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Anime Ninja Ressurection


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Yes there are only two episodes of Ninja Ressurection. Or more appropriately, there are only 2 OVAs. Many anime productions that are too short for TV (Such as this) are simply released as OVAs (Original Video Animation) or OAVs (Original Animation Video). Those two are the some thing. These anime are never shown on TV, though a series or a movie may be made to continue or expand on the OVAs if the OVAs were popular enough. Or OVAs are made to expand upon series (Usually in the form of bonus episodes and such).

Ninja Resurrection, from what I've heard and seen, isn't very good. It's gained some popularity on the fact that ADV said it was related to Ninja Scroll (Though it isn't), and so some people bought it. Ninja Scroll doesn't rank high on my scales either, but that's getting off topic.

So basically what I'm saying is that the company that made Ninja Ressurection (Phoenix Animation) didn't feel the OVAs maritted any expansion (Unless there is something else related to this that I don't know of), and thus no more OVAs/Movies/ect. were made.
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