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  1. It's been a while since I tried doing Abstract Expressionism in Photoshop, but I'm trying my hand at it once more. I created an image using the color orange, a pretty neutral color, giving off a weird, yet comfortable feeling. In this image I used many abstract designs but with small use of the smudge tool, made them kind of edgy, but in a smooth way. I was trying to put the viewer in a psychadelic mood, and hopefully I've completed my task in a successful way. I got a few comments, mostly stating that I needed a focal point, and I was weary of submitting the image in the first place because o
  2. This is pretty good. Before I left, I never saw any good 3D work besides that of Psychotik's. It's all around a little faded, and I'd like to see it in a larger size, but I like the idea behind it. The color scheme is a bit off, but with a bit more tweaking (and some dodging in the grey technical areas would be cool), it would be alot better. Learn a little bit more about the composition of it all, and you will go far in the graphic community.
  3. [b]Name:[/b] Bob. . .agorn. Yeah, Bobagorn. [b]Character:[/b] Chef [b]Gender:[/b] Hermaphrodite. And by hermaphrodite I mean male. [b]Facts:[/b] Likes to mess with the Warrior and say that he is the bravest hero of the heroes (which he is, hardy har), and causes mischief with all of the other heroes. To battle evil, he uses his nifty kitchen utensils and food. Things like his spaghetti lasso of truth and his laser crutons. The chef is obviously the leader of the group, or so the warrior likes to think.
  4. Hours earlier, Chris was cowering on the side of a storage facility, being tracked by an instrumentalist. Alerted, she crept around the corner and he disappeared behind a fence. "Coward," she scoffed, walking back to her mech. Chris was now safe, he assumed, running back toward his mecha, Jim. As it was about noon, he had to be careful so that he wasn't spotted. Across the street, the warehouse was placed, a small hole in the rusty, metallic door. He looked around the corner. Obviously, as the area was abandoned, noone was there. Still, he bolted across the road, diving through the hole. Maybe
  5. Having sat there for nearly half an hour, Chris decided that this day would be wasted if he didn't leave. He wasn't much for social interaction with people he considered lower than himself, which is pretty much anyone that's not a singer. He decided to go around the park, rather than braving the horrendous terrain once more. Chris wasn't much for tedious problems. He'd rather take the long route than catch another shoe in the mud. He had nothing better to do, as it is, so he would just explore the streets on the way back to the warehouse where his mecha was stored. His mecha, Euphoria, ne
  6. [font=Arial][size=1][color=black][i]"The only thing that matters now We offspring pay the price They can only hope That we can catch the light And cast a bright wave of might We must pay for their fight But we do not have the right To walk the streets at night And at the sight of a tight aurora We build a new euphoria A lone child starts an aria Showing what we're not weary of[/i][/color][/size][/font] [color=black][font=Arial][size=1][i]But now we keep our eyes peeled As we replant the fields and forests"[/i][/size][/font][/color] [font=Arial][size=1][/size][/font] [font=Arial
  7. [size=1][color=black][b]Name:[/b] Chris [/color][/size] [size=1] [color=black][b]Age:[/b] 17[/color] [size=1][/size] [color=black][b]Organization:[/b] Singer[/color] [color=black][b]Personality:[/b] Chris is a very laidback person. Once wealthy, he's always been very classy, but not as stuck-up as some. Chris can freak out about a situation depending on how bad it is, but once the adrenaline kicks in, he won't say a word, but just get the job done. He becomes determined and will try to be victorious, but usually fails. When he doesn't succeed, Chris won't blow up, but keep quiet and st
  8. This was really one of the simplest pieces I've done. Alot of using the selection tool and filling it in. Really, alot of different techniques were used. On the ID, however, it was layering and blending, like you said. Glad you like :)
  9. That's weird. It works for me. I'll use the deviantART link instead. [url="http://www.deviantart.com/view/7110062/"]http://www.deviantart.com/view/7110062/[/url] (the wallpaper) [url="http://www.deviantart.com/view/7110102/"]http://www.deviantart.com/view/7110102/[/url] (the ID)
  10. My opinions have been stated over and over again in this thread. I love Nirvana. Simple fact. I love the composition in almost every song I hear from them. I love the guitars, the drums, everything. Although most people here complain about his voice, I love it. Most say Cobain has no true vocal talent, but I know that I and millions of other people couldn't sing like that. I love the way it sounds. Someone (I think Shinmaru) said that you should be able to understand the lyrics after a few listens, but I can understand their lyrics in each song. I've never really had trouble. I think
  11. I love working on technical, minimal pieces. They just look great to me. Anyway, it started out as I wanted to make a simplistic deviantART ID for myself and I ended up creating a wallpaper. I love the colors too. [url=http://free.hostultra.com/~euphoria/artwork/startagain.png]Start Again[/url]
  12. 1. On tests, of course. Who hasn't? On papers however, I don't plagiarize. For one, it's unfair to the original authors, and secondly, it's not that hard to write papers anyway. But yes, I cheat on tests, and most people I know do. I don't cheat if I don't have to, because I'm usually the smartest one at my table (I'm not complimenting myself, I'm insulting the others). However, on the standardized testing last week, I sat next to a very smart person and copied some of his answers on the state Algebra test. 2. Of course, I don't think I know anyone who hasn't at least glanced at someone e
  13. Ah, I see the grey now. I didn't look closely enough, as my eye was drawn directly to the orange, and the shade of grey it is made it seem as though it were a dark blue. It's good that you follow Tarantino's style, but still keep it unique, whereas most people would completely rip off his style and run with it. Have you ever taken a design class? It seems like you know alot about it, which is a good thing, depending on what career you're looking forward to.
  14. The orange one actually looks like the asian guy (I forget his name) who protects the oracle in The Matrix. That's how it seems to me at least. As for the ad, it looks pretty good. Nice use of complimentary colors, and not just laying them against each other, but actually bordering them with white, which makes it look better. I also like the depth given off by the blue character being behind the orange one. It makes it seem even deeper because blue is darker than orange. Nice touch. As for the background, I like it, but I honestly don't like the color of it at all. I think a brighter c
  15. It's been a while since I posted any work on here, but I really need some help to fix a problem I have in my current piece. Any graphics experts' advice is welcomed. I was just screwing around in photoshop with an old minimalism image but it started to turn into a trendwhorish abstract thing, but I thought it looked cool, so I ran with it. The problem is, it's pretty grainy at the edges, and I've tried alot of different techniques but can't get rid of it without blurring the crap out of it. I even used to smudge tool to remove some of it, but it's still not enough. Any ideas? [url="ht
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