway. She flicked on her small black and white t.v andstarted making her dinner. The word raid made her turn her head quickly and her eyes widened. [I]Crap! just when i was thinking things may work out here.[/I] She turned off the t.v and went back to making her meal. When she put it on the stove she ran over and picked up the phone and started to dial Kikira's number. The phone rang and a male voiced answered.
"Hey, who's calling?"
"Get Kikira and tell her it's Scarlet from work."
There was a pause and she figured he had gone to get Kikira. The familar voice she had heard many times at work answered.
"Hello Scarlet?"Kikira questioned.
"Ya hey, you see the news. Listen we have to get out of here."
"What do mean 'we'?"
"Listen I know your a wolf and so am I. I overheard some raiders at the resterrant talking about the next raid they were planning."
"What how did they know!"
"Don't have a clue but, you can stay at my place if you want your friend can to if he wants. He could be in danger too. I have to go I have to get ready for my night job. See you at work tomarrow."
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As TY gets down stairs he hears a scream when he gets upstairs he sees that the lady had been murdered by a man with a black coat and mask TY emedially jumps from the 2cd.
Floor to the 1st floor.

And as he lands he hears a baby cry

What she had a baby?

TY grabs the baby jumps out the window as he jumps out the window it starts to rain he runs a couple of miles to he stops on a porch in a alley to rest as the baby. Finally fell asleep so did he but he covered the baby so it wouldn?t be cold he finally found that the porch he was on belonged to some one named Scarlet.
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Scarlet heard a crash outside on her porch and went to see what had caused it. Her eyes widdened as she saw a young boy holding a baby.
"OH ****!" She ran over and opened the glass sliding door. She dragged the boy inside and looked around outside. She shut the door and locked it and shut the curtains.
"What the hell did you do! And why are you holding tat kid?!He belonges to the lady up stairs!"
"Calm down llady. Their ani't nobody up there now anyway. Well there was but that lady was just killed."
Scarlet turned pale and looked around she grapped a few thingss and shoved them into an old backpack.
"Listen kid you better get the hell out of here.Those men could come here next."
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I doubt it I ran about 3 miles so I very much doubt they can find me.

At that time the baby starts? crying is she ok? She cried for a hour and sat in the rain with me.

Looks at the baby and said you better of not peed on me or you are dinner got that the baby opens his mouth and starts to cry here soon as he gives scarlet the baby he passes out.A hour later he wakes up

"owww what happened*
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It was only an hour within the night when the cops started blaring their sirens. "Must be a raid." "Hey Mister did you hear there was a murder at some house." "Tell me kid do you know anything else." "Yah, the only thing though is that the murderer was a guy in a black suit." "A black suit eh..." "Yah if you want to you just go down that street to get to the house." "Sorry kid I don't really have an intrest in the cops." "It is your choice." "Still raining. Might as well walk home." He went back to his house and went to sleep. Later he found that his couch was soaked through.
Next morning Tsumi woke up to a strange low pitch of some kind. It was getting louder and louder. Soon enough the pitch was so high he couldn't hear anything. "Errgh raaagh! Orrgh..." Tsumi was on the floor unconcious. Later he woke up. "What was that." It was only five minutes sense he fell. The sound came again. This time he wanted to follow it. "If only I could find where that sound was coming fro...there." 'This could be the sound I heard. There is a girl in his arms.' "Ughh" The sound came again. "Don't worry my dear we'll be home soon." said the mysterious man. "Hey you what are you up to?" The man said nothing. "Like I said before, who are you and what are you up to?" "Hmhmhmhm. That is not what you asked earlier." said the man in a mysteriously low voice. "You know what I mean. What are you doing?" The man took off something on his face. Tsumi closed his eyes not knowing what will come. Tsumi opened his eyes and found no one there. "Huh whaere did he go?" "I'll meet you in paradise." "What where are you?" "Belive me you will see me soon enough." Tsumi just went home after that. He was devising a plan to get out of the city. "Now there is one word that all wolves know and no humans do. I'll put up a poster saying want paradise come to the alley way behind the house of 1521 Linton streeet. Yes I will have my pack finally." To end his day he posted the posters as fast as he could, got a drink, and fell asleep.
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"Ok I need to find a pack and get going "Ty gets up and walks a grabs the baby. Opens the door and walks out" "well what do I do with you" while Ty was walking through the alley he saw the poster to join a pack and starts to run he finally gets to the address on the poster and starts to bang on the door."please answer!" after a few minutes Ty sits down and thinks so he decided that there must be some things he can do in the city so he wraped the baby up and walked around for a few hours then he looked and saw a man in a black coat "can that be him " the man stumbled and a black mask fell out "you b******! you are the reasson this baby has no mom!." Ty ran and jumped in the air and kicked the man nocking the man out Ty thought that he would just eat him but he just took him back to the house and nocked on the door after a second he went back to scarlets house. "wait she told me to leave" Ty snok in the house and smeeled her hair "now i can track you down " he went and nocked on the door againand sat down.
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