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Legend of 'Beat' Takeshi


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[color=teal]Who else has noticed this guy's work, and what do you think of it? Any trademarks or patterns that you've noticed or want to suggest?

Considered a master director in Japan, Kitano 'Beat' Takeshi is responsible for the existence of great international motion pictures like Boiling Point and Zatoichi. With a tendency to usually steal the lead role, the bulk of his films are Yakuza orientated, but each one is as fresh and original as the other since you can practically feel the adolescence of his work as compared to most Western movies that run along the same line, difference being that Takeshi's films manage to accomplish giving viewers the chance to see a much more brutal perspective of the Japanese underworld.

Personally, I think that his most astonishing work lies in his hit movie, Brother. It was the film that marked the debut of him filming overseas; most of it was set in America where Takeshi stars as Yakuza hard man Aniki Yamamoto who's in search of his younger half-brother after having been exiled from his Yakuza clan back in Tokyo.

Unlike the previous films he was accounted for, Brother actually has quite an array of a cast ethnic wise, which is a different step for Takeshi all together as he usually proclaims an idealistic view of Yakuza mobs, where every single detail is filled. Though the dialogue and acting may be corny, it's definitely something new to add to his archive, so I'd recommend this film to anyone who's interested in this field of genre, especially if it's your first Kitano Takeshi film.

Another of his films, which I haven't seen yet, is Hana-bi. It's supposed to be good from what I've read from reviews, but I'd prefer the point of view from a non-critic, heh. Anyone care to help?[/color]
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