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  1. RPG

    Dahlia looked up, and around her. Her pipe hadn't been used yet, and so she thanked her stars. But, those three... things... they were like the ones before. "I am not falling to these bastards!" She said, her pip poised to strike. In the silence, she hear them, growling and sniffing the air. "Those things are completely bind now, you know. They've scratched out their eyes. I saw.. when one attacked me." Chris nodded. "Guess what I hear?" he said. A cough and a wheeze came to their ears. "I hate those long tongued bastards, too." Just then, from the passage leading tot the food court waddled a man, who appeared rather obese. Hid body ebbed and pulsed with pussy welts on his flesh. His clothing had been torn as a result of his suddenly bloated figure. He vomited, though this was no ordinary vomit. Pure bile was spewing from it's mouth, and it was getting quite a bit of distance on prijectile vomiting. "I am not getting puked on by those things!" she said in a tone loud enough only for her friends to hear.
  2. RPG

    Stuffing her mouth full of the heavenly pasta, River observed Angel eating. He showed nothing but a dull expression on his face as he ate. Picking up the peice of bread that came with his meal, he began pulling it apart and putting it into his mouth. "You know, Angel, that's our daily bread. In other words, heaven's blessing. You could at least look like you're enjoying it." "But... I am enjoying it." he said, puzzled. "You don't look like it." "Really?" he asked, a little surprised by her remark. "Really." River continued eating, leaving Angel alone for the moment. His mannerisms were quite delicate, though looking at his body type he looked to be surprisingly muscular. And he was cute, too, so at least sheâ??d have something pleasant to look at on the trip to the trading post in the morning. â??Angel, can I ask you something?â? â??Yes, but that doesnâ??t mean Iâ??ll answer.â? He replied shortly. He looked up from his food, to heed her. â??What is it you want to ask?â? River smiled warmly, her curiousity shining through it. â??What exactly are your powers? I saw quite plainly youâ??re immune to gunfire, but what else can you do?â? Angel took another bite of his lobster, considering her words. He seemed almost hesitant to answer. â??I have an indetermined amount of strength; I assure you I could pick up an abrahms tank and throw it like it was nothing to me.â? â??Thatâ??s impressive.â? River responded, smiling. â??Thatâ??ll be handy if we get a flat tire.â? Angel only nodded and went back to eating. Once the two were finished, they asked for some to-go boxes and then made their way back out to the bus. â??Show me you can lift this thing, if you donâ??t mind.â? River asked, and Angel nodded. â??As you wish, Doctor.â? In front of a large crowd that stood around looking over the bus, Angel placed his hands under the front bumper. As easily as if he were picking up a cereal box, he lifted the front of the bus almost three feet and it groaned as it was lifted, it not being used to the strain. Angel turned to look at River, letting go with one of his hands. â??Are you satisfied?â? he asked. The people around them stared, their jaws hanging open. River gawked at him. The bus she knew weighed several tons. â??Yes, thatâ??s more than adequate. Letâ??s get going.â? She said, and shook herself from her surprise. They boarded the bus and River started it up. The onlookers moved out of her way, and the bus rumbled down the road back to the garage. Angel looked out the window, seemingly lost in his own thoughts while leaving River to her own. She pondered over this kid's identity, and just who he might be. Something about him was off, and not just how he acted. It was like his heart too had died in the Fall. And maybe it had. "So, Angel, is there anyone special in your life?"
  3. RPG

    Dahlia stared at the floating bottle caps. "Stacey? Honey?" The bottle caps dropped to the bar counter, Stacey having been distracted. "I'm awake." she said. "Yes, honey, I can see that." Chris took a deep breath. "So... of all things, a telekinetic has appeared in our midst." He looked to the back of the store as he finished sticking a rag into a bottle. "Looks like the Doc is still drowning his sorrows." "Go talk to him, then." Dahlia replied, watching Stacey make more molotov cocktails. "He probably has a lot on his mind, like you pointed out earlier." Chris stood from his assortment of bottles and rags. "Fine, I think I will. Let's just hope the Doc isn't having some sort of breakdown..."
  4. RPG

    After being handed the keys to the bus, she climbed aboard, followed by Angel. "So, you might as well get used to this thing, you'll be on it quite a bit over the next couple of days." River stated, and turned the engine over. A loud humming noise filled the air, and River smiled. "Now that's a sound you know will never let you down." She raised her hand and snapped her fingers, forming a spark which turned into a crackling ball of electricity. "Especially when you have the means to recharge the battery." "I see." angel replied, taking a seat. He remained silent as the building's garage doors opened and allowed them to rumble forward and to their destination. The bus ride was relatively smooth, allowing Angel to take in the sights. River was ever the gracious tour guide, pointing out buildings and their significance to Ravenloft. Many of the buildings were simply those that had historical significance, even before the Fall. "We've managed to restore almost seventy-five percent of the city and the local area to complete working order." "Impressive. With what means?" Angel asked, looking on at the passing buildings and people. Many of the people turned to look at the bus making headway down the street amidst the other converted vehicles of the city. "Many of those who were still here after the Fall and those who have settled here since." River replied. "There are many, many Ascended here, and some display the strangest abilities. I believe we have a construction crew comprised of Ascended who rebuilt much of the minimal damage to our industrial sector, as well as a few of the barges and ships on the riverfront so Ravenloft could start doing business as readily as before the Fall." "Interesting facts, though I'm curious as to why Ravenloft has remained indifferent to the advances of the military. Would it not be in the best interest of Ravenloft to side with them?" Angel peered at her, expecting an answer. "We've established ties, yes. However, we remain separate from the military due to reasons of our own, mainly because we will not hand our entire operation over to them." River smiled sadistically. "They've tried taking us by force. They learned quite well what this city is capable of." "So you are enemies?" "Not quite. We taught them a lesson of the value of a treaty with us. We of Ravenloft really don't wish to have to resort to violence in order to make peace for our citizens, but we will not hesitate to protect ourselves." "I see. So, the military licks its wounds and Ravenloft continues on." "Exactly." The bus came to a grinding halt, parking alongside a rather posh building. Bright gold lettering spelled out it's name, and many people were coming and going, stopping to marvel at the bus. Getting off, the two made their way inside, and stood at the doors waiting to be seated. It was indeed a nice restaurant, and soon enough they were sat in front of the largest lobster tank Angel had ever seen. River watched as he seemed captivated by the lobsters crawling along the tank. "They look lively." he finally commented. "These are some of the best the city has to offer. Order whatever you like, it's all on me." "Thank you, Doctor River." A few minutes later, River found herself slightly frustrated by Angel's lack of social skills. He didn't seem particularly moved by anything she said, always remaining distant and often lacked an understanding of anything she said. The waiter finally arrived, and Angel looked down at the menu. "The lobster special, please." "And I'll have the shrimp alfredo." "Of course. And what can I get for you two to drink? We have an excellent selection of cola beverages, thanks to the bottling plant." "Do you have Pepsi?" Angel asked, and the waiter nodded. "Yes, is that what you'd like?" "Yes." "And I'll have the blueberry tea." River said. "Any appetizers?" "Some of your delicious mozzarella sticks." River finished, and the waiter nodded and left to put the order in. Angel went back to watching the lobsters. River eyed him, he really was different than most of the people she had encountered. So little emotion, and so little expression. He seemed like he couldn't be more disinterested in the people around him. "So, you're from a big city?" "Once upon a time." "And now?" "Nothing but rubble and rotted corpses." "Really?" River looked on, watching him. He showed no expressions, though there was something of a hint of sorrow in his voice. He turned to look at her, his eyes strangely different. "I doubt you would understand, Doctor. Your line of work is saving people. Mass casualties of that sort would be beyond you." River pressed on. "Mass casualties? Where exactly are you from? If I'm right, you'd have to be from a large city, one with skyscrapers out the wazoo. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say New York or Chicago." An eyebrow twitch was his only response. "Yes. New York. Now are you aware of what I mean?" River nodded. "Yes, Yes I am." The waiter returned then with their food.[i] Maybe this will make him more talkative...[/i]
  5. Okay, so I was driving my car earlier and my engine block dropped onto the pavement right as I'm heading to work. I want my money back.

  6. RPG

    River looked on as the former mass transit bus was loaded up with supplies. A trading outpost to the north had been hit by unknown attackers, and almost, if not all of their supplies had been taken. The bus was one of the most unusual contraptions she had ever seen. The bus sat on a suspension rig with hydrolic lifters that extended off the sides of the bus and it sat on monstrous wheels far too large for the wheel wells. The tires alone stood as tall as she was. The middle of the bus was wrapped in a rubber seal that appeared to be rather like an accordian, indicating the very back of the bus was more like an attached trailer. Back in the days before the Fall, the buses had been painted white and maroon, now they were painted white and blue with a large medical cross emblazoned upon them. The very rear of the bus housed what was more or less a large battery that powered the monster, and it needed recharged every so often. Based on visual appearance, if someone were to attack the bus, it would be easy enough to render it immobile by severing the two sections. However, the Doctors of Ravenloft were a shrewd bunch, and caution and preparedness were the way to go. There was a second, far smaller battery located in the forward section of the bus which would handle moving it should the worst happen. River looked at the man who would be her driver, as well as the doctor and nurse accompanying her. They were not Ascended, they were Augs who possessed keen minds. "So, where's our outside help?" River asked of them. "I was told earlier we'd be getting some." "No one's volunteered for it." One of them sighed on answering. "I suppose that it's not to be unexpected. This kind of vehicle is one hot commodity in these turbulent times, not to mention how valuable its cargo." The doctor shrugged. "It's almost a suicide mission, it really is..." River sighed. "Then perhaps we better be finding some? Offer more of a premium than currently on the table. Maybe someone will be crazy enough to accept." At that moment, a young man dressed in what appeared to be a tuxedo minus the overcoat walked in, and approached them. "I am here for the job you are offering." he said bluntly. River eyeballed the man, he looked younger than she. "That's a fancy getup." "Excuse me if we dispense with the pleasantries, Doctor. I am here for the job, nothing more." He reached behind him and cocked his head. "I think I can speed up the interview as well." He pulled a gun from the back of his pants, and pointed it directly at his temple. "I'm going to shoot myself in the head." "Wait, what?" River's eyes went wide, and she reached out to stop him from killing himself, but was too slow. [i]BANG![/i] River, along with everyone else in the room, stared in shock as his head bent over from the impact, and then turned it to look at her. The bullet fell harmlessly to the floor, the tip flattened. "Do I have the job?" he asked. River sighed in relief. "That's one hell of an interview tactic. Yes, you have the job."
  7. RPG

    May 24th, 2015 15:45 Ravenloft City Hospital River yawned loudly, her attention on the window of her office. Her shift wasn't over for another few hours, and she hadn't been called to any severe injuries within the last thirty minutes or so. People were erring on the side of better judgement today, it seemed. River stood and walked from her office to the cafeteria. She didn't know what to get for herself, but at least looking would pass the time for now. Ravenloft City Hospital -now the metropolitan giant- was bustling with many, many people. Officers of the law, doctors, nurses, patients, and firemen all walked along the hall, getting from place to place into the hospital. The almost twenty floors of the main building of the hospital were accented by thirty floor buildings adjacent to it, and the many smaller buildings around them. All in total, the hospital grounds covered four square blocks of the city. Not that the city wasn't large enough, not by any means. This city had, after all, once been a prime location, being located in the central United States along the Mississippi River. Now the river helped the city sustain itself, just as it had back in the days of its founding. Three bridges spanned the river into the Industrial sector, helping lessen traffic from one side to the other. The residential areas of the city had been leveled, so it was most of the downtown structures that were the homes of the people. As the buildings had been skyscrapers, the trend had continued in its reconstruction. A tighter Urban area allowed for better usage of the terrain in battles to protect the city from invaders. By narrowing the passages that could be taken, it allowed for surround and conquer strategies, as well as snipers on the rooftops. Many of the parks, museums, and churches had been restored, as well as nearly seventeen schools in the area. The shopping mall, however, remained closed, as the companies that once resided in that building no longer existed, and so the Mall remained closed and mostly destroyed. River approached the cafeteria, and spotted one of her colleges, an elderly man who ran the hospital, and by that he also ran the M.A.F. "Director Reshing, how are you?" The old man had been ancient even before the Fall, though no one exactly knew how old he was. He was a pleasant fellow, though often enough more like everyone's grandfather. Indeed he was River's Grandfather. His powers seemed to be an extremely sharp mind and an intelligence that seemed mind-boggling. "Oh, Hello there, Doctor Cassidy. And how are you this evening?" "Bored, Doctor. No one is getting injured today, so I'm not being called on to help as much today." The older man smiled. "I think I might know of something you can do." "And what's that?" River asked, not quite sure if she liked where this was going. Her grandfather had been known to get mischevious. "I just so happen to be on my way to my office to cancel a performance for the Children's Ward. The violinist we hired can't make it. Perhaps you'd like to be our performer? Many children will be quite thrilled to hear you play." His eyes twinkled knowing River couldn't say no. "Do I get paid for this?" "Handsomely, my child. Do you really think I wouldn't reward my granddaughter for such a good deed? Come, come, child. Many are awaiting your loveliest of performances." Ushered along quickly by the spy old man, River soon realized the old codger had more in mind than just a violin performance. "My dear, how would you like to see the world helping people with your talents?" "Plenty." River eyed him. "Now, why do you ask?" "I think your talents are better suited on one our Medical Services Vehicles. You can recharge the batteries for them and are an excellent doctor to boot. Would you like to leave out on one of them tomorrow morning?" River started smiling, and then bouncing around like a child. "Really? Can I?" "Naturally, I wouldn't extend the offer if I didn't mean it." "Yes! Thank you, Grandpa!" River hugged the man tightly in her excitement. He smiled, and then continued moving with a quick pace. The children's ward served also as an orphanage; many children had been lost in the Fall and in the years since. Naturally, she helped out there on occasion, her own parents had been lost then as well and it helped the children to know she too was an orphan. They all called the Doctor 'Grandfather' and thought nothing of it when she did as well. On arriving at the children's ward, River smiled on seeing her violin had already been brought to the atrium. "Did you plan this out, old man?" "I knew you would agree, my child. Why wouldn't I have your violin brought here?" Shaking her head, she picked up the instrument and placed the bow upon it, playing a few notes to bring the children in. Three hundred children weren't easy to please, but they did like her and her music. In small groups, the children began to filter into the seats, laughing and giggling and trying not to think of where they all were. River sighed, thinking of them. They could have a relatively normal childhood here within the Children's ward, but that meant nothing to someone who lost their parents. Loneliness was always a part of that equasion, no matter how minimal. Once the children were all seated, River approached the microphone. "Hello to my favorite audience!" "Hello, Doctor River." came the children's voices. "Are you all ready for a little song?" "Yes!" Smiling, River placed her violin on her shoulder, and a song born of the heavens drifted forth, its haunting melody captivating her audience. She played on, her notes weaving through the children as they listened to her play, the smiles on their faces reward enough. On and on she played, and once finished with her song, the children clapped, calling "Encore! Encore!" "More? How about we all get some instruments and play together!" She called. Many of the Children's ward orderlies came in then, carrying various instruments of all kinds. Many of the children were adept with various instruments, and so it was no surprise that they converged on the orderlies, laughing and picking their instruments. A few minutes later, with the children seated again, River spoke into the mic again. "Are we ready?" "Yes!" "So what song should we play?" Hundreds of different answers rang out, but one in particular stuck out. "Okay, how about 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'?" Pulling up her violin, she readied herself for the barage of noise. "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, How I wonder where you are..." The noise was deafening, though enjoyable. Once the song was finished, the children all went about their ways, leaving because the performance was over. "River, head down to the Bus Depot when you're ready." Her Grandfather said as he approached her. "I need you to go down there to meet the crew you'll be working with, as well as get familiar with the equipment." "Sure thing, Grandpa. I'll head down there in a few..." River made her way back to the emergency room to make sure there wasn't anything she was needed for. On finding she wasn't, she then about faced made for the Former MetroLink Building, now the garage for the special buses the Hospital was partially famous for. On arrival, she spotted three people dressed in hospital staff uniforms, which stood out from the usual mechanic's overalls. "So, you're Dr. Cassidy? Are you the doctor that will be joining us?" "Yes, but please call me River. It's nice to make your aquaintence."
  8. RPG

    "Yes... I think so." Dahlia answered. She sighed, and stood up. The crying bothered her, and there was nothing that could be done to help the poor woman. "So, where to?" Chris peered around the bench, down the long hall. "Five stores down, to the right." He looked to the doctor. "Think you can keep Stacey out of harm's way? Or is the the one who should be protecting our backs?" "Si, la seniorita is safe with me." "Good to hear. Now, the sporting goods store is at the end of one of these hallways, and I'm not sure which one. There should be signs in the center courtyard pointing to it." Dahlia readied herself, and stood fast with just her pistol. Looking around, she saw a mop bucket with the mop still in it. "Hey, why don't we use melee weapons and sneak through the Mall? We won't alert any zombies in here and make them all come running." "The blonde is smart." Stacey quipped, and Chris shook his head. "That's a pretty good idea, actually." The Survivors looked around, and there was another mop and broom nearby, as well as some bathrooms down a corridor. A 'Sorry, closed for maintenance' sign hung across the door. "Hey, I think there might be a pipe wrench in there..." Chris said, and headed into the bathrooms. "Eureka!" He shouted. "There's some lead pipes in here, as well as a wrench. Who wants the wrench and pipes?" Walked that way, into the ladies room. Chris was picking up several pipes and a wrench from the floor, a happy look on his face. "We got some nice blunt objects, don't we?" "I'll take the wrench." Chris handed the pipe to her and she swung it around a few times to get used to it. "My, this can do some damage to a human skull..." she contemplated out loud. Jason managed a smile. "That's the point. A nice heavy blow and we put these people out for good." "Oh, yes, I suppose you're right, after all." Dahlia nodded her being ready, and began walking down the corridor through the nearly empty mall. Clothing stores and an abandoned pretzel place loomed around them, their lights still shining. "The mall must have back up power generators..." Dahlia realized. "I guess that's good for us."
  9. Discuss

    I have no problems with that, I was planning on wandering around the area with one of them and three others. A nearby trading outpost perhaps in need of food and medical supplies would be a great reason for hiring a few extra guards for one of the buses, as not a whole lot of the Ascended with the M.A.F have offensive powers, though plenty enough of them do to make them a viable threat to those who might try to attack Ravenloft, and that's not including the citizens and visitors of the city. As for being confused with being a guy, it made me smile ^^ It really is kind of funny, so no biggie, dude. ^^ The buses are on suspension rigs with hydrolics and with ramps to accomidate patients, hence the buses can lower and raise as needed.
  10. RPG

    Dahlia sighed, and stood up, if only to trip over her long skirt from her heels snagging it. "Oh,, that's just peachy!" She yelled out in anger over ripping a hole in her skirt. Chris sighed, and kneeled beside her. "That skirt wasn't really made for running in, wasn't it?" Chris reached down and yanked the skirt by the hem to above her thigh. "What are you, crazy? That's Declaren!" She yiped. Chris shook his head, musing. "What's more important, your clothes or your life?" Dahlia huffed in a breath, thinking of a response, actually judging between the two. "THEY BOTH ARE!" She cried. Chris only shook his head. "We're in a mall now you know. Lot's of clothing here.... So what are you complaining for?" Dahla stopped her angry outburst and turned her head to the mall, as if only now realizing the meaning of those exact words. "Oh yeah, we kind of are, huh?" She sniffed. But, where is everybody?" she asked out loud.
  11. Discuss

    I suddenly have a mental image of city buses with wheels off to the sides because they're way too big to fit in the wheel wells... Edit: MONSTER TRUCK CITY BUSES!!!!!!
  12. Discuss

    I actually do have a question. About the buses, I'm thinking four person teams on each, and they are former mass transit buses with suspension improvements and off-road tires, tow cables, and lights. Is that cool? Or are most of the roads and highways still intact and those aren't needed?
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    Edited. All 'Augs' are now 'Ascended'. I'm glad you liked the sign-up ^^
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    Name: Dr. River Cassidy Codename: N/A Age:29 Gender: Female Appearance: [url="http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t270/aerith105/anime%20girls/hinokahokoviolin.jpg"]River Cassidy[/url] Personality: Bright, cheerful, and always ready for a good old fashioned brawl; she's got a taste for vodka.She's far more outspoken than most of her friends. She's one tough cookie, and with the looks to match her tenacity.She's brutally blunt and honest in her opinions and how she sees things, and unafraid to voice it. Her skills as a doctor are few and far between in these days, and she's more than willing to lend her aide wherever it is needed. Power/Augmentation: The good doctor has received a number of gifts from the Fall, and all of them pertain in some way to her profession. Her most prominent power Is that of being able to conjure and wield electricity in combat, or to kick start a person's heart if it stops. She can control every aspect of her bodily chemistry, for instance pumping enough adrenaline through her veins to not feel pain should she be injured. She can reattach limbs with a simple touch, including her own. Any object within her hands that has a narrow edge becomes razor sharp, allowing impromtu surgeries with some rather odd utensils and some serious slicing and dicing of enemies. Her touch can heal even the most grevious injuries, even those to the spinal column. Finally, her breath is a potent weapon in and of itself, should she utilize it as such. The various kinds of gasses used in surgeries and other areas of the medical field, such as knockout gas, she can exhale them with but a thought. Gang: The Medical Assistance Foundation The Medical Assistance Foundation was created by various surviving doctors, nurses, and other Ascended with healing abilities who saw the need for giving free medical attention to those who could not afford it in the world after the Fall. They are commonly just refered to as the M.A.F. The gang does accept donations, but mostly the MAF works as a charity organization. They send various bands of Ascended with healing abilities around the area in special electric motor driven buses, retrofitted with various medical equipment, electrical motors, and to be able to handle being recharged constantly by Ascended with the ability to control electricity. Most Ascended with electric-based powers are compensated well for this usage of their abilities, and they are usually happy to give their powers for usage to the M.A.F. to help a good cause and their fellow neighbor. Weapons: River wields her electricity as her primary weapon, though carries many, many blades (mostly scalpels) and various other sharp utensils as throwing weapons. City: Ravenloft Ravenloft is a large, bustling city full of people from all over the world. Since the Fall, the substantially large hospital that has stood here since before the Fall has become the central hub of the city, and hence the city is under direct control of the M.A.F. The hospital was in complete working order when discovered, and electrical based Ascended are compensated handsomely to keep its retrofitted electrical generators running. All major political activities, police activity, and emergency response is handled out of the hospital. Much of the industrial section of the city also withstood the Fall, and a good chunk of the world's current manufacturing industry is located here. In terms of agriculture, beef and pork are its second largest exports, next to manufactured goods. Trade and commerce sustain this city, and it does very well for itself, a rarity across the wasteland.
  15. Plan B is not automatically twice as much gunpowder as Plan A.

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      Who the hell are you kidding? OF COURSE IT IS!