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Writing Dark Poetry - The Shallow and Vapid DARE not enter. [PG-13 -- V]

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Hehe. Well, I've got quite an intresting reputation for my poetry, especially with my dark stuff. I thought I'd post something here to find out what you guys think and I want anyone else out there with something dark to share to put it on here. So, here goes my peice.

It's all red.

I hide my wrists, my face in shame.
Because I know I have no one else to blame.
These scars, they didn't get here by chance.
They came by the work of my blade, my dangerous dance.
I cut them, and I was happy when they bled.
I was delighted to see that color red.
My sleeves became drenched in a crimson tone,
Blood dripped from my elbows to the stone.
The floor was dyed with the color of flames
in the shape of a J, seemingly for James.
I left my deep red stain on that rock in disdain.
I knew that I'd never have to return there again.
But now, that feeling is gone, yet so is the pain.
The scar and knowledge of my sinful act are all that remain.
And now I'm often defensive and I raise my fists
When people ask me why there is red on my wrists.

not my best, but i felt it was good and short enough to get you intrested. if you want more, go to the link in my siggy :D

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