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Picture of Me Request for Banner/Avatar


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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][SIZE=1]I have here a picture of myself that I would like to be turned into a skater like banner and/or avatar. Try and get my face in the corner of the banner (preferably only my hairline to my nose). Asphy's banner/avatar is quite similiar to what I was thinking of, (I especially like the way the face on the banner was edited) so if you did that too it would be appreciated. Of course, I would like my name to be included somewhere on the opposite of the picture and a neato background.

To elaborate on what I mean by 'Skater like Banner' would be like red stars, skater logos and stuff like that.

Well, I hope someone does this for me. My greatest thanks' in advance.

[b]EDIT:[/b] It's been like 5 months so I took out the link to the picture. BEsides I look nothing like that anymore. ^~^[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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