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Xmen: Evolution:: Scorpio vs Gambit


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It won't make much sense, but. . . Sorry it's so long. :(

~~~Calley?s POV~~~
Gambit took my hands and asked, ?Wanna dance??
I felt my face flush. ?Why not?? I said by way of acceptance.
He led me out to the edge of the crowd. My hands were shaking, and I felt clumsy and exposed.
But ?oh!-he was a wonderful dancer. I was smiling in no time. We kept dancing; fast songs, slow songs, classics, new songs, songs in between. I felt more confident about my dancing.
Soon, I found myself in the very centre. Again, I felt exposed.
?Frightened, petite?? he asked.
?Kind of,? I admitted.
?Don?t be. You dance wonderfully.?
I couldn?t help, but smile. As Gambit held my hand, I didn?t feel exposed. I felt light and beautiful in my simple black dress. I loved the feel of the fabric whirling against my ankles. More so, I loved the feel of Gambit?s body against mine during slow dances.
Before I?d started dancing with Gambit, Pyro had asked Ivy to dance. When Gambit and I went to get a drink, they were still at it.
?You?d figure they?d need a break soon enough,? Gambit said, smoothing his goatee. I giggled and picked up a cup of tea.
?Honestly, Gambit. We?re talking about the Master of Fire and the Mistress of Plants! They?ll only stop when the dance is over.?
?I?m serious, Scorpio. Everyone needs a break.?
?Yeah, sure. We?ll go with that.?
?Scorpio, e-.?
?Name?s Calley, Gambit. We might as well know true names. After all, we?ve been dancing all night.?
?True name?s Remy. And I guess you?re right, Scor- Calley. If we keep calling each other by our codenames, people will know we?re mutants.? He took my hand and led me to a balcony. I leaned on the railing, watching the diamond stars above us.
?It?s beautiful out here. So clear,? I said.
?It was awfully stuffy in there.? I felt his hand on mine, and I smiled to the heavens.
He looked over at me. ?Do you believe in fate??
?Yes. I believe that everyone has a special person that they belong to. Why do you asked, Remy??
?I think I found my fate tonight.? He squeezed my hand, making me go scarlet.
?Do you really? So have I,? I said slowly. My heart melted, and he reached for me. The night breeze was soft on my face, and so was his hand on my cheek. I lifted my face to his and lightly touched our lips together.
~~~Natalie?s POV~~~
Pyro was a great dancer. He knew when he was going to fast or too slow for me. He even knew when he was holding me too close or too tight.
We had just arrived (all of us in can you believe it dresses) and were watching others dance. I saw a certain card charging Cajun, a muscular Russian, and the fire happy Aussie.
?Dear God,? I muttered.
?G?day, shelia. Care ta dance?? asked that Aussie voice. Damn! Why am I such a sucker for Aussie accents!
?Sure,? I said. He took my arm and led me away. As a last resort, I glanced back at Calley, but Gambit was talking to her. They walked away together.
?Why are all the hot guys taken?? Sam burst out as Pyro took my hand. I giggled and focused on my feet.
A few dances later, I was getting tired, and it felt like my feet were going to drop off. I managed to drag Pyro away long enough to cool my heels. I heard an eerily familiar voice coming from a balcony.
?Do you really?? it said. ?So have I.? It sounded like Calley. I crept over to the window in time to see her kissing Gambit.
?Wow . . .? I gasped.
?Whoa,? Pyro hissed. I glanced back at him and smiled slightly. When Calley got back to the Estate, she had some explaining to do.
?Let?s get lost before they find us,? I suggested.
?Good Idea, Sheila. Ol? Gambit?ll probably charge me if ?e finds me.? Pyro flashed a winning smile, and we slipped away.
~~~Calley?s POV~~~
I left the balcony is very high spirits. When I caught up with the Zodiac, Natalie had a very strange look in her eyes. The color drained from my face; I could feel it sinking into my toes.
?So, did you have a good time?? Natalie asked with a knowing smile.
?Sure,? I said, trying to sound innocent. ?Why wouldn?t I have??
?Well, you were asked to dance.?
?Big whoop!?
?Let me rephrase that: You were asked out by a hot Acolyte.?
I blushed crimson; I felt the color rise. ?And??
?And you seemed to have a good time.?
?Just spit it out!!?
?I?m not saying anything.?
My face burned. ?Fine! Just leave me hanging! That?s what you?re good at!? I half yelled.
Sam grabbed Natalie?s shoulders and shook her, saying, ?Out with it, girl!?
?Okay, Calley. Just go through everything you did, because I saw it all,? Natalie said calmly.
I wanted to scream! She had seen me kissing Remy! I just knew it! Instead, I took a deep breath and said, ?He made a date with me.?
?Oooh! You and Gambit make such a cute couple?, Samantha said with a smile.
I grinned, knowing they had no clue what had really happened. Well, I guess that wasn?t true. Natalie knew. ?Thank you, Maelstrom.?
?So, where are you going?? asked Jess.
?Who cares! More important, what are you going to wear?? Samantha said.
?Probably black jeans, single shouldered blue top and sandals.? I giggled.
?Don?t wear much jewelry and it wouldn?t look right with your hair down?, Samantha advised,? Oh, and not too much make-up.?
?I never wear make up! NEVER!?
?Well,? Carlie said, ?you might wanna rethink that. After all, Ivy doesn?t wear make up and here she is.?
?It?s not as bad as I thought. I actually feel more confident call me crazy?, Natalie commented.
I blushed and giggled. ?No make up! None! Nada! Goose egg! Zilch! Zippo! Niet! Nothing!?
?You might want to think about it. Sam does seem to know a lot about it. If you don?t trust her, trust me?, said Jess.
?Hey, you don?t need make-up. Not even a lot?, Natalie said with a shrug,? We aren?t going to force you.?
?I know I?m gonna regret this, but, girls, you?ve got yourself a makeover patient!? I laughed, punching the air.
The other girls let out a whoop and smiled while laughing.
?Surge, let?s go home. I?ve gotta get out of this freaking dress!!?
?If I take us on the Circuit now, our dresses will be fried.?
Carlie shook her head and said,? Someone just call Tommy or one of his friends to come and pick us up!?
Natalie took out her cell and said,? I?m way ahead of ya.?
?Oh no! Not them!? I groaned. Tommy was Natalie?s brother.
?My dear oldest brother is really nice. Not like the one in Sydney.?
?Just as long as he doesn?t make any wise cracks.? It was one thing they were good at. I glanced over my shoulder and watched the oh-so-familiar orbs rise up and disappear. ?Good-bye, Remy,? I whispered, barely under my breath. I could have sworn I felt a soft kiss land on my forehead.
?If he does I?ll fry him?, Jess reassured me.
?If he does we?ll all laugh?, Carlie said with a laugh.
I had to laugh at this point. It felt right. A brief flash entered my head, making me grin. ?Oh, Ivy.?
I fell over laughing.
?Tonight has been great, hasn?t it? Oh, and we saw Ivy dancing with Pyro. It?s no secret?, Samantha said just as a large white van parked in the parking lot.
?And we saw a friend fall in love with an enemy. Remember, Sam? A 20 on a scale of one to ten??
?Yet to forget. Anyway, Tom?s here?, she replied. We made our way to the white van and climbed in.
?No matter what we go in, we go in style?, Natalie told us.
The van?s top was so high we didn?t have to bend down much. There was a TV near the top and a VCR beside it. Each chair even had its own light.
I whistled. ?Never been in here before.?
?Yeah, it?s our travel van. Took this thing Florida and back?, Tommy said.
?I always thought you ignored me,? I pointed out, buckling my seat belt and undoing my heels.
?No such luck?, Jess said while plopping into a backseat.
?Yep. Woulda been nice. Aw, well.? I knew I?d have blisters in the morning, but I didn?t care. It?d been a great night.
~~~Next Morning~~~
The phone rang at about 10:30 the next morning. Carlie got it.
?Hello?? There was a pause. ?Oh, okay!? She turned to me. ?It?s for you.?
?Hold it, will ya? I?ll get it upstairs.? I hurried upstairs.
Samantha and Jess poked their heads out of their rooms.
?Ten bucks that it?s Gambit!? said Sam.
?I?m not even gonna take that cause we both know it is!?
I giggled and picked up the phone in my room. ?Hello??
?Bonjour, mon ami,? said a very familiar voice.
?Bonjour, Gambit. Don?t mind the slight giggling. I?m betting the others are eavesdropping. So what?s up??
?Well, I have some work to do in New Orleans, and it?s not good to be down there alone. Wanna come with me?
?Say yes and make four people happy?, Jess said over the line.
?Uhh. . . What the crazy person said. Yes. But, I?m gonna guess they want me to go so they can bombard me with questions about it when I get back. Oh well. Say what time.?
?I?ll pick you up in a few hours.?
?Right. How long we gonna be gone??
?A week.?
?Okay! See ya in a few hours!?
?A bienot.?
?Same to you, bub!?
?Carlie, get the translate booklets! . . .The French one!? I heard Samantha say. A great amount of scuffling followed and a few ?oh no?s.
I hung up and cracked up. I knew the Zodiac were looking up the meaning of ?a bienot.?
Just as I said that Jess and Samantha entered the room.
?We knew you?d call?, Jess said in a fake know-it-all way.
?So, there are three ways you could go; casual, semi-casual, or fancy. We can probably take fancy off the list and if you need something fancy just have him buy you something. 75% of your wardrobe should be casual and the rest semi-casual. If your wardrobe is off, just have him buy you something?, Samantha instructed.
I shook my head. ?I have my own coin, Sam. Unless you?ve forgotten, I was in Indiana when you found me. I do know one thing I?ll bring: the sexy black dress that everyone has to have in their closet.?
?Girl, where you come from doesn?t mean squat. Sure, you have your own money and it is probably best to use it. I?ll just let you know that if he?s the gentleman he seems, then he?ll try to give you money?, Samantha said while rolling her eyes and going through my wardrobe.
?I?ll get the make-up?, Jess said before heading to her room.
I just sat on my bed and watched. ?No skirts!? I said pointedly. I?m extremely strict on wearing skirts.
?I?ll pack just a few and they?ll be long. Don?t worry, I make the clothes fit the place and person?s attitude. By the way, I suggest sticking with Gambit cause there are a lot of creeps in big cities.?
?Well, duh, I?ll stick with Remy!? I clapped my hands to my mouth. I?d said the first name. ARGH!
?Cool name. Anyway, do you know where you?ll be staying? Cause if you?re staying in a fancy place then you?ll want to pack in a suitcase. If it?s casual or semi-casual then use a fair looking duffle bag.?
?I always take a duffle, even at Hotel La Ritz.? I grabbed my boots and nice heeled sandals and stuck them in the bag. ?You wanna know the truth about the dance??
Samantha stopped what she was doing and looked at me.
?Well, we talked and agreed to call each other by our first names. Then he asked if I believed in fate, saying he said he thought he?d found his. I said yes and,? I smiled, ?we kissed.?
Samantha smiled and said,? I think you can take care of yourself here. In New Orleans, just remember all the training and other stuff. Your tough and don?t forget that for a second! Well, maybe when you kiss him cause everything just kinda leaves ya then.? She got up and headed for the door.
?Thanks, Sam. And I promise, no purple. Bleh!? I giggled and packed up.
?Go at yer own pace and don?t you DARE let him speed you up. Keep a firm hold of the relationship?, Sam said before exiting.
?No prob.? I opened my cosmetic bag and put in my toothbrush and toothpaste. Now all I had to wait for was the make up from Jess.
?For the last time, see ya?, she said and left. Natalie walked him while looking through a yellow pocket booklet that read ?So You Want to Learn French?.
?Odd. I thought it?d say ?French for Dummies.? I closed up my bag and stuck it inside the duffle.
?Eh, that book was too basic.?
I laughed so hard, I fell off my bed.
~~~Few Hours Later~~~
I had stacked my luggage by the door and was sitting on the couch, jittering.
Remy walked in, took my luggage under his arm, and my hand with the other hand. ?Ready when you are.?
?Bye guys!?
I was surprised to see a compact car outside. Remy put the bags in the back, put the top up and got in.
?Wow!? I climbed inside and waved to the others. What Jess said out there will remain a mystery, but I remember the others laughing.
?Next stop, New Orleans.? Remy turned on the engine and we were off.
The landscape was a blur of color, but I enjoyed finding the odd shapes among the reds and greens.
?So, Calley. Did you enjoy the dance?? I heard something in his voice that didn?t belong there: self-consciousness.
?Of course. I was with you, wasn?t I? By the way, this car. Where?d it-??
?You thought we were taking an orb? They?re very uncomfortable.? He smiled.
I had to hand it to him: He wasn?t what I thought. He wasn?t cocky. He was just like me: apprehensive about what this trip would bring.
I reached over and touched his hand on the steering wheel. He jumped slightly, but recovered. He lifted his hand off the wheel and held mine on his thigh. A song entered my mind; I Won?t Say I?m In Love.
~~~New Orleans, LA~~~
We arrived and put our things in a moderately priced hotel. I felt comfortable again. I changed into jeans and a tank top, and we went out exploring. I held to Remy?s hand as much as I could for fear of getting lost. But he seemed to know where he was going.
We had dinner at a nice quiet restaurant. I chose to wear the black dress I?d been forced to buy, but I was grateful that Sam had packed it. I made a mental note to thank her.
?What?s your idea of a perfect date?? he asked. I was confuzzled for a minute, but then shrugged it off.
?Probably just a walk on the beach, a nice dinner, nothing extreme.?
?You sound like the everyday girl,? he said accusingly.
?Sorry,? I said, ?but I?m a very subtle person.?
He stood up. ?I want to tell you why we?re here, but we can?t take about it in here.?
I stood up and followed him outside. ?What?s wrong??
?I really didn?t have anything important down here,? he admitted. ?Truth be told, Pyro urged me into making this trip just to be with you.?
?And was I supposed to mind?? I toyed with the lapel of his trench coat, wishing I?d brought my own.
?I didn?t think you would after last night.?
I kissed his cheek. ?Remind me to tell Pyro that my power is his worst nightmare.?
He enfolded me in his arms. ?Easy enough, chere.?
?I?ve waited a long time to hear you call me that.? He brought his head down and our lips met again.
Back at the hotel, I collapsed on my bed and closed my eyes. The night hadn?t seemed real. It was more like a dream, or something. Scenes flashed in my mind.
?You alright?? Remy asked.
?Yeah. Just tired. And I need more practice with my powers. I guess I?m so used to the Zodiac?s training schedule I?m having trouble adjusting out here,? I told him, rolling over on my stomach.
?Well, this is just day one. Tomorrow we?re heading down to where the Thieves? Guild dwells.?
?Okay, I?ll bring a knife.?
~~~Back in Ireland, no one?s POV~~~
Samantha walked down the hall where the bedrooms were. She stopped when she came to Jess?s room. Without even bothering to knock, she went in.
?You could at least knock!? Jess said while taking off her headphones.
?Say something original at least and. . .why is your make-up still here??
?What? You actually thought that I?d lend her my stuff??
?Yeah, actually.?
?What are you? New? I just said that to be nice.?
?Well, she knows what to do for make-up.?
?Let me guess. Casual, semi-casual, and or fancy.?
~~~New Orleans, LA, Calley?s POV~~~
The next day was rather strange. When I woke up, Remy was dressed in jeans, form fitted black T-shirt, and of course trench coat. I hurried into the bathroom, changed into a black single shouldered top, my jeans and then a leather jacket. As an after thought, I put my knife into my motorcycle boot.
?Sorry about being late,? I said breathlessly. He took wound his arms around my waist and kissed me gently.
?Don?t worry about it, but we might be late getting back,? he said quietly.
?Thieves? Guild?? I asked uncertainly.
?Yeah. Hold tight to my arm until we?re back in the ghetto where they hang out.?
?No problem. By the time we get, you won?t be able to feel your fingers,? I said, shuddering.
He led me away from the hotel to a noticeably worse part of town. I squeezed his hand to relieve my nervousness. I don?t think it helped much, but it felt like a protection I myself never knew before.
My heart plummeted when I saw a blonde staring at us through an open door. ?Remy, I?m getting scared.?
?Don?t worry. That?s Belle.?
?I don?t give a damn who she is!? I hissed.
?Shh!? he said. ?Bonjour, Belle. Long time, no see.?
?It?s been too long, Remy,? she said silkily. I shuddered.
?I?m with the Acolytes now,? he said sharply. ?I?m not one of the Thieves? Guild anymore.?
?I can see that!?
I snapped. I stepped toward her and raised my tail. ?Scram *****!? I said dangerously.
?I see you got another girlfriend, LeBeau. This one?s feisty, just like you like them.?
?I said scram *****!? I raised my tail higher over my head.
?Calley, don?t! She could cut off your tail. Believe me. I know.?
~~~Ireland with the Zodiac~~~
Natalie sat in the main room of the Plernican Estate. She looked up from her book and looked over at Carlie.
?Do you think we should have reminded Calley to not lose her temper??
?You mean no one did?? all of them asked at the same time.
?OH NO!!?
?Wait!? Carlie commanded. They all stopped screaming and turned to stare at her.
?Why don?t we call her on her cell and remind her??
More silence.
?I got a better idea!? said Jess,? Lets go to New Orleans and remind her ourselves!?
?Forget Carlie?s reasonable idea, lets go with Jess?s stupid one!? exclaimed a clearly bored Natalie.
~~~Calley?s POV, New Orleans~~~
?No, LeBeau,? Belle said, ?let the child speak.?
~~~Ireland, front lawn of Plernican Estate~~~
?Hello? Yes, it?s us again! . . .no way! Congratulations on the baby! . . .No, it?s not in Europe this time. We?re heading to the US. . .New Orleans. . .really? Thanks Tanya! You?re the best!? Samantha said over her cell.
~~~New Orleans~~~
?Calley, no!? Remy shouted.
I didn?t listen. I stabbed Belle with my tail, shrank it, and whipped my knife out of my boot.
?Calley!? Remy grabbed my wrist. ?She?s not worth it. Everyone in the Guild is this way.?
I lowered my arm. ?What?s happening to me?? I asked in a scared little voice. I dropped to my knees.
?I?m not sure.? He picked me up as I started crying.
?I?ve gotta hand it to ya, Remy,? Belle said, massaging the place where my tail had hit, ?she?s cute. When do you think you?ll dump here??
?Shut up! You?ll never know true love, Belle. Never.? He carried me away from the ghetto, kissing my forehead at varying intervals, until my tears stopped.
~~~Ireland, Kingsbridge Airport~~~
?Do you think we should bring Nadia?? asked Samantha.
?Nah, she doesn?t like leaving her ?lair??, replied Natalie.
?When was the last time she left it anyway?? asked Carlie.
?Ya know, I don?t think she has since she went in?, said Samantha.
?That?s sad?, said Jess.
~~~New Orleans~~~
?I can?t explain what happened,? I moaned back in the hotel room. ?It?s like some other person took over!? I hung my head.
?Don?t worry about it,? Remy said, sitting on his knees in front of me. ?Belle has a police record. Even if she reports you, no one will believe her.? He stroked my arm.
?Rem, how did you know she could cut off my tail?? I asked suddenly.
?When did I say that??
?You said, ?She can cut off your tail. Believe me. I know.?? I took both his hands.
He looked away. ?I dated her once, even betrothed to her. But I never loved her,? he added hastily.
He freed one hand and unbuttoned his shirt, exposing a scar over his heart. My eyes grew wide.
?What did that ***** do to you?? I asked, slipping off the bed and onto my knees.
?Knife to the heart. I don?t remember much about it.?
I lightly traced a finger over the scar. ?My poor Remy,? I crooned.
~~~Ireland, airport café~~~
?Sam, didn?t you tell Cal not to get too frisky?? asked a panicked Carlie.
?Don?t be so scared.?
?So you did??
Natalie calmly set her drink down and said,? Damn it.?
~~~New Orleans Hotel~~~
Remy took my hand gently. ?I felt the blade brush my heart.?
?My poor Remy,? I crooned again.
?When I first met the Zodiac, I thought they were easy opponents. Then, months later, I saw you.?
?And you knew it would be the hardest thing you would ever have to do to fight me?? I said knowingly. ?I know. I felt the same.? I suddenly looked away.
His hand felt warm on my cheek. ?Don?t cry anymore, mon ami. I can?t stand it.?
The fingers of my other hand rested on the scar. ?Were you-? Did she-??
?I was in the hospital a few hours. She was jailed for a few years.?
?Thank God!!? I said a mental prayer of thanks to the Lord.
~~~Ireland, boarding the airplane~~~
?Did she remember her Bible?? asked Carlie.
?You?re kidding, right?? asked Jess.
?Of course she isn?t. This is Carlie?, said Natalie.
?Natalie, that?s been said so many times it?s not funny?, Jess said while hitting her on the head with a pillow.
~~~Orleans Hotel, Later that night~~~
I lay awake long after Remy?s breathing evened out. I kept seeing a flying blade sinking into his flesh.
I woke up, panting, at 2:23 am. The light clicked on nearby.
?Are you okay, Calley??
?J-j-just a nightmare. Don?t worry about me,? I said, begging. He swung his legs over the side of his bed, shifted to mine, and sat next to me.
?It must have been some nightmare. You were screaming in your sleep.? He put his arm around my shoulders.
?Was I?? I looked up at his face.
Those red-on-black eyes were soft, loving, concerned. ?Yes. It made me think you were being tortured. Tell me about it.?
?It- it was Belle holding a knife over me. I kept writhing and straining, but she kept cutting. . . I?m sorry! I bet I woke you up!? I blushed.
?No, Cal. Actually, I kept thinking about that cut too.? He leaned back on his elbows. ?It was a bad idea to be with her.?
I shook my head and lay back against his chest, careful to avoid that awful scar.
?Go back to sleep. I shouldn?t have taken you down there. This is my fault.?
?Don?t say that!? I sat up. ?It?s not your fault.?
He lifted his head off his arms. ?If it?s not mine, then whose is it??
?Just drop it. It?s giving me chills. Tomorrow, we just avoid the place.? I grabbed my book from the side table.
?Alright.? He pulled himself up, lightly touched his lips to mine, and got back into his bed. ?Good night, Calley.?
?Good night, Remy,? I whispered. I opened my book and began to read.
~~~Somewhere over the Atlantic~~~
All of the girls were in the back of the plane. Carlie and Natalie were listening to music and switching CDs. Samantha was looking at the ocean, making it shoot up and getting interesting reactions from the passengers and animals. Jess was sleeping.
She woke up and looked around. For once, everything seemed peaceful.
?This sucks. I wonder if I?ll get a reaction out of anyone if I do this.?
Jess picked up the pillow that most airplanes have and threw it at a random person.
~~~New Orleans~~~
I set my book down at about 4:00, and was asleep nearly as soon as my head touched the pillow. My mind was blank all night, at least until the sunlight pieced my eyelids.
I groaned and opened my eyes. Sun poured through the window, and Remy, oddly enough, was still asleep. I smiled, slipped out of bed, kissed his forehead, and went to change into a gray T-shirt and black shorts.
I was sitting on the balcony, reading again, when Remy, wearing only his shorts, walked out behind me.
?Good morning, Remy,? I said calmly.
?Good morning,? he replied. I turned around and smiled.
?Where to today?? I asked softly.
?I was thinking just a walk around town,? he said, sitting down next to me. ?I don?t want to put you through something like yesterday.?
?I?ll be on my best behavior.?
?I know you will. I?m more concerned about someone finding out we?re mutants.?
?True. Very true.?
I stood up and kissed him. He always seemed to care about me.
?Go get dressed,? I told him. He patted my shoulder and went in.
I leaned on the railing, soaking up the sun. My hair fell over my shoulder and trailed over my arm to my wrist. Strange visions played in my mind. They were mostly flashes of the dance, but some didn?t have any meaning at all! I shook them off, but felt suddenly cold.
Remy returned in jeans, a blue shirt, and, of course, his Gambit boots. His trench coat lay on my chair, where I?d left it. He rested his hands on the railing on either side of me. His chin rested on my head.
?You?re pretty quiet today. Is everything okay?? he asked.
?Awhile ago, you asked me if I believed in fate. I?m wondering if,? I paused, ?if one is meant to die from another?s hand as well as fall in love.? I turned around and flung my arms around his waist.
Slightly taken aback, he hugged me too. ?I very highly fate has anything to so with that,? he said gently.
?I hope your right, Rem. I hope your right.?
I hated the thought of seeing Belle again. Even Remy?s reassuring words couldn?t take away the shivers her name brought to my body. The Zodiac could drive me crazy with the taunting about being in love with an Acolyte, but I couldn?t handle humans. Homo sapiens, Ha! Should have been Homo idiotism! I smiled at the thought. It ebbed the fear away. I just had to remember that humans could be complete idiots. Then again, so could mutants.
?Ready to go, Cal?? he asked.
?I guess.? I tried to stand up straight, but he was still standing over me, and I ended hitting my head on his rib cage.
?Sorry,? he said, sidestepping me.
I draped my arms over his shoulder, and I kissed him. He responded with lips as eager as mine. His arms enclosed my waist as the wind picked up. I felt small leaves pelting my bare back, but I continued to ignore them. My hair was whirling around me like a whirlpool, hitting our faces and lashing our arms.
Then the wind quieted, and I backed my head up. We stood there for a few minutes more, and then went inside. I threw on my jacket again, and we left.
On the way around town, I saw a few stray cats. They were so thin I could count their ribs! I clutched at Remy?s hand and squeezed.
?Please hurry!? I moaned. ?It?s reminding me of my cat!?
?Don?t worry, chere. I?m sure your friends are taking care of him.?
I hugged his arm to my breast and whimpered, ?I still miss my Mini Sabie.?
He laughed. ?I?m sure Sabertooth would like to know there?s a cat named after him.?
I whined, ?I?m being serious!?
He winced. ?Don?t do that!?
I laughed. ?Okay.? I threw my arms around him and hugged tight. I couldn?t think of a better boyfriend.
He held me tightly and kissed my neck.
?Easy, lover boy,? I joked. ?Don?t get too frisky!?
?Why not?? he asked.
?Hmm. . . The Zodiac wants me to remain virgin for a while longer.?
?Oh, well. Then I guess this is out of the question.? With that, he seized me around the waist, whirled me through the air a little, and then brought me down and kissed me hard.
When he?d freed my lips, I replied, ?No, actually. That?s allowed.?
He snapped his fingers, and we laughed.
A dark figure rushed passed us, pushing us back.
?CRACKHEAD!? I screamed at the shrinking back.
?Don?t bother, cherie. They can?t hear you.?
He led me to a bookstore and showed me the Mangas. I was overjoyed to find my favorite series, MARS. I picked up Vol. 3 & 4 and went to buy them.
?$20.98,? said the shopkeeper.
I lay $12 on the counter. ?Only one then.?
Remy took my ten and lay down a twenty. ?Give her both.?
I looked up at him, and he down at me. Smiling, I took the bag and hugged him.
He smiled at me and led me outside. Through the alleys, down various roads, winding across rickety bridges, we hurried out to the bayous.
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Over all bub I'd say that the story is very decent and creative. The only flaws I saw were the way all the words were packed together with no single or double spaces. If you spaced out the paragraphs and the sections it would be smoother to read. A few spelling errors here and there but no one is perfect.

Still I'd give this a 9 out of 10 by 10 being the highest.
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[QUOTE=Burori]Over all bub I'd say that the story is very decent and creative. The only flaws I saw were the way all the words were packed together with no single or double spaces. If you spaced out the paragraphs and the sections it would be smoother to read. A few spelling errors here and there but no one is perfect.

Still I'd give this a 9 out of 10 by 10 being the highest.[/QUOTE]
Gee, thanks. :ball: :ball: :tasty: :tasty:
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