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Collection of Poems [M/PG-LV]


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Here's a thread I'm just going to keep posting it with the request of Lady Asphixia. She recommended that I have one thread for my poems. So here's a start. Feel free to comment on mine. I couldn't settle on a fitting rating. Sorry, mods.

[B]Not Now[/B]

Lay my head down
Something snapped today
And I can't fix it.

The world was on my shoulders
And I fell.
And the world crumbled too

I failed
I wasn't strong enough
Not now...


You have wounded me
Romeo's poison drips
From deceitful lips.


I've been runnin' for a while now
Haven't made progress at all

I've been runnin' for a while now
But it feels like it's only a crawl.

Covered no ground, gone nowhere
Can't open the door, turn the corner.
Impossible odds, stacked against me,
Stopped at a wall I can't hurdle.
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