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The work of Robert Cormier

Billy Shears

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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Robert Cormier has become my favorite novelist , and it only took 4 books to do it ("The Chocolate War", "Beyond the Chocolate War", "Heroes", and "After the First Death" are the four I've read).

I abosolutly love all his work. My favorite book of his is "The Chocolate War" and its sequel. They are the tales of how human kind are so ruthless towards each other, and those who don't follow the path of the rest of the world are punished severly.

The original Chocolate War is about a new student named Jerry Renault who has moved to a new town and is going to an all-boys preparatory Christian school. Every year they have a fundraiser by selling chocolates to the townspeople. Jerry is given an "assignment", a little job, by the secret society of boys called the Vigils, to refuse selling the chocolates (The Vigils basically run the school, with only a few teachers knowing of their prescense). Jerry is supposed to do this for three weeks, then he is to take the chocolates. But, he doesn't. This leads to a bag full of suspense and plot twists that you wont expect.

For those who have seen "As the Bumblebee Flies Away", the movie is based off of Cormier's novel. He has won several awards for writing book pretaining mostly for older teenagers such as me. Does anyone else appreciate this man's brilliant work?

-the one and only
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