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Sunset [E]


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All life fades to black
As the bloody horizon
drips out of our sight.[/CENTER]

As the sun sets, and I look out at the sky, I see blood-red running everywhere. Then the sun is gone, across the horizon, and we are consumed in a seemingly-infinite darkness. But somehow, a new day comes, and our life-giver returns to us, faithfully.

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Guest ForestMaiden
I just wanted to compliment you on your poem. Although i think it might sound better if instead of 'I see blood-red running everywhere.' It was I see blood-red consuming up the heavens, or something close to that. That line as it is just doesn't flow witht the rest of the poem if you ask me. However that's just my opinion. Also would you mind me posting one of my own poems on this board? Not to show off or anything, I'd just like some comments on it to see if it's worth posting on my site. is that alright?
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