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  1. Though, like Solo Tremaine I can only observe things as far as is possible from the UK; I am forced to agree with many others, in saying that overall the most influential animes are the most popular; i.e. Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, DragonBall Z and so forth. But, that is what has had the most impact overall, among popular mainstream culture. Perhaps a more interesting question would be 'what animes have had the most impact amongst anime FANS?' It is more likely to THAT question that answers like Astro Boy, Inu Yasha, Akira, Tenchi, and Ghost in the Shell are more appropriate. Perhaps t
  2. I despise [B]Erina Wong [/B] from [I][B]Martian Successor Nadesico[/B][/I]. She just seems like a natural bully who will sacrifice everything and everyone for her ambition. That alone would not be so bad, but her attacks on anyone like Akito or Yurika who might be fairly happy and content with their own positions just seem arrogant, overbearing and really rather pointless. Also, apart from her role with the CCs and the occasional personal interjection in the series (usually around the Nergal CEO) she does not seem to have much of a place. Quite simply, she seems more of a '[I]baka[/I]' th
  3. I think the best anime character is Il Pallazzo from Excel Saga. He's just such a fantastic character as he tries so hard to be an evil villain but always seems to be striken with bad luck, usually in the form of Excel. With his ideological organisation ACROSS, he strives to eliminate the corruption from this world for us all, starting with the city of F...in theory anyway. Plus its just fantastic the way in which allows you to see what evil villains get up to outside of public; learning to play the guitar, playing dating games, learning to speak English ("My name is Il Pallazzo. I am coq
  4. I'm glad that at least a few others have given this series the fair hearing that it really does deserve. For me, it is like those other classic space opera series like Space Battleship Yamato, though its age may make it less well known to many, for those who do/have appreciate/d it the distance of time can just make it seem all the more like a classic. I can agree that Jun Aoi is a great character, the way in which he is loyal and fairly competant just seems to make him a joke to the rest of the crew though. That said, he did seem to be brought more into the spotlight by the movie (even i
  5. Personally, I love the Martian Successor Nadesico soundtrack. Most of the music on it is just so upbeat and energetic. It even includes my favourite opening and closing themes. 'You Get To Burning' is fantastic if only for the trumpet solo at the start. 'Watashi Rashiku' is just upbeat and such a nice, polished piece of music that it is just great to put it on after a terrible day and unwind. The jazz of Bebop is good too, but I like to listen to some good Japanese vocal more than just instumental or English singing when I'm listening to an anime soundtrack.
  6. I tend to watch both - apart from when they're really irritating like the Excel Saga ending or if I'm watching loads at once and so it would just get repetative and take up too much time. I actually prefer to listen to some when the music is really good, like Martian Successor Nadesico's OP and ED and the Bebop movie, so that the images don't distract me.
  7. I like the puns from Nadesico too, but I like some of the non-Izumi ones - like those of Tskuomo Shiratori: "She did'nt tune in for toons." and "Jovians can be known to be jovial sometimes." The whole conversation was pretty interesting really, but then it was a great series (and later film).
  8. I would probably live in the world of Nadesico; one of impressive warfare, conflicting motives, tragedy intrigue and some great anime (let's Gekiga in!) The war might seem wrong to many, but being part of the UESF would be interesting - fighting the 'Jovian Lizards' would be a valiant cause and living in the future is always better than the present. Either that, or living, like many others, in the Gundam Wing universe. For me, I'd be a loyal trooper of the Treize Faction. Merely a soldier perhaps, but for a great cause and under a great leader, while not being a terrorist or a stupid paci
  9. I found that Gasaraki influenced me a fair bit. It reinforced my interest in history, especially Japanese history, and politics. It also made me intrigued by Japanese language and culture, to the point that I'm now learning Japanese and planning to go to Japan. As I'd been fairly nationalist before then, this was a big change in me and killed off whatever xenophobia I might have had before really going into this.
  10. Evil. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to villains; evil, arrogant, cruel, calculating, etc. Evil people just seems more 'together' then heroes. This is as they're better at having plans then heroes, who just seem to run around in a reactionary manner to ruin the evil plans. The best examples of 'classical' villians seem to be Kagato (Tenchi Muyo) and Il Pallazzo (Excel Saga). They just seem like great, reliable villians who don't do any of that changing of sides, and as such just show why villians are more interesting.
  11. I really liked the first half of this series (apart from the music ) as it was fairly straightforward to follow. Unfortunately, though the plot got more interesting towards the end, that just made it more difficult to follow (I first tuned in at about ep.20 or so - not good). It does definately seem to be a good drama anime, but the comedy seems a bit little and far between, even by Evangelion standards!
  12. My favorite is Martian Successor Nadesico's upbeat opening theme, which I know really well; kuyashisa o koraete keri ageta ishi koro hanekaereba DAIYAMONDO ni monaru sugute ni hairu yume nante yume ja nai yo demo kanarazu kanau to shinjiteru yo kujikenai kimi ga suki... nakitai toki aru nara soba ni zutto zutto iru kara Enduring mortification, you kicked a stone... If it bounces back, it might even become a diamond. [1] Dreams you can get right away aren't really dreams, you know. Still, I believe that they'll be granted without fail. I won't give
  13. Cowboy Bebop - Only ever saw a bit of it on CNX, then both it and CNX were dropped by the Network. A shame, as it has never been released on European Region 2. (Unavailable) Dai Guard - Only ever seen the trailer for this but it looks great, but rather expensive. (Available) Tenchi Muyo! - Dropped by Toonami, but a great (if rather heavily edited on tv) series. Released in April! (Available...in a couple of months)
  14. I really liked both the crisp and sharp animation of Gasaraki, and the more 'twiggy' and angular look of Evangelion. Both looks seem appropriate to both series. In the end, I think that the animation just becomes appropriate to the series, and so it is the characters, the plot and other elements that become the most important part of a series, rather than the animation.
  15. This side of the Atlantic, I spend about £15 a week. That is because (a) it is so scarce and expencive over here; and (b) I don't have a job.
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