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  1. Anime

    Girl: "I didn't mean it! Water doesn't suck, gatorade does! GO H2O!"
  2. RPG

    The conference room was once again filled, well not really filled, but you get the drift, with the few remaining reporters. Bandit entered in the same clothes she had worn at the last one, her hair amess. All the reporters shrieked in fear and one passed out for the small mass of horror that came their way. Bandit made her way to the podium, dragging behind her a chair on which to stand. Once she reached the podium, which took her an entire paragraph to do, the horrified reporters had, indeed, gone to sleep. Bandit: WAKE UP! *makes odd shrilly noises into the mic* Reporters: *shoot up from their chairs, grtting their teeth and holding their ears* Bandit: That's better... *clears throat* I, the great Bandit, have a member in my cabinet. Kitty, not to be confused with one of my oppenent's, Kittychannan,, shall be vice-president if I win! Reporter #1: But this isn't a real- Bandit: I KNOW THAT! *throws a dictionairy at #1, because they were on sale and rubber chickens had been outlawed by the time this was typed as a result of the last conference she was in* Reporter #1: *is hit with the dictionairy, which successyfully snaps his neck* Bandit: See, kids, knowledge CAN kill you if thrown at a high velocity at your frail body! Tell your parents! Reporter #1: I'm not dead yet! Bandit: ...Knowledge can MORTALLY WOUND you! Reporter #1: I'm getting better! At this point, the irritated Bandit snapped her fingers and a ninja fell from the roof and slayed Reporter #1. Bandit: Knowledge can INJURE you and make it seem like you're getting better and then you DIE! Tell your parents! Anyone else got any smart-alecky remarks? Silenced prevailed in the conference room several minutes. Bandit: Good! Now, here is a actual document of how Kitty became my Vice President- *pulls down a Bed sheet from the ceiling and a projector from nowhere in particular and turns it on revealing a picture of two penguins fighting over a tic-tac* ...Wrong picture. *takes the forementioned picture off and puts the actual PM between herself and Kitty* It reads: |Originally Posted by Kitty| Dear Miss Lady Running for President... Girl...., It has come to my attention that you need a Vice President and I would like to have that job. *tries to grab it* Well, yeah. I hope that of all those who've applied, *cough*nobody*cough*, I hope you choose me. Unless... of course... you aren't interested in a bossy nobody doing all your work for you. Of course, you'd have to read your speeches... but I think that's it.... Yeah.... Anyway... I wasn't quite sure what "qualifications" are being requested as current. But to let you know I haven't been banned in the almost-year I've been here. For someone like me, I can tell you, that's very impressive to most people. Now, can I have a cookie? ~Kitty P.S. No, seriously. You offered those cookies, and I was wondering if they were just for reporters. Well? *wants a cookie* |Originally Posted by Bandit Joeykuba| Dear Miss Lady Applying to be my Vice President... Dude..., It has come to my attention that I need a Vice President and you would like that job. *dangles the job in front of you* Ha! In reviewing all of my applications for this position *cough*onlyyou*cough*, I feel compelled to choose you. Unless... of course... I decided to kill you for not reading my speeches for me... but I think that's it... Yeah... Anyway... I didn't request any "qaulifications" for my future cabinet-mates as current. But to let you know, you haven't been banned in the almost-year you've been here. And for someone like you, you little drugdealer (didn't think I'd find out, did you?), that's pretty impressive to many of us, because drugdealers normally get banned for spamming. Enclosed in this PM is a cookie. A stale oreo to be precise. Welcome to vice-presidency, Kitty. Try not to scratch to furniture. ~Bandit Bandit: And that's the whole shindig. Now get out of my sight! The reporters gladly fled from the scene. Bandit: *takes a deep breath* America shall be safe in my capable hands, it shall, it shall...
  3. RPG

    The conference room was once more filled with a few irritated reporters. There were only a few because only few survived Deathbug's and Kittychanann's conferences. Some died of boredom, some by Kittychanann's amazing T-box, some more by the 'Bug's trap doors, some choked on cookies (whether they were oreo's or chocolate chip), one died after seeing the other's died, two were slain by mysterious horsemen, and one was sucked into a blackhole. Don't ask how it happened, it just did. They were irritated because they had to attend yet another conference. Anyways, Bandit Joeykuba entered the scene in black jeans, a black teeshirt, and a black bucket hat. Ooo, and a flashy pin that read 'I ish not a boy!'. She walked behind the podium and instantly dissapeared. She coughed and somebody ran up with a chair for her to stand on. Bandit Joeykuba: Thank you. A banner behind her read: 'Deathbug for President', only 'Deathbug' was marked out in black permenant marker and above it was crudely written 'Bandit Joeykuba'. So, in actuallity, it read: 'Bandit Joeykuba for President'. Only to everyone who could not read the great Bandit's hand writing, it read: 'Bqndlx Taottvbq'. Bandit Joeykuba: I guess y'all know why you're here today? Crickets chirp. Bandit Joeykuba: :o I'm running for president. The reporters all 'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh' at once. Bandit Joeykuba: I'm Bandit Joeykuba- Reporter #1 who used to be #8 until recently: So that's what it says! Bandit Joeykuba: *throws a rubber chicken at Reporter #1 who gives her a strange look* But y'all can call me Bandit, cause it's a lot shorter and I don't feel like typing 'Bandit Joeykuba' over and over again. Now, do y'all have any questions for me? Reporter #2 who used to be... *recieves glares from readers* aw, never mind: Isn't Bandit Joeykuba a guy name? Bandit: ... EAT CHICKEN! *throws millions of rubber chickens at Reporter #2, successfully burying him* Reporter #2: *dies of suffacation* Bandit: Anymore questions? Reporter #3: What's the name of your party? Bandit: Hmm... Deathbug and Kittychanann named their parties after themselves so my party's name will be... The Redundant Party of Redundancy Party. *recieves odd looks* Kidding. It shall be called: That Other Party. Reporter #3: Why? Bandit: *shrugs* I felt like it? Reporter #4: *raises hand* Bandit: Yes, you, with the face. Reporter #4: Isn't Deathbug your OB husband? Bandit: Yes. Reporter #4: Don't you think it's a bit unethical to run against him? Bandit: ... Reporter #4: ... Bandit: Well, the way I figure it, if both of us run, there's a better chance one of us will win and get to live in the White House. Reporter #1: You do realize this isn't a real election, right? Bandit:... :shifty: Ummm... Of course I do. :sweat: Reporter #3: What would you do if you won? Bandit: This isn't a real election, what does it matter? Reporter #3: If you won, AND this were a real election, what would you do? Bandit: *shrugs* Whatever Deathbug would do, I guess. Oh, and paint the White House in a rainbow of colors so it can't be considered racist or like it is now. Reporter #1: Is that all? Bandit: Oh, oh, and make an anime station available to evryone, not just a privilaged few! Reporter #4: Don't you care about any important issues? Bandit: But... Anime is important! Reporter #4: No it's not. Bandit: *throws a Rubber chicken at Reporter #4* Quiet you. Reporter #1: Do you have any snacks for us? Bandit: Of course! Stale oreos left over from Deathbug's conference and sour milk from Kittychanann's. Reporters: *gag and one throws-up* Bandit: Oh stop your complaining and remember to vote Bandit Joeykuba for president. Or Deathbug. It doesn't bother me unless you vote for Kittychanann. Then I'll have to kill you. Or have someone kill you for me. Or get someone to have someone kill you. ---------------------------------------------------- [SIZE=4]Rember to vote for Bandit Joeykuba for president 2004. Or Deathbug, he's cool too.[/SIZE]
  4. Anime

    Many of my favorite qoutes come from Digimon. Why? They're so cheesy that you have to laugh. For example: "Can you order pizza with it?" -Mimi "Now the lines are clear and only 10 cents a minute!" -Gennai "It's not the Easter chicken?" -Sora "Now before I cancel you like a bad sitcom . . ." -Etemon "Wonderful news, my friends. I may have found a way to defeat him once and for all. Although this looks like a graham cracker . . . it's actually an ancient text which I've translated. The sky will be darkened by the wings of many bats, the fallen people will evoke the name of the undead Digimon king and when the clock strikes the hour of the beast, the undead king will reveal himself in his true form as the beast. Then the angels will shoot arrows of hope and light at the loved ones of those they have been sent to protect and a miracle will happen . . . Please always recycle." -Gennai "The King of Undead! He's the "Un" and you're the "Dead!"-Demidevimon "You man, didn't anyone ever tell you you should listen to your alders? Or was it redwoods you should listen to? I could never quite get the two straight." -Cherrymon "Once upon a time there were these Digidestined. And then Piedmon destroyed them all. The end." -Piedmon "You got to quit comparing yourself to Tai. You're not like him. It's like ice cream. He's Vanilla, and you're Rocky Road." -Gabumon Tentomon: "Oh, I know what he's famous for -- Marco!" Agumon: "Polo!" Tentomon: "Marco!" Palmon: "Polo!" Tentomon: "Marco!" Gatomon: "Polo!" "Can we slide on this floor with our socks?" -Neemon Being the cheeziest digimon in digimon history, Apocalymon gets his own section: "I AM THE ULTIMATE EVIL, complete with hot and cold running water!" "Answer [riddle?] me this: WHY DO ALL OF YOU GET THE PIZZA WHILE I GET THE CRUST?" "Always save your receipts! The warranty was probably still good on those things!" "A ha ha ha ha ha! A ha ha ha – waitaminute, what am I laughing at? I'm suppose to be depressed!" "Don't be afraid to hurt my feelings. THEY'RE ALREADY HURT!! HA HA HA!!" (Digimon qoutes provided by the Digimon Cheezatorium) But, my favorite qoute of all time (anime-wise, at least) was uttered by Yu Yu Hakusho's own Rando, the unappreciated villain: "You have caused me pain. I... do not like that." That qoute has been stuck in my head for SO long and I've actually used it a few times. I'll leave you with a pretty funny DBZ qoute: Goku: They're... cake! Vegeta: Toast, Kakarot. They're toat! Goku: No! They're really cake!
  5. Art

    I decided to take a stab at a set of Fruits Basket ones. ^^ [img][/img] [b]Category:[/b] Fruits Basket [b]Title:[/b] Arisa and Kyo [img][/img] [b]Category:[/b] Fruits Basket [b]Title:[/b] Group [img][/img] [b]Category: Fruits Basket[/b] [b]Title: Kyo[/b] [img][/img] [b]Category: Fruits Basket[/b] [b]Title: Yuki[/b] [img][/img] [b]Category: Fruits Basket[/b] [b]Title: Angry Kyo[/b] [img][/img] [b]Category: Fruits Basket[/b] [b]Title: Arisa[/b] [img][/img] [b]Category: Fruits Basket[/b] [b]Title: Sad Yuki[/b] [img][/img] [b]Category: Fruits Basket[/b] [b]Title: Shigure as the Dog[/b] [img][/img] [b]Category:Fruits Basket[/b] [b]Title: Tohru[/b] [img][/img] [b]Category:Fruits Basket[/b] [b]Title: Tohru with flowers[/b] [img][/img] [b]Category: Fruits Basket[/b] [b]Title: Yuki[/b] [img][/img] [b]Category: Fruits Basket[/b] [b]Title: Yuki as the Rat[/b] [img][/img] [b]Category: Fruits Basket[/b] [b]Title: Yuki, Tohru, and Kyo[/b]
  6. Anime

    7 Colored Fish has a yellow and green tail, then (from tail to head) red, purple, purpleish-blue,light blue, and green. That makes 6 colors, unless you count it's off-white tusks/teeth, which totals it to seven. It's description is: [i]A rare rainbow fish that has never been caught by a mortal man.[/i]
  7. RPG

    Falling to his knees, Yugi was near tears. All this pain and chaos... it was because of him. Like always, he was the cause of the pain of his friends. "No... Not again..." "Aw, look, little Yugi is about to cry." Yami Akuryou floated effortlessly above the warzone, watching the mayhem and enjoying it. "Yugi..." Joey reached a clawed hand out to his friend. "We're gonna help ya..." Much to the blonde's, and everyone's pretty much, surprise, Yugi smacked the hand away. "Leave me alone! I'll take care of myself!" The little Dark Magician stood, glaring at Seth and Lord of Dragons. "You won't get away with this..."
  8. Anime

    Is it the fact that it has a biblical reference? Or that it didn't appear as Noah's deckmaster until a little bit after the duel began...?
  9. Writing

    Author's Note: I was experiencing writer's block, but it's starting to clear up.... and I hate making you guys wait, so this is part one of part two... Yay... Title: The Lost "episodes" of Yu-Gi-OH: Price Check for a Duel Part One of PArt Two, aka Bossy Foes and Hikaris Rating: PG, I'm trying my best to keep it clean. Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. Period. But I do own the idea to this story. ^^ And I own Eric and the 'Scare-Away Diet Program'. ^^ Yay me! Other Stuff: -Text- Switching Scenes ------------------------- "Let's begin this duel, pharoah!" Eric chuckled. "Right!" Yami reached for his deck. And came up empty handed. "As soon as I find my deck!" Yugi and Eric sweatdropped and fell over, anime style! "Yaaaaaaaaaaaa-miiiiiiiiiii!" Yugi screeched, "Think of the iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccceeeeeeeeeeeccccccccccrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmm!" "You're right, Yugi! So... help me find the deck!" Yami demanded. Yugi sighed and pointed at the card puch attached to his/their belt. Pharoah opened the pouch and stared at the cards, "Oh. Yes. Thank you, aibou. You come in handy." Yugi sighed and Eric had become quite irritated. Clenching his teeth, he growled out, "Let's... start... this... duel...!" "I'll start when I'm good and ready, Marik!" The pharoah stuck out his tounge. "Ya... mi..." Yugi growled. Yami tuned around to face a very angry Yugi/ Flames seemed to appear behind the small one as he clenched a fist. "DUEL! NOW!" "But... Yugi..." Yami whimpered. "I said NOW! Or I'll send you to the Shadow Realm MYSELF!" "Eeeek!" Yami gulped and nodded. He shoved his deck into the duel disk. The duel disk lit up, flashing 4000 in white. Both duelists drew their intinial five cards. "Let's get it on! Your move, Marik!" Eric nodded and drew a card, "Eeeheehee! You will lose, pharoah!" "That's what you [b]always[/b] say, Marik. And you're always [b]wrong.[/b]" -Quickly! To the Marik-cave!- "That's what you think, [i]Yami[/i]!" Marik chuckled. "I made it my New Year's resolution to crush you!" "Um, Master Marik, you didn't make... any resolutions this year." Odion spoke up. Marik glared. Odion shrank back several inches and instantly lost twenty pounds, all thanks to the new Scar-Away Diet Program. Cheesy music played in the background as Marik stepped forward, now in a doctor's coat and scrubs. "That's right. Now, even you, you foolish, obese, hog, can lose twenty pounds or more with my Scare-Away diet. I'm Marik Ishtar, and I'm not a doctor, but I'm making myself look like one so you fools will waste your money on my product. My program is just a video of me glaring and yelling boom-threats that are guarunteed to help you lose weight. Let's see one of my 'statisfied customers'." Strings stepped forward from the background, "" He flashed a picture of himself as 'obese', which was terribly obvious that Strings just had had his shirt crammed full of pillows and his cheeks full of marshmellows. "'Scare...Away'..." "Thank-you, Strings." Marik patted the mind slave on the shoulder. "'normal'..." "You're welcome, Strings." "I... want...rare...card..." The mind slave held out his hand. "Later, Strings!" Before the puppet could do anything else, Marik bashed him over the head with the Millenium Rod and shoved him off screen. He cleared his throat and started again, "And, not only is my plan effective, it's cheap too. Only sixteen easy payments of $19.57 and the 'Scare-Away' tape is yours! Call now and you'll get... NOTHING! So just call 1-800-SCRE-AWY right now!" Odion ended the infomercial by quickly stating,"'Scare-Away' is not recommened for pregnant women, people with heart problems, old folks, or obese leprchauns from eat New Jersey. This program may induce frequent nightmares and leave you crying like a baby for your mother! When undrgoing the 'Scare-Away' program, be sure to keep an extra pair of pants around..." -Wait a second! That can't be right! Let's try that again, shall we?-"That's what you think, [i]Yami[/i]!" Marik chuckled. "I made it my New Year's resolution to crush you!" "Um, Master Marik, you didn't make... any resolutions this year." Odion spoke up. Marik glared. He whipped a pen and paper out of nowhere and furiously scribbled something down. He held up the paper, which now curdly stated: 'I will beat pharoah.' "I did too! See!" "But... you just wrote that!" "I. did. NOT!" The blonde screamed. "eep! O-of course not, Master Marik..." [i]To be continued...[/i]
  10. RPG

    Yugi whimpered and thought miserably to himself, [i]I knew I shouldn't have ignored him...[/i] [i]"Prehaps I should take over, Yugi. This could prove to be quite dangerous."[/i] Yami looked at his other half with concern. [i]"Not yet, Yami. When it becomes to dangerous... then you can take over."[/i] Yugi replied. Yami sighed and worriedly floated to a nearby spot and plopped down on a cushon of shadows. Dark Magician Yugi pointed his staff at Seth, "Surely you must know that I'm the Dark Magican!" Seth scoffed, "Big deal." "Annnnnd... I have all his powers!" He twirled the staff around as a demonstraion. Or, he tried to at least. He ended up hitting himself in the head with it. "Owwwwww..." Seth sweat-dropped, then smirked, chuckling to himself, [i]This kid will be easier to beat than I thought![/i]
  11. Two of my favorite shirts don't even belong to me. They're my step-dad's. One is a plain white shirt that has Patient # 79362134(I couldn't remember the number, so I made one up). ^^ The other is a Farside shirt. It has a cow grilling hamburgers and a group of cows are standing behing it. One of them is saying: "Your sick. Your just sick, sick, sick." and near the bottom it has a cow taking a bite out of the burger saying: "Tastes like chicken." My favorite shirt that I own would be one I made myself. It's a white shirt and written on it in black, permenant marker, on the front is the classic: 'I have issues...' On the back, it says: '...Of Shonen Jump!' Shameless advertising rules.
  12. RPG

    "You should be able to find Yugi here." Akuryou used his shadow powers to form a map. A bright purple glare revealed Yugi's position. "He's all alone, so now is the best time to strike." He handed the shadow-map to Seth. Seth looked at it funny, "This map. Will it stay until I find Yugi?" "Yes. Of course. Now go do your job." With that, the yami teleported off to June's location, feeling he could recruit her to destroy Yugi. He appered behind her. June turned around and fell back on the card.It was her favorite duel monsters card, Lord of Dragon.It dissappeared and June stood up. "Who are you? You look like Dark Magician!" "I'm Akuryou and you're June aren't you?" He asked, crossing his arms. "Okay... creepy..." She then noticed something... "What the!" June yelled, noticing she had transformed into Lord of Dragons. "You're the Lord of Dragons." Akuryou stated. "This place is really creeping me out. How come we're duel monsters?" She asked, admiring the cape that hung behind her. "Well, you seemed to have wandered into my shadow game against Yugi and his spirit... [i]Yami[/i]." He spat the last word out, as if disgusted to the core by it. "That is why we're duel monsters." ---------------------------------------------- Yugi continued to wander in the darkness, still not knowing what danger was awaiting him around the corner. He knew that Akuryou and his yami were after him, but he had no clue that the dark side already had a strong ally. Nor that the enemy would strike soon... --------------------------------------------- OOC: Hope you don't mind Swordmaster13. I basically just edited your post into my own... and added some junk around it.
  13. RPG

    Shadow ghoul had scurried away from the scene when the archfiends had shown up, heading back to his cave. He stopped when he noticed Amazoness Swordswoman. [i]"What are you doing here?"[/i] He hissed out, crawling over to her. "I decided to help you gather the souls of these buffoons." She clearly stated. [i]"Do I look that desperate?"[/i] "Yes." She crossed her arms. [i]"Well... fine. You can help if you wish."[/i]
  14. I love Disney films to death. I've been watching them for as long as I can remember. My favorites include: [b]Lilo & Stitch[/b]- This movie had a good plot, animation, and theme. Another reason it's on my fav. list, I actually almost cried during parts of it, which is quite an accomplishment for any movie I watch. Lilo & Stitch is just one of those new classics that's a must-see. [i]"Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind... or forgotten."[/i] [b]Lion King[/b]- Who can not like this Disney classic? Even after all the years it's been out, it still carries the charm that drug me into liking it back when it was first released. [b]Finding Nemo[/b]- Another Disney movie that stresses the importance of family. This movie carries a great deal of comedy and lessons that everyone should learn (I.E., never giving up, friendship, listening to others, and believing in yourself/others among a load of others). [b]Mulan[/b]- Is it just me, or is this one of those underrated Disney films? I think that it is a very good movie. Mushu (sp?), voiced by Eddie Murphy, is the funniest character on the movie. Eh... unless you want an entire list of about 20 or so Disney films, I'll stop now.
  15. Writing

    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by DeathBug [/i] [B][color=indigo][font=century][size=1]This only proves my theory that really funny stuff happens very 'spur of the moment', and can't be planned; I just sat down and wrote this as a letter with no prior planning. ^^;; As for the pencil thing, that was on last week's episode of Smallville. Owch.[/color][/size][/font] [/B][/QUOTE] No, your theory... it be wrong. PRice Check for a Duel is planned.... well, sorta. Oo; At least, I'll think will happen and then place it in the story... And thanks for answering my question. ^^ I thought you had gotten it fro mthat one episode of Boy Meets World where a random guy named Kenny was stabbed through the head with a giant pencil. Oo;