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Writing Digimon: Untitled


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This ias by my best friend Natalie, and I adore it fore that reason. I hope y'all like it.
Natalie: Brown hair, green eyes
Calley: Black hair, violet eyes.

?Thanks for letting me use your mom?s laptop?, Natalie said with a smile.
?No prob?, Calley replied while typing on the computer.
?My mom let me use Tommy?s new laptop last night, and I treated it like it was sacred.?
?You don?t have to treat this laptop like that. It?s owned by the government!?
The two laughed before-
?Damn it!? Calley said in frustration.
The computer screen had gone blank, but the curser remained.
?Is it a virus?? asked Natalie, who had abandoned the laptop.
?I don?t think so.?
?Maybe it?s AOL. . . again.?
?Who knows- HEY!?
A white gloved hand had shot out of the screen and grabbed her upper arm.
A big smile came to Natalie?s face as she tried to pry Calley free.
?Why the heck are you smiling?!?
?I smile when I?m nervous or scared! The bigger the smile, the more frightened I am!?
A second hand (which looked to belong to the same user) came out of the screen and grabbed the neck of Natalie?s turtleneck sleeveless shirt.
?You can probably guess what I do when I PANIC!?
?Same here! Here we go again!?
?Are you done yet?? a strange voice asked.
?It can talk?? Calley said in amazement.
?So familiar?, Natalie gasped.
Before either could do more, they were yanked into the computer. They were then thrown into unconsciousness.


?You?re joking, right? There?s no way these two are-?
?The devices were attracted to them. There?s nothing I could have done.?
?You could have left them!?
?Metalseadramon is right, for once.?
?They?re awake!?
As soon as this was said, the voices hushed.
Calley sat up and yawned. While stretching her arms, she noticed she was sitting on a floor with many different shades of yellows mixed with others.
?Too many yellows . . .? she said as if she were very dizzy.
Looking up, she noticed the ceiling was high up and it was like a dome. Looking down, Calley saw Natalie lying asleep several feet away.
She poked her a few times before Natalie replied.
?Less wakey more sleepy.?
Chuckling was heard in the background, but Calley wasn?t paying enough attention to notice.
She put her feet under Natalie?s back and rolled her over.
?Okay, I?m up. I?m ready. Ready to kick you, that is.?
?I think we have bigger problems. Like A; we don?t know where we are; and B; why we?re here! And C . . .how am I supposed to check my e-mail here??
More chuckling was heard. Natalie took one look over to where it was coming from and looked back at Calley.
?Have you met our new friends??
The clearing of a throat was heard. Calley looked in the direction and did a double-take.
Standing not to far from them were a group of strange looking creatures.
A jester-like one was sitting in front of a large telescope. The telescope was so long it t reached outside of the dome. Standing near the telescope, a large metal monster stood with two large cannons on its back. Near the side of the room, there was a large serpent in a decent sized in-ground pool. Standing beside the pool, a puppet stood with a mallet almost twice his size.
Natalie took several gulps, stood up, and addressed them.
?W-would you gentlemen please excuse me and my uh friend to talk for a minute or two??
Without waiting for an answer, she and Calley walked as far as they could from them.
?Do you know where we are??
?I?ve already said that I don?t!?
?I?m pretty sure, practically positive, that we are in the Digital World. That?s where Digimon live. You know, the show we were talking about when we were hanging around my pool back at home.?
?Huh. Looks just like the real world. Freaks and much confusement. Oh yeah, but there aren?t any creatures in the real world.?
?You know what we?re going to do??
?No clue.?
?Same here, obviously. We should just stay calm and be strong.?
?No duh!?
?Are you done talking YET?? a voice asked.
The two stopped and looked up at the jester-like Digimon.
?Okay, we?re done?, Calley said hurriedly.
?Yeah! In fact, I think I?m all talked out.?
?Mm hm, my throats getting dry.?
?I don?t know what to talk about.?
?Neither do I. Nothing is in my mind.?
?Same here! No topics what so ever.?
?Uh huh-?
?Be quiet!? yelled the puppet Digimon.
?Shutting up?, they said in unision.
?Both of you are wondering why you?re here. I took you here (when saying this he threw a dirty look at the other Digimon) because two Digivices-?
?What are they again?? asked Calley.
?They?re what make a Digidestine?s Digimon partner Digivolve?, answered Natalie.
?As I was saying, the Digivices were drawn to you out of thousands of children-?
?Hey! Who are you callin? a kid?? Calley asked, her voice full of annoyance.
?We?re teenagers, not children.?
?The point IS that you two are Digidestine-?
?Wait, aren?t you Piedmon?? Calley interrupted.
?Dumb, Calley! Dumb!? exclaimed Natalie.
?Natalie, you said at the pool earlier that Piedmon was the name of the one that looked like- OW!?
Natalie had elbowed her roughly in the arm, obviously not liking were the conversation was going.
?Are you or are you not Piedmon?? Natalie firmly asked.
?Of course!?
?Then the guy with the cannons is Machinedramon, the guy in the pool is Metalseadramon, and the other is Puppetmon??
?Wait, I think I know . . .umm . .hmmm . . .Now I know! You guys are the Dark Masters!?
Already annoyed of their blindness, Piedmon only nodded in response.
?Knew it!? Natalie said happily.
Calley looked around the room with eyes full of interest before stating,? I spy a spider.?
Natalie looked up at him apologetically and said,? You?ll have to pardon her. She lost it by the time I first met her at camp.?
?Hey, what were you doing with our Digivices?? Natalie inquired with a sly look.
A small blue Digivice appeared in his hand in a small puff of smoke. While watching her every move closely, he held out his palm with the Digivice in the center.
She looked at it, then at him.
?Why did you pull us through??
When Piedmon didn?t answer, she sighed and took hold of the Digivice.
A scream of pain emitted from her body as several jolts of what looked like pure white electricity spouted from the Digivice. With a groan, Natalie fainted and hit the floor with a thud.
?I hope none of you are wondering whether they are Light after my demonstration?, Piedmon announced to his comrades.
Calley took one look at her friend and stuck her tongue out at him. He barely turned to look at her when he raised his hand so all of his fingers were pointing in her direction. A dagger shot out from under his sleeve, which barely grazed her right arm.
?Vilemon!? Piedmon yelled.
A small Digimon that resembled a young monkey with wings appeared from a doorway. The creature flew over to Piedmon, who ordered him to take Calley and Natalie to where they would be staying.
Two more Vilemon came and picked Natalie up by her arms. The first Vilemon led them and Calley to the door it had first came. While screaming happily in her head, Calley gladly followed them out of the room where the Dark Masters dwelled.


?This is your room?, the Vilemon who had lead them there explained,? Hers is right next to yours.?
Calley walked into a spacious room with a white marble floor and walls. There was a long bookshelf on the upper left wall that was almost full with different kinds of books. Next to it was a roll top writing desk and a rolling chair, both made of silver beech wood. A fair sized bed with several different blue colors and throw pillows was in the upper right corner. A midnight blue chaise lounge was in the lower left corner and three chairs in the lower right corner. She looked at the ceiling and saw several lights in the center of the ceiling. Taking the hint, she clapped her hands twice and the lights lit up the room.
Calley walked to the wall opposite of the door. A door that led to a changing room was on the middle of the right wall. Taking up most of the wall were two tall doors with dark blue curtains that completely covered them. Using both hands, she threw them open. Glass doors with the most beautiful designs were revealed.
However, she didn?t notice a small blue Digivice that was on her bed.


Natalie had been put on a red bed that also had throw pillows. In that room, the bookshelf was in the lower right wall. A chair and several red adult sized bean bags were in the upper left corner. The bed she was still sleeping on was in the lower left corner. The door to another changing room was on the middle of the right wall. The upper right corner was empty except for a wall clock.
Piedmon opened the door to the room and entered. By the way he didn?t give the room a second look, it was likely he had already been in there before.
He barely glanced at Natalie before dropping a Digivice on the bed beside her; the same one that had hurt her.
He then headed toward the balcony doors, where he planned to have a short conversation.


Calley was sitting on the ledge of the balcony, studying the bleak grounds. The same thing was everywhere; grey flat landscape and pointed towers. One area was so leveled it could (and very well might be) used as a battlefield.
Calley heard the noise of a door opening. She looked at a different door that led to the balcony, where Piedmon appeared.
?Did you have to knock Natalie out??
?Don?t think that was out of the goodness of my heart.?
?You have a heart? And knocking my friend out was a nice thing?!?
?I?ll explain later.?
?You?re here now, so start talking.?
He threw her an annoyed look and began.
?Every Digimon has a partner. Most of them never meet them or even know they have a partner. Partners are supposed to help Digimon Digivolve to a higher level.?
?What do you mean levels??
?There are different levels are Digimon can reach; Baby, In-Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and the highest is Mega. Not to boast, but I myself am a most superior Mega.?
?Not to boast? Yeah right!?
?As I was saying, Digivices connect partners and every Digimon has a partner.?
?What are you getting at??
?You know how a play goes. Good against evil. Here, it is light against dark.?
?And you?re dark.?
?And we needed to know if the owners of the Digivices were light.?
?Me and Natalie, right??
?What came from the Digivice was light energy. As seen, it reacted negatively to her.?
?No duh.?
?There was no need to question you. The Vilemon have looked into everything you?ve written on the internet. That alone was proof itself you weren?t light.?
?Gee, thanks. Anything else??
Without another word, he left the same way he came.
Calley waited a few minutes before going into the room Natalie was supposed to be in. She walked over to the bed and poked her friend.
?Natalie, wake up! Come on, it couldn?t have been too bad.?
She shook her head and left for her room.
As soon as Calley was gone, Natalie lazily opened her eyes. She looked over the room with her eyes twice. She looked sadly at the Digivice and picked it up.
?If I have a partner, then why isn?t whoever they are here? I?m in danger, and that means partner to the rescue. Eh, I?ll have to ask them about that.?

In the morning, Natalie was explaining the Digital World as best as she could to Calley.
?So every Digimon is reborn in Primary Village??
?Just almost all of them.?
LadyDevimon suddenly landed on the balcony ledge.
?Who?s that?? Calley asked while staring at the Digimon.
Before Natalie could answer, LadyDevimon spoke.
?My master wishes for your presence at breakfast.?
In a puff of smoke, the two found themselves sitting at a long table in another room. They sat at one end of the table while Piedmon was at another end.
A plate full of bacon and eggs was set in front of them. The girls eyed it curiously and poked the eggs twice.
?Are you trying to poison us now?? inquired Natalie, who looked wearily at him.
?Now?? he asked, amused.
?Well, you did practically electrify me!?
Calley, who had been muttering in a strange voice unlike hers under her breath, noticed that they were looking at her.
?No need to pay any attention to that. Nothing is wrong with her voice. But her head . . .?
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