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Writing Since that night <-- Remember?

Barra Maral

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Why must you torture me so?
Why wont you just let me know?
Why cant you just let me in?
You know, being with me isnt a sin...
We are alike in almost every way,
Or so Ive thought for many a day.
Ever since that one night,
Ive begun to think im not so right.....

I dont know how many of you actually remember that poem... I wrote it some time ago and posted it here. Well I also submited it to [url]www.poetry.com[/url]

That poem won me a trophy, a medal, and the chance to read it to poets from accross the world! The only problem is that it costs $590 for me $475 for one guest and then we still have to pay for travel and hotel accomodations! :(

It sucks being poor! lol
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