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  1. Has anyone else heard of this subculture? Here's a link with some information about it: [url]http://otakukin.atspace.com/[/url] I know a lot of people are going to say these people are crazy, but I actually find the subject quite interesting. For the longest time I've had a very personal, almost spiritual, connection with Himura Kenshin. While I'm not entirely sure about the whole "past life" thing, that sort of occult stuff I find very interesting and in the range of possibility (of course, it helps that the character I relate to is based on an actual person). I admit that people who would take this stuff too seriously are out of it, but I've wondered enough about this stuff myself to want to take part in the otakukin community. Your thoughts?
  2. [quote name='Mage17']God made the Jewish people suffer for countless years in the dessert after escaping Egypt, he wanted Moses to sacrifice his son to "test" his love for him (but stopped him later). Had a helping hand in the collapse of the Tower of Babble, and pretty much stood back as humanity waged war over his exsistance.....I'm startng to think that God hates everyone and not love them, its only superstition that people believe in luck and such, I highly doubt that God follows everyone around and grants the their good luck wishes.[/quote] First of all, God made the Israelites suffer because they had broken one of the major laws that had been set up for them and that they promised they wouldn't break. And after those 40 years in the desert, the Israelites were rewarded by returning to the promised land. Even those 40 years in the desert weren't total suffering. They had mana afterall. Saying that God hated the Israelites is like saying a parent hates his or her grounded child. Discipline (admittedly extreme discipline) doesn't equal hate. You're confusing Moses with Abraham. While I find the literal interpretation of that story to be troubling, you must understand that the Bible isn't meant to be taken literally word-for-word. My personal interpretation of that story is that Abraham himself was going crazy and was the only one forcing himself to sacrifice his son. The only thing God did in this story was stopping Abraham. Again, the collapse of the Tower of Babel was God disciplining people. And the so-called "punishment" (people speaking different languages) isn't really a punishment anyway. It's people's fault that they errupt into war instead of just getting a translation dictionary. God doesn't hate people. He may dislike what people do, but He doesn't hate anyone personally as far as my beliefs are concerned.
  3. [quote name='The_Mix_Breed']Some shonen-ai couples can be completely adorable. And they aren't just designed in Japan wher homosexualty isn't odd, they can be designed here too. One of the best shonen-ai American comics is Off Beat.[/quote] Um, actually homosexuality is about as common in Japan as it is in America, and in Japan it actually is more kept in the closet. They don't really have any powerful right-wing fundamentalist groups against homosexuality, but on the other hand they don't seem to have made quite as much progress in the gay rights movement. It happens to show up in anime and manga a lot, but if you were to judge America by most of the movies we put out you'd think America was a country based off of repetition, idiots, blood and guts, and anorexic chicks (oh wait, that's not too far off from the truth...).
  4. My commentary on episode 2 of Utena (and my friend who hasn't seen it ever's stumped comments): HoyvinGlavin64 (8:27:14 PM): Hi CrystalMoon0690 (8:27:17 PM): hi HoyvinGlavin64 (8:28:27 PM): Anything new? CrystalMoon0690 (8:30:05 PM): not really CrystalMoon0690 (8:33:41 PM): and you? HoyvinGlavin64 (8:33:49 PM): Nothing really HoyvinGlavin64 (8:45:54 PM): Hey, have you seen Utena? CrystalMoon0690 (8:46:15 PM): nope HoyvinGlavin64 (8:46:37 PM): I'm watching it right now CrystalMoon0690 (8:46:41 PM): is it good? HoyvinGlavin64 (8:46:48 PM): Think Sailor Moon meets Neon Genesis Evangelion HoyvinGlavin64 (8:46:50 PM): It's good CrystalMoon0690 (8:47:11 PM): it's a little on the shoujo-sai side, ain't it? HoyvinGlavin64 (8:47:28 PM): "A little" is a bit of an understatement CrystalMoon0690 (8:47:32 PM): lol CrystalMoon0690 (8:49:08 PM): I'll borrow it from the library HoyvinGlavin64 (8:51:43 PM): Trilobites!?! HoyvinGlavin64 (8:51:47 PM): WTF!?! CrystalMoon0690 (8:51:53 PM): ? HoyvinGlavin64 (8:51:56 PM): This show has awful song lyrics CrystalMoon0690 (8:52:54 PM): oh man, I downloaded the opening theme to kodocha HoyvinGlavin64 (8:53:04 PM): That song is great CrystalMoon0690 (8:53:09 PM): *nod nod* HoyvinGlavin64 (8:53:19 PM): And doesn't use the word "ammonite" HoyvinGlavin64 (8:53:21 PM): lol CrystalMoon0690 (8:53:31 PM): ? HoyvinGlavin64 (8:53:48 PM): The scary thing is is that I'm afraid that the lyrics to the songs in Utena will actually mean something later on HoyvinGlavin64 (8:53:52 PM): KAWAII! CrystalMoon0690 (8:54:25 PM): ? HoyvinGlavin64 (8:54:52 PM): Just commenting randomly on what was going on in the Utena episode I was watching a few seconds ago
  5. [quote name='NekoSama101']I also couldn't get into Inuyasha. it's so boring yet all my friends are obsessed with it. Another one is FMA. AND I AM NOT ASHAMED! anyways, why do people like those shows?[/quote] Inu-Yasha is boring and I also dislike it, but I can give you reasons why I like Fullmetal Alchemist: 1) The characters are extremely 3-dimmensional and I either strongly love or strongly hate each of them. 2) There's tons of "WTF?" plot twists that make me want to keep on watching it. 3) Sometimes it can be very funny, but when it tries to be gruesome or just downright depressing it succeeds amazingly. 4) It's one of the few animes to actually make me cry. 5) It has a firm beginning, middle, and end and doesn't drag anything out. 6) The action and symbolism are creative and add another dimmension of interest to the show. 7) The animation is good-looking and fluid. 8) Every single episode has a point. Now, why do you DISLIKE it?
  6. There's a whole world of shonen-ai, shojo-ai, yaoi, and yuri. Unfortunately, a lot of it is mostly for fanservice value (that, and I'm against the genres of yaoi and yuri because they're pornagraphic). However, there are a lot of good animes that have homosexual characters/undertones/overtones in them. Shinji/Kawrou is one of the few shippings I actually support. Try watching Neon Genesis Evangelion. The gay stuff is minimal, but it's still there and is very important to the character development at the end of the series. I admittedly haven't seen much of Utena outside of bits and pieces (I'm intending to start watching the series as a whole tonight, Dagger!), but it has some pretty heavy lesbian themes in it (moreso than in Evangelion). That might be what you're looking for. Azumanga Daioh (one of the funniest animes of all time) has Kaorin, the crazy fangirl who is in love with Miss Sakaki. Some of her scenes are pretty funny. Samurai Champloo makes a crapload of jokes about the prominence of homosexuality in ancient Japan and (while it might not be what you're looking for) Cowboy Bebop has a 2-parter concerning a transsexual character (who's in my avatar) as well as the hacker-of-ambigious-gender Edward Wong bunchamiddlenames The Third.
  7. Somehow I'm guessing when this movie comes out, Third Impact will occur. :animesmil Seriously, there hasn't been any progress in production for the longest time. They don't even have a director! However, I bet it will be good when it comes out.
  8. [quote name='silver_blade]Many deep literary works are still cited within the show and make up a key part of the series, such as [I]The Cat in the Hat, Winnie the Pooh,[/I] and the classic thriller/murder mystery [I']Goodnight Moon.[/I][/quote] Oh, but 4Kids wouldn't even do something that intelligent. They don't want kids to be reading, remember?
  9. [QUOTE=Hanabishi Recca]Sorry sir (miss?), If you commit one of sin, you commit them all. Says it in the Bible.[/QUOTE] No it doesn't. Everyone sins, but not everyone kills or rapes people. I'm Jewish, so if there is anything in the New Testament saying that I wouldn't know, and I'm pretty certain the Old Testament doesn't say anything like that. If it does, show me the quote.
  10. [quote name='Sting']Going back off-topic. (Way off-topic) That Funimation channel, is there any news or talk about it? All I've heard is that there's going to be a funimation channel and then that was it.[/quote] Apparently, they are instead making a syndicated block for late at night on the CW as opposed to an entire ntwork. Smart decision, given that FUNimation doesn't have many shows and a lot of them are on Cartoon Network (DBZ, FMA), AS On Demand (Baki), and IFC (Samurai 7, and wouldn't be surprised if we end up seeing Gunslinger Girl next there).
  11. Today, 4Kids announced that they had stolen the license to the previously FUNimation-dubbed anime series "Fullmetal Alchemist". Their new dub of the series, set to premiere April 1st, 2007 on 4KidsTV, shall be retitled "Halfmetal Beatboxers". "The original dub we found to be too intense for our intended audience," said Alfred Kahn in an interview. "This new dub acknowledges the ever-growing need to appeal to the widely-growing anti-occult demographic along with kids' taste in bad rap music or whatever they is supposed to like nowadays. The show was widely popular in Japan, and so we had to change it drastically in order for it to have any success in America. Don't worry, Wapanese of America. You'll still get to see that ultra-babe Winey Rapbell..." Kahn refused to make any further comment on the subject. An insider from 4Kids Entertainment has leaked episode summaries of the entire 5-episode series of "Halfmetal Beatboxers", although talks are being made concerning the possibility of America-exclusive episodes depending on the ratings: Episode 1: To Duel The Sun In a perfectly executed attempt at the Alkacircle beatboxing technique, Ul succeeded in turning his body into metal. Unfortunately, Id was only transformed halfway. Cutting 2 days in the future, Id and Ul are on a journey to turn Id fully metal. Unfortunately, Papa Yoyoyo dares to attack them, so Id and Ul use their Alkacircles to outrap the master! Episode 2: How to Buy Alkacircles Id and Ul's Mommy always gave them allowance to spend on Alkacircles. Unfortunately, when Mommy was dragged into the dungeon, Id and Ul had to make their own Alkacircle. Thus began their big adventure. Episode 3: I Wanna Be A Doggy Ninny always dreamed of turning into a cute little doggy. When Id and Ul meet Ninny, they beatbox Ninny into following her dreams. Episode 4: Destroy All Writters Id and Ul, after joining the FCC and becoming censors, are sent on a mission: kill the book nut Chessy. Episode 5: MEGA_BATTLE! ID AND UL BOTH BECOME MEGAMETAL BY DEFEATING ALL OF THE WORLD'S SEVEN DEADLY WRITTERS WITH DISCO GUNS AND TONS OF CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I don't get the whole "I miss the old days" routine most people have. Yes, the presentation was great back then and there was much more fan interaction (I have all the episodes of The Intruder downloaded on my computer), but most of the programming itself just wasn't that great. Thundercats and the like are only good for nostelgia (and I'm too young to be nostelgic about them, therefore I find them to be crap). DBZ and Sailor Moon are mediocre shows that were only hurt by subpar dubbing. Gundam Wing was awesome when it came out but when compared to the UC Gundam shows and even SEED there's very little to get excited about outside of the Endless Waltz movie. Tenchi's hilarious at first but eventually spins into a cycle of dull repetition. Outlaw Star is a good show but the editting for airing it on Toonami was simply too much. Toonami essentially only had 4 really solid shows back in the 1997-2001 era: Batman, Reboot, The Big O, and The 8th MS Team (5 if you count the on-again, off-again Powerpuff Girls). Several of the shows people miss that Toonami used to air (i.e. Kenshin, YYH, MEGAS) actually came out after the so-called "golden age" was over. Looking at Toonami today, they also have about 3 or 4 really solid shows: Justice League Unlimited, Naruto, IGPX, and occasionally Zatch Bell, along with an arsenal of amazing movies (honestly, who 5 years ago would believe that PRINCESS MONONOKE of all movies would be airing uncut on Toonami?). The presentation has been improving as of late (the music video and Guitar Hero review they did last Saturday were both awesome, and they seem to be using new bumpers), but there are still a few things lacking with Toonami. Actually, only 2 things really: variety and fan interaction. Toonami currently is dominated by Shonen Jump and they need something to spice things up. A shojo show and/or a more serious ongoing series (I'm thinking they could possibly have Bandai give them Mai Hime and Gundam SEED Destiny to fill both those requiremetns) would make the block seem that much more edgy like it was back in the day. And we need some sort of contest, poll, Total Immersion Event, or at least a less-sucky website just to show a higher level of communication with the fans. Toonami is not at its best currently, but it is arguably the best we've seen in a while. Now let's do something fun: post your ultimate Toonami schedule using any shows that they've aired since they started! Have fun! Here's mine: 7.0: Justice League Unlimited 7.5: Samurai Jack 8.0: Yuyu Hakusho 8.5: The Big O 9.0: MEGAS XLR 9.5: Rouroni Kenshin 10.0: Naruto 10.5: Gundam SEED :cool:
  13. [quote name='hey_love']Now, most of Toonami's shows don't interest me at all. I like Naruto, but they severely editted that show so it'd be okay for kids to watch.[/quote] They editted Sailor Moon, Tenchi, and Kenshin more than they editted Naruto. Geez, I find it extremely obnoxious that people find it COOL to diss the Naruto dub. It was done better than anything else to air on Toonami and yet people still try to insult it in any way they can.
  14. One Piece WOULD be my favorite had it aired uncut instead of the hackjob that we got. So in our real-world situation, the best show on Toonami is by far Justice League Unlimited. The characters, storylines, humor, animation, action, voice-acting, and soundtrack are all top notch. Once JLU is over Naruto will be the best show airing on Toonami. Despite Naruto's dozens of flaws, it still manages to have a heart and soul to it that many other kid-oriented shows lack as well as the universal appeal of ninjas kicking ***. Other than that, no real reason to watch Toonami other than the return of IGPX and special events such as Month of Miyazaki. Zatch Bell is watchable and Bobobo is so awful that it's ingenius, but the dub of One Piece is the worst dub since Warriors of the Wind and the 7PM is always wasted on filler and toy commercial shows. Toonami has shown improvement lately in terms of presentation and making things special. They have some good long-running shows. They just need a few new shows to liven things up. Bleach is a lost cause for Toonami but perhaps Prince of Tennis or Black Cat could join the block (or FUNi finally convinces CN that shojo is worth it and decides to air Furuba or Kodocha on Toonami, but when has that ever been even close to happening?). In a nutshell, Toonami's doing well as a programming block. That doesn't mean I have to watch half of their programming.
  15. Supposedly Eureka 7 gets almost as freaky as FLCL and as violent and intense as FMA in the later episodes. Being compared to AS's 2 biggest anime success stories makes it fit in my opinion.
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