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  1. Dahlia looked up, and around her. Her pipe hadn't been used yet, and so she thanked her stars. But, those three... things... they were like the ones before. "I am not falling to these bastards!" She said, her pip poised to strike. In the silence, she hear them, growling and sniffing the air. "Those things are completely bind now, you know. They've scratched out their eyes. I saw.. when one attacked me." Chris nodded. "Guess what I hear?" he said. A cough and a wheeze came to their ears. "I hate those long tongued bastards, too." Just t
  2. Stuffing her mouth full of the heavenly pasta, River observed Angel eating. He showed nothing but a dull expression on his face as he ate. Picking up the peice of bread that came with his meal, he began pulling it apart and putting it into his mouth. "You know, Angel, that's our daily bread. In other words, heaven's blessing. You could at least look like you're enjoying it." "But... I am enjoying it." he said, puzzled. "You don't look like it." "Really?" he asked, a little surprised by her remark. "Really." River
  3. Dahlia stared at the floating bottle caps. "Stacey? Honey?" The bottle caps dropped to the bar counter, Stacey having been distracted. "I'm awake." she said. "Yes, honey, I can see that." Chris took a deep breath. "So... of all things, a telekinetic has appeared in our midst." He looked to the back of the store as he finished sticking a rag into a bottle. "Looks like the Doc is still drowning his sorrows." "Go talk to him, then." Dahlia replied, watching Stacey make more molotov cocktails. "He probably has a lot o
  4. After being handed the keys to the bus, she climbed aboard, followed by Angel. "So, you might as well get used to this thing, you'll be on it quite a bit over the next couple of days." River stated, and turned the engine over. A loud humming noise filled the air, and River smiled. "Now that's a sound you know will never let you down." She raised her hand and snapped her fingers, forming a spark which turned into a crackling ball of electricity. "Especially when you have the means to recharge the battery." "I see." angel replied, taking a se
  5. Okay, so I was driving my car earlier and my engine block dropped onto the pavement right as I'm heading to work. I want my money back.

  6. River looked on as the former mass transit bus was loaded up with supplies. A trading outpost to the north had been hit by unknown attackers, and almost, if not all of their supplies had been taken. The bus was one of the most unusual contraptions she had ever seen. The bus sat on a suspension rig with hydrolic lifters that extended off the sides of the bus and it sat on monstrous wheels far too large for the wheel wells. The tires alone stood as tall as she was. The middle of the bus was wrapped in a rubber seal that appeared to be rather like an accordian, indicating the very back of the
  7. May 24th, 2015 15:45 Ravenloft City Hospital River yawned loudly, her attention on the window of her office. Her shift wasn't over for another few hours, and she hadn't been called to any severe injuries within the last thirty minutes or so. People were erring on the side of better judgement today, it seemed. River stood and walked from her office to the cafeteria. She didn't know what to get for herself, but at least looking would pass the time for now. Ravenloft City Hospital -now the metropolitan giant- was bustling with many, many people. Officers of the law, docto
  8. "Yes... I think so." Dahlia answered. She sighed, and stood up. The crying bothered her, and there was nothing that could be done to help the poor woman. "So, where to?" Chris peered around the bench, down the long hall. "Five stores down, to the right." He looked to the doctor. "Think you can keep Stacey out of harm's way? Or is the the one who should be protecting our backs?" "Si, la seniorita is safe with me." "Good to hear. Now, the sporting goods store is at the end of one of these hallways, and I'm not sure which
  9. I have no problems with that, I was planning on wandering around the area with one of them and three others. A nearby trading outpost perhaps in need of food and medical supplies would be a great reason for hiring a few extra guards for one of the buses, as not a whole lot of the Ascended with the M.A.F have offensive powers, though plenty enough of them do to make them a viable threat to those who might try to attack Ravenloft, and that's not including the citizens and visitors of the city. As for being confused with being a guy, it made me smile ^^ It really is kind of funny, so no bi
  10. Dahlia sighed, and stood up, if only to trip over her long skirt from her heels snagging it. "Oh,, that's just peachy!" She yelled out in anger over ripping a hole in her skirt. Chris sighed, and kneeled beside her. "That skirt wasn't really made for running in, wasn't it?" Chris reached down and yanked the skirt by the hem to above her thigh. "What are you, crazy? That's Declaren!" She yiped. Chris shook his head, musing. "What's more important, your clothes or your life?" Dahlia huffed in a breath, thinking of a respon
  11. I suddenly have a mental image of city buses with wheels off to the sides because they're way too big to fit in the wheel wells... Edit: MONSTER TRUCK CITY BUSES!!!!!!
  12. I actually do have a question. About the buses, I'm thinking four person teams on each, and they are former mass transit buses with suspension improvements and off-road tires, tow cables, and lights. Is that cool? Or are most of the roads and highways still intact and those aren't needed?
  13. Edited. All 'Augs' are now 'Ascended'. I'm glad you liked the sign-up ^^
  14. Name: Dr. River Cassidy Codename: N/A Age:29 Gender: Female Appearance: [url="http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t270/aerith105/anime%20girls/hinokahokoviolin.jpg"]River Cassidy[/url] Personality: Bright, cheerful, and always ready for a good old fashioned brawl; she's got a taste for vodka.She's far more outspoken than most of her friends. She's one tough cookie, and with the looks to match her tenacity.She's brutally blunt and honest in her opinions and how she sees things, and unafraid to voice it. Her skills as a doctor are few and far between in these days,
  15. Plan B is not automatically twice as much gunpowder as Plan A.

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