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    I am a spirit behind my creations. My greatest passion is to create--stories and songs and characters... all done with passion and a little (or should I say big) taste of magic.
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    Singer, songwriter, writer in general, artist, or more generally, creator.
  1. [color=darkorchid]That morning, Kinenda had ordered breakfast in her room, and for a while there was a brief conversation going on between the two that centred around the innkeeper apologising for bringing Kinenda a human-sized meal, and Kinenda telling him there was nothing to worry about. In the end she ended up slamming the door telekinetically in his face. At that point she took a few bites of the toast, while she called Rolf inside. Like a hero returning from a triumphant battle, the jolly sheepdog jumped right through the window, cleared the room in what seemed like a single bound, an
  2. Ah, you're talking about Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver? I've been debating on whether or not to get that game... the issue is whether I'd have time and money for it. (Hmm, there's a thought... I'll ask for it for my birthday.) I'd probably pick Heart Gold with Chikorita as my starter. As for the flyswatter... yeah, my dad has one as well. It's useful, but the fact that it seems like you're tasering the poor flies is kind of creepy... Anyway, today while walking around in the forest near my college, I found this den that was also a burial site for some cats. It was cute--there w
  3. Oh, how I love Easter, it being one of my favourite holidays. I always used to enjoy egg hunts as a child--my mum and I would hide a whole bunch of plastic eggs around the house and see if we could find each other's. In recent years I've been helping with the egg hunts at the church I sometimes go to, including hiding the eggs. I don't celebrate Passover, me not being Jewish. But even though I'm not Christian, I celebrate Easter. I guess this is because Easter's one of those Christian holidays that's imposed on a pagan holiday (Chrstmas being the other). In fact, Easter eggs and even
  4. About a year ago, I decided I should stop celebrating St. Patrick's day. This is because I heard he sought to convert the pagans living in Ireland to Christianity, and as a pagan myself, I feel betrayed. However, I don't think I can fight the urge to celebrate anyway, even if I won't convert. Now that I'm 21 I can legally drink, so this becomes even more tempting. And I'm 1/8 Irish, in case you were wondering--and that's the ethnicity of mine I'm the most proud of, in fact, even if it's a very small part.
  5. Okay, so every religion has their own different deity, and some have more than one. But many different people follow their own "gods", some of which sound either ridiculous or hilarious. I'm just wondering how many of these "wacky gods" you heard about (or even worship!). For example, I've heard of people whose god is a purple hippopotamus, or even a dragon. And I bet you there's a cult somewhere that worships the flying spaghetti monster. One wacky god I admit to kind of worshipping is the little pink elephant in the sky. This cute little elephant showers happiness on the world,
  6. [b]Who:[/b] I joined OB back in 2003, when the separate Nintendo forums still existed. I was known as Nefertimon up until a few months ago. [b]Where:[/b] Whaddaya know, I'm also in Northern California. I had no idea I was so close to (at least) two other members. [b]What:[/b] I'm currently going to college and majoring in biology (I'm going for a career as a pharmacist). But I'm still writing, and still composing music, and taking programming classes that will hopefully help me design a video game I want to make. [b]When:[/b] While the Pokemon and Digimon forums existed, I spent mo
  7. [color=darkorchid]That afternoon in a small village called Batherton, there in the small farmhouse nestled beneath the barren apple trees, a young elf hastily checked her rucksack, making sure she had everything. Wait a minute, did I just say elf? Upon closer look, the neighbours tilling their gardens would have seen that she was too small to be an elf. Rather, she was a halfling. This became evident when a sheepdog tall as her shoulders walked up to sniff her face. He was as shaggy as shaggy could be, and was mostly white though with dark grey blotches on parts of his fur. Kinenda's mot
  8. [quote name='Shy'][size=1]I dunno. This site always goes through ups and downs in terms of activity. At the beginning of the year there was a larger push for new members, and we actually ended up with some good ones. Part of it obviously is that our member base is aging, so the same 16 year-old kids who had nothing but free time to post about Digimon (for example) are now 25, with jobs, relationships, school, and who-knows-what-else. I know I'll be hitting ten years of OB in April... yikes. This site has always been a bit of a contradiction anyway, since we're an anime message boards that i
  9. Ouch, beware the needles! I think I'm suffering from manic depression. One moment, like now, I'm feeling very gloomy, lonely and empty-hearted, like having this wonderful world but no one to share it with. Another moment, like last night, I cooked the most awesome rice, made a cup of tea, listened to Eurodance music, giggled at random times, and danced around my room for no reason. That or some ninja is slipping ecstasy into my coffee and tea. Ah, and speaking of ninjas... [youtube="Ninja music video"]OUWOMJE2nqM[/youtube]
  10. I. HAVE. WANTED. TO. JOIN. AN. RPG. LIKE. THIS. FOR. A. LONG. TIME. Hmm, two months and only two people so far? I think I need to fix that--I hope my efforts will not be in vain. I'm kind of new to D&D, having only gotten as far as a character sheet twice... but I'm still eager for the experience. I'm notorious for creating "weird" characters who don't quite fit the RPG, it seems... If this character doesn't work, and/or if you prefer an elfin rogue (which the other character I had in mind is), please let me know. [color=purple] [b]Name:[/b] Faye "Kinenda" Greystone [b]Age:[/b]
  11. I totally agree with the minty feeling. Except when it's cold outside. Then there's what happens when you squeeze a cotton ball in your hands. That odd tingly feeling is creeeeepy. Just a few days ago, I bought a pair of classy-looking black boots for under $20. I just tested them in the snow, and it turns out they have good traction there. My aunt on the other hand, who was wearing hiking boots, had such a hard time with slipping on the icy ground that we couldn't go on any long walks. Haha, so much for hiking boots.
  12. Imp

    The Nameless City

    Yay, my protests and puppy eyes have succeeded! Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to find a picture of my character... so is it okay if I just work his appearance into my first post or something? I promise I won't make him unusually tall or give him red or golden eyes (*coughtwilightcough*) or anything like that. Wait... are signups still being accepted? I didn't see the RPG posted yet, so... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [color=purple]Dear whomever it concerns: Although I am probably younger and shorter and more peculiar-looking than most of your applicants, I
  13. Imp

    The Nameless City

    Aww... I personally thought the concept was rather interesting, especially the internet aspects and investigation of an evl undermining of a city. And I had just the perfect character for this... Great, now I have no RPG to join. :(
  14. And now for the shortest signup I've done in a long time... I know it's an odd character, but hopefully she'll work... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [COLOR=green][B]Name:[/B] Suneora Ferenachi [B]Age:[/B] 22 [B]Gender:[/B] Female [B]Appearance:[/B] Suneora's a little on the short side, at just under five feet tall. Her raven hair cascades down to below her shoulders in loose curls, her face resembling a blushing pearl underneath. her eyes the colour of emerald. Her clothes are light and flowy to complement her curvy figure and to make traveling a bit more comfortable. The gree
  15. Ah yes, I remember this RPG. It's too bad it died the last time... what is it with Pokemon RPG's on this site? If you remember me from the last version of this RPG, you know that I played as five characters last time, which got to be a hassle. This time I'll only sign up as one character, though, as that will be a whole lot easier for both of us and whoever else would like to sign up. I will post my signup as soon as I am done with it.
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