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Whisper of the Moon(pg)


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OK, I'm not as arrogant as to think that if I just start this, people will respond and I could actually tell the whole story, so instead I'm going to give a brief outline, and if enough people say they would stick with it, I'll post the story.


The basic concept is that this millionare lady captures wolf children, kids with wolf-like traits, and forces them into slavery. One of them, the main character Omega, the weakest of the bunch, escapes. The lady(we'll call her mistress for the time being) sends her strongest slaves after him, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta.

Omega has a day head start, but being the last in the pack, the other 4 slowly catch up. Omega's supplies were abandoned when he escaped, so he's very hungry and tired, plus he's got a wound in his leg. The first few nights of his freedom are spent trying to get as far away from mistress as possible, and hunting(unsuccessfuly)

Something to bring up: Omega doesn't exactly look like a wolf. He has a tail, and stubs in his hair where ears will be. Besides that, he looks completely human(in fact, I'm debating whether or not he should be completely human.)

There's a town about five miles away from the mistress's masion(or whatever) and Omega winds up there at about the third day. Luckily, the alpha-delta group missed him in the forest, but unluckily they already made it into town and told the sherriff to be on the lookout for Omega. Gamma, who's a sort of half-ally to Omega, convinces Alpha that Omega couldn't have made it to town already, so they've already left to comb the forest.

Omega doesn't know the sherriff's looking for him, so he walks into town tail wagging and everything. Eventually, he gets caught, and thrown into a jail cell untill the mistress can bring him back to the mansion(or whatever). He has some luck at this point though, as his cell is across the hall from a girl's cell who plans on breaking out. They break out that night, and Omega, still hungry, manages to steal some meat from the butcher on their way out of town.

That's not all, but I thought that was enough for input. As you can tell, I need a lot of help. Any comments/questions/criticizm/ideas?
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