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  1. Hahaha, wow. This is ooollldddd!, anyone around that still remembers this?? I found it when I was going through google to see how many results that came back for "Jamvis" were mine. Gah that was a hilarious time. My typing and manners were horrid back then though lol. Wonder if anyone would like to try a little Kirby battle again? It's been 4 years so I'm more than likely rusty lol, but hey, why not? Or is it against the rules now? O.o;
  2. Oh man, FMA is SO addictive man x.x I literally live just for saturdays now. problem is it's how long? 45 eppies? or is it 50 something? I can't remember. But if they're only airing one eppy per week, it'll take a WHOLE year. even though they show the same eppy four times in a week, it's like... if you still manage to miss that one episode, you're SCREWED for the rest of the year lol! but anyone else here wanna get on the [AS] forums and try to talk them into making it a nightly thing? oh yeah and rock on, they brought Trigun back! ---Jamvis
  3. Fullmetal Alchemist is indeed one of my favorite animes. Sure all those other anime's are great and provide alot of fantasy, FMA seems to be more well founded. It seems that things in this particular series seem to actually be possible. Alchemy just seems like a speeded up process of natural science through it's laws of equivilant exchange and other things. I'm glad someone brought attention to this anime, but anyway, I wish it were possible to figure out a way to use alchemy in everyday life. I probably would be a good alchemist except for ONE little thing... I'm a horrible artist lol, I woul
  4. Okay, yes i've played it and all. here's something nice. Good news: DDR Extreme came out in america september 21st! the bad news: Like alot of good Japanese culture games, they've horribly and i mean HORRIBLY americanized it. they've removed a number of the japenese pop songs and others they've made it so that you have to unlock them [complete 200 songs and you'll get all of them v.v] the songlist you start with is: .59 dj TAKA A Stupid Barber Sho-T Bad Routine D.J. Spugna -Believe Eddie.J BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE Jerry Diving 4 Strings DO ME (H.I.G.E.O Mix) MUSTACHE MEN -DON'
  5. [QUOTE=Harry]Hahahahah show me a work place that you can dress however you want and not tuck in your shirt please. I mean a real work place too, not some hippy new age one. High school really does prepare you for real life. The complete lack of common sense amongst bosses. The lazy people getting ahead because they are friends with the boss. It's all the same.[/QUOTE] That's not what I was thinking of. Hell, I'll fuggin wear a uniform for a job, at least I'm getting PAID for that. A dress code in a High School... well first of all I'd think that you should be mature enough by then to
  6. I too think it's one of the most idiotic things ever done. They say that HS is to prepare you for real life, yet they don't treat you like it's real life. In real life you can wear whatever kinda **** you want to wear and whatnot so let it be. that is unless it's like half nude stuff you see at the beach, then that CAN be a bit distracting and such, but as far as sensorship, it's stupid. and WHAT THE HELL is with tucking in your shirt? I'll tuck in my shirt when yu can show me a person that has ben somehow horribly mangled as a result of not having their shirt tucked in. ~Jammy
  7. [COLOR=SlateGray]I know they aren't exactly on the same level, but in the battle of the bands, who would win? I love them too much equally and I just bought Start Something by LostProphets, hoping to get Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard sometime soon, but I really like their music. So... Vote, then tell me why.[/COLOR]
  8. Hehe. Well, I've got quite an intresting reputation for my poetry, especially with my dark stuff. I thought I'd post something here to find out what you guys think and I want anyone else out there with something dark to share to put it on here. So, here goes my peice. It's all red. I hide my wrists, my face in shame. Because I know I have no one else to blame. These scars, they didn't get here by chance. They came by the work of my blade, my dangerous dance. I cut them, and I was happy when they bled. I was delighted to see that color red. My sleeves became drenched in a
  9. Hey, Any other DDR Players out there??? Well if there are, I'd like to inform you that the wonderful version that's in most of the arcades, yes, DDR EXTREME, is coming to a store near you on the 21st this month! Fortunate people like me can get it for only 39.99! :D I just looked it up on the internet and some store was charging 60! that's insane. but anyway, I was wondering how many DDR players we had on these boards... so just drop a reply ;)
  10. Hi, I know it's been a while since I've posted. I have an assignment in World Geography that I need to find a penpal in North or South America that wasn't in the U.S... If you didn't know, those PenPal / ePal Websites are confusing and sometimes even cost money to use. I figured that the simplest thing to do was to turn to the online community that i have been a part of for about 3 years for help. If you would like to be my pen pal, would you please send me a message? If there is anything I can do in return, I would be glad to do. [Remeber: This is just a school assig
  11. As would I.... *incites riot* now... you WILL continue or... *puts torch closer to you menacingly* you will be tortured by fire... ~ Love teh fire..... PYROMANIA!
  12. Dude! Those are friggin awesome! i love that!
  13. Thought I'd make a thread for all people who love fire and the darkness. Have a flamey poem or dark poem? Post it here, feedback, of course, is welcome... unless I have the sudden urge to burn it... [points to strange avatar] This is one I just wrote: Pyromaniac Seething rage and burning fire. Twisted gaze and raging glance. With your eyes, the flame admire. Flickering flame of hells dance. Flaming vision, glaring rage Burning anger deep within Keep it in your soulless cage. End the world as it spins. Hit the gas, higher flame! As the world completes its t
  14. Hmph, this is silly but I think it would be love. Love is the most misconveyed emotion of them all. You can appear to love someone when you actually resent them. I mean passionate love, not relative love. Its all fake and misconstrued.
  15. Tip: Adult reasoning is pointless and foul, I can carry an entire aresenal of weapons in my pocket if I wanted to, but I dont so they should just let what happens happen. Someone stabbed someone else at a highschool last year. I now attend that High School. We must pay for his mistakes by wearing name tags and if we dont, we get a day of ISS. However, we curse out a teacher to the brink of tears and we get a simple repremandation and sent out of the office. Nothing else. Tell me, is THAT justice? I think not. ~ James.... Against the authority since birth.
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