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Writing My Own Funeral


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I had this dream
That I died
I was awaken from my sleep
Only to let out a cry
I was frighted
By a sound that blared
So I went back to sleep
With no sound
Not a peep...

I went to sleep the next day
I had the same dream
Flipping about
There I lay
I couldn't make it stop
The dreams would never go away
I tried calming my nerves
Drinking some tea
But these awful dreams
Kept haunting me

Until the next day
I wasn't in my bed
No, I wasn't
Instead, I was in a better one
One draped of white cloth
Sleeping in here would be fun
I looked out and realised
I was at the funeral home
Who's funeral was I at?
I didn't know anyone who had died
So I lowly let out a sigh

I looked down at the casket
Only to see
It was someone I knew
And that person
Was Me...
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