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Memories [E]


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I wrote this poem last week and I thought I'd share it.


How trustful are memories?
How do we know that what we remember is true?
Maybe they're some kind of a trick.
Did that really happen?
Are you sure i made that promise?
Do I really know who that person is?
Have we really met before?

I want to forget the memories of pain, but I can't
No matter what, the path of remembering somehow passes by it
Is it wrong of me to remember pain?
Should I really just forget it?
I'm afraid that if I do, some part of my life will be taken away
As though a day that held fun would just never had existed
Somehow or another, my memories are all connected
To forget or to 'get over it' means to lose a part of my life
Even if it held pain, it was somehow connected to a happy moment
A moment where I laughed and smiled until my face hurt

No, I will not forget
The images, the faces, they will not be strangers in my mind when I see them
They are a part of my life
The pain, the sorrow, I will not forever embrace, but learn from
The happiness, the laughter, I will not forever live in the past, but I will create a new
A heart never lies
And that's where memories reside
So when I see your face, I will know your name
I will remember all about you
Though I will remember you, I will not be bound by those memories
But I will create new times
Memories are where I should not live
But rather they should live inside the heart.
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