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Writing EEK! I need help w/ mah fiction >.<


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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3]AHHH! can someone PLEASE help me with mah new story that i'm typing?? i'm kinda in a writer's block (which really sucks...) and i don't think i can get the right help. i've put it below and some ideas would be very greatful ^_^:[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
[CENTER]Echoes in the Wind

Written by Bri-chan (mah [I]real[/I] penname)
Chapter 1[/CENTER]

?Geez Sakura! You didn?t have?ta hit me so hard!? whined Kiyomi while rubbing her head. Sakura had been training for the past couple hours with her daughter, Kiyomi; their friends, Atsuka and Ranashi, watching them from the porch. They always did it this way. Trained for hours and then went in to eat, chat, drink, and what-not. It was their daily routine, the only one they had done for the past ten years. Never changing yet never growing dull.

Sakura sighed as she pushed a fallen lock of her raven-black hair into place behind her ear. Sakura was the tallest out of all of them, maybe a head taller than Kiyomi who was fifteen. She had long, raven-black hair that went down to her hips when in a ponytail. Her skin was normal, a fine peach, and her eyes were cold silver, like they always had been. Kiyomi finally got the strength to stand up on her feet to face Sakura and glare at her. Sakura snorted.

?Hn?.well, that wouldn?t ?of happened if you had been paying more attention,? she said dryly. Kiyomi growled.

?Well [I]excuse me[/I]!? she yelled. ?But I was here, trying to avoid your aerial attack with my stupid wooden sword from your [U]metal[/U] sword when all of a sudden you appear out of nowhere and whack me in the head!? Kiyomi was like her mother, short tempered and impatient; but she was also kind and layback, but she enjoyed to pull pranks on people. She also had black hair like her mother but it was only down to her shoulders. She had the same fine peach skin but she had electric, green eyes filled to the brim with excitement and enthusiasm. Her mother though was still and calm, but cold-hearted.

Sakura merely ignored Kiyomi?s remark and simply started to collect her things. Kiyomi growled in frustration but followed her mother?s actions. Noting that it was time for training to end, Atsuka and Ranashi got up from the porch and walked over to their friends. Atsuka walked over to Kiyomi.

?It?s not Sakura?s fault Kiyomi,? she stated, ?your spirit awareness is weakening. You?re not concentrating hard enough.? Sakura nodded.

?Atsuka?s right, you need to practice with your spirit awareness more,? Sakura added. Atsuka looked at Sakura and nodded as well.

Atsuka was the shortest out of the group, but the wisest. She knew the smarts to almost everything. Hell, she even had her own library! Atsuka had dark, blood-red hair that was down to about her hips, though it was in a low ponytail. She also had calm, golden eyes. Atsuka had darker skin than her friends but it showed off her eyes more.

Atsuka then turned around and headed for the house. Ranashi ran up to Kiyomi and threw her arm around Kiyomi?s shoulder with a big grin on her face.

?So, poor little Kiyomi Yamasaki have?ta go to grandma?s evil boot camp?? she cooed, but still mocked at the same time. Kiyomi shrugged Ranashi?s arm off her shoulder.

?Ha-ha. Very funny Ranashi,? Kiyomi said sarcastically. Ranashi?s grin grew wider.

?Why thank you Kiyomi, what a nice complement,? she said cheerfully. Kiyomi rolled her eyes and walked a little faster to get away from Ranashi.

Ranashi was the least serious person out of them. She was always the one jumping around sugar-high, the one talking your ears off, or just the one that was plain annoying. She had dull, black hair that was only half-way down her back. A dead-gray bandana was wrapped lazily around her head with no care if it was perfect or not and it seemed to lie on her back lifeless. Her eyes though were an energetic, midnight blue that sparkled in the light. Ranashi?s skin was paler than the others, like all the life was just sucked out of her which gave her an eerie aura.

Kiyomi had walked far enough for her to catch up to Sakura.

?Mom, is it really necessary that I have?ta practice my spirit awareness with Atsuka?? she complained. Sakura smirked.

?Of course it is!? she beamed. ?Besides, you can complain as much as you want Kiyomi but you?re living in Japan and it?s my dojo so shut it.? Kiyomi groaned but obediently went inside the huge dojo. Ranashi laughed in victory and walked inside afterward.

Yes, Japan. That?s where Sakura and the others lived. In Kobe, Japan 1857 to be exact. They did the same thing, day after day after day like any other person would do. That?s pretty much what Sakura and the others had done for the past five-hundred years. And they hoped that it would stay that way.

Chapter 2

Sakura sighed as she continued to drink her sake on the dojo porch. Dinner had since near ended so Ranashi was nowhere to be seen and Atsuka was in her library as usual. Sakura, as always after dinner, sat on the dojo porch staring up at the star-filled sky. If Sakura could live anywhere she wanted, she would stay right where she was, in Japan. Her house was right on the edge of a forest therefore they didn?t really have any neighbors, so they had no distractions from anyone nor were they bothered very much. Sakura had always felt at peace in Japan but there was something?..unnerving about it.

A soft hand on Sakura?s shoulder then brought her back to reality. She looked up to see Kiyomi.

?Hi mom, can I sit down with you?? she asked. Sakura stared at her daughter for a moment but then nodded. Kiyomi then took her place sitting down next to her mother on the porch. There was an awkward silence between the two. Neither of them seemed to want to talk for the same reason; until Kiyomi broke it.

?Hey mom??? Kiyomi asked barely above a whisper. Sakura turned her head to Kiyomi who had her head down.

?Yes Kiyomi?? she replied, sounding almost reassuring.

?Do you think they will allow us to live here? A couple of simple demons living in Japan?? she asked, finally bringing her head up. Sakura was taken back that Kiyomi would ask her such a question.

But it was true; they were demons, each and every one of them. Well, except for Kiyomi, was a hanyou, a half-demon. They were always treated differently. Not just about what they were, but what they looked like. All of them could easily fool anyone that they were normal humans, if it weren?t for the claws, fangs, and pointy ears they had. How they sometimes wished they could be normal humans, longed to be like every one else; not mocked, laughed at, or even yelled at. Sakura was probably the only one who didn?t care what other people thought about her. She had somehow built an ice barrier around her heart, locking herself from the outside world. Nobody would understand what she had gone through nor did they know what it was. And no one was planning on finding out either.

Sakura thought about what Kiyomi had said, letting the words sink in before she spoke. She opened her mouth to talk but no words seemed to come out. Her throat had closed up and her mouth was as dry as paper. She swallowed slowly and tried again.

?Yes Kiyomi, I think they will allow us to stay,? she said with a small smile. Kiyomi?s eyes lit up as she looked up at the sky with a huge smile on her face. She then bolted up and started racing for her room.

?Arigato Kaa-san!? she yelled behind her before she disappeared around the corner.

Sakura?s smile then faded as she looked up at the sky. Truthfully, she did not know if they would allow them to stay there. The Government Officials were never ones to be very kind. They had mailed Sakura, or the ?Yamasaki house-hold? as they put it, to come to the Government Officials building to ?discuss? about whether or not Sakura and her friends were able to live in Japan as the letter had said. But Sakura didn?t trust them. People were even lucky to be on her idiot list, rather being on the list of people Sakura doesn?t trust. It?s that they were afraid of them, afraid that they were more powerful than them so exiling them from Japan was there so called ?smart? plan to get rid of them. ?Well, we?ll see? thought Sakura with a smirk. ?We?ll see.?


Sakura stood in front of the Officials? building with the same cold expression on her face. This would be her first time here, and certainly not her last. All the shudders on the building were painted a dark-green color and no light could be seen from the windows. The building itself was colored a white-gray and the roof was the same style, curved at the tips and straight towards the top; like a Japanese palace. The Government building had a dark feeling to it as if saying, ?Back off.?

The door started to open as Sakura waited to go in. A skinny, bald man appeared out of the doorway and smiled at Sakura and bowed slightly. Sakura, not in the mood at the moment; simply nodded in return.

?It seems that you are here to compromise with my master, correct?? he stated. Sakura glared at him for a moment before answering.

?Yes. And I suppose that I won?t be speaking with him outside, correct?? she mocked, arching an eyebrow. The man?s smile disappeared as he let out a small chuckle. The man quickly got out of the way and signaled for her to come in. Sakura narrowed her eyes at the man before walking inside.

If the outside area of the building was meant to keep people out, then they certainly did a good job with it. The walls looked like they were almost made of gold, while beautifully painted-on sakura petals lined up and down the hallways. The paper making up the doors felt like silk and a warm glow filled the building. ?Well, looks like someone has been saving out? thought Sakura as she continued to walk down the hallway, looking around at the hallways.


[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]so, what do you think i should put in next? i pretty much know what's gonna happen in the whole series i'm making but PLEASE HELP ME!! WRITER'S BLOCK IS EVIL!! [B][U][I]EVIL!!!!!![/B][/U][/I] please help me!!![/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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