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lost love.

Lost love,
A broken heart.
Her ghost beacons me,
To depart.
Dark haired, fair,
Fallen angel.
Turn me,
Kill me.
Leave me for dead.
Sever my soul,
And break my heart,
Death awaits me,
To depart.
Fall from heaven,
And scorch the earth.
Your memory remains,
In my heart.
Cold winters moon,
Constant reminder
Of the peace that I can never find.
Silver tongued lies,
Bring me back to you.
Only die again,
In your uncaring arms.
False memories,
And lasting dreams,
Horror and despair,
That seems to,
Fallow you.
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Very nicely done, ShadO MagE.

I really like the flow of your poem. It's unique for almost every verse yet always has something in-between to turn the pace then bright it back again. It, for me, has a really great feel for reading it silently or reading it aloud.

I also like the fact that it has the feel of a humans true thoughts. Always making sense in some light, but not always connected together right away. Sounds like it came from a strong mind that can take the ideal of a broken heart.
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[color=silver] Ok, well here's something I'm writing for a friend (not finished yet.)

Each day

Each day the cuts get closer
And I leave a little more
I can?t feel any thing but what you?ve taken from me.
So I say my good byes
And take the knife with me
Don?t you get it, you won
You finally beat me.

The knife slices though me
The cold metal against my blood
I get light headed and fall to the ground
Just another memory for me to forget
I fade away, just another face to you

You never knew me
Don?t think you ever did

Well it's no where near done but I just wanted some feedback on it so far.

another poem I felt like posting.

Is this what it is to live?
To feel pain, to feel fear?
I see death again. It welcomes me back
I hate my self. I want to die.
I want to leave and never look back
Forget me all I did was bring pain.
Please forget me, I was useless
I serve on purpose
I should be dead.
Please forgive me I failed again
I am worthless
And hated
Forget me
I?ll be dead soon
And you?ll forget my name.
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