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Manga artist needed

Guest Koneko Decaelum

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Guest Koneko Decaelum
I know it sounds like a big undertaking, but we'll start small okay? Those who are interested, I'll send the story version (we can work on a "script" version which may be easier to work from later) .
First we'll just do character head shots (links to examples of two below) about 100x100 pixels would be best (small, but enough).
The story has some romance (hopefully not too much), some action (needs more), a little mystery (plot twists would be more accurate). I'm just trying to make it a good story and not like a soap opera.
Style: Sailormoon/Oh My Goddess/Rorouni Kenshin kind of thing. Maybe a little Hikaru no Go.....That's the ideal, but I'll work with anything. Especially since those are kind of high standards....


I would be so grateful for anyone's help. More than one person would be best so no one is overloaded.

Thanks in advance!
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