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[color=darkred]Surely a few of you will remember this one. I bought the game shortly after I got my first PlayStation, and I immediately fell in love with it. For it's time, it was a great platformer, especially that it was when to world was starting to adjust to 3D platformers, though that pretty much contradicts why Pandemonium was so notorious in the first place -- poorly designed levels which never brought out the best of the 3D platformer. But, that never bothered me one bit.

There were two characters to play with: some girl, and a clown/jester type of person. I remember the jester being utterly and absolutely useless, having only a roll attack to help you out, as opposed to the girl's double-jump ability, which is like a godsend. I only ever used the jester when I wanted some variation, you know, so I wasn't being such a cheap bastard.

There was a sequel, too, aptly titled Pandemonium 2. From what I played on the demo version, it's not as good as the first, but still fun. Anyone care to elaborate on that one?[/color]
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