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Gaming The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age


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[size=1]Well, on my way to Ft. Lauderdale (I am here now), I decided to pick up a EGM Magazine to read on the plane, and while browsing through, I saw this game, and to me it looked phenomenal.

Its basically before the One Ring has been destroyed and you play a different type of "fellowship" trying to help defeat Sauron and Sarumon and the orc horde that they have created. It is more of a Final Fantasy type battle style and its more of a FF RPG as well. Now Im not too sure on when it is supposed to release but I am truly looking forward to it.

Also, you have a party like FF. You can select to be Evil, or Good, and you make characters to help you on your journey. So basically, you can be anywhere from a dwarven miner, to a Uruk-Hai(sp?) that is just looking to feed on some "man-flesh."

So overall, the game looks pretty amazing and I am looking forward to getting it soon. So have any of you seen anything about the game and are you also looking forward to getting it?[/size]
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[color=teal]I have to say that this looks promising, especially that the most part of the game is in third person mode, which will be interesting for an RPG and certainly something to look forward to. Obviously, like most traditional RPGs, the format will return to the old turn based system when you interface with enemies.

Little has been said so far about the means of the storyline, but what is known is that instead of Frodo, you'll take control of a Knight of Gondor. I think that's a good way to go about things; it will provide a stepping stone in terms of interaction and engaging and will actually help promote The Third Age to look more of a respectful RPG under the influence of first impressions on the basis of it being a LOTR game, not that it matters.

In correlation to what you said about choosing your party's alliance, Serraph-Angel, there is no actual storyline for the evil-missions, they're considered as side-quests if anything, but they lead to special items and goodies that will help you on your quest as a whole, and they happen to play a pretty important role in The Third Age regarding the turn based battle system.

I think this game is aimed at two different groups of gamers though. On one hand there's the subsidiary LOTR element that's in it along with all the references used from the film such as weapons, monsters, characters, and props. But on the other hand, the style of The Third Age greatly differs to most of the other American made RPGs; for instance, not being able to customize your character's priorities and characteristics.

It's a nice combination of an array of games, I have to admit, and the visuals do resemble the films very much. Personally, I think it will be the eccentric restrictions that pull this game down wherever it may stand.[/color]
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