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Mediums The last hope


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Mediums are all around us today. But you'll never know it. Now a group of mediums varying different ages has arisen and are about to embark on a journey that may change their lives.

Enter Rei who is a insane child but she knows what is right and has an astuonding ablilty of analyzation.She also is astounding in the Arts as well. Her ghost partners Alex, Sam, and Kai. Always concerned about her saftey never concerned about their own for her Medium energy is the highest anyone has seen in years. Alex is a crazy ghost who has known Rei since she was three and Sam and Kai? They met Rei and Alex recently but both are brilliant and funny.

Played by: ShadowsRebel

Enter Kira a hardworking student who strives to be the best at everything. With her ghost partner Clara she always pushes herself to hard leaving poor Clara worrying about her. She has a very high intellect and conisders Rei her rival in the Arts and Lit. Clara is a very sweet and kind ghost who always looks after Kira and will continue to.

Played by:

Enter Kouji who's trying to win over the feelings of Rei. He's a Loner and is Rei's best friend seeing as how they grown up together. His ghost partner Kouichi who is very confident and is always coaxing Kouji to tell Rei his feelings is very understanding and true to his friends and partner.

Played by:

Now there is the oldest medium ever and knows how and why people are chosen to be a medium. So Rei, Kouji, Kira, and a few others must get ready for the adventure of a lifetime but some won't allow it to happen.

Now it is up to you to add more mediums to this group. Every entery must be a paragraph long at the least. First we need people to play Kira and Kouji. Other mediums a short discription in your post and put good or evil in it as well.
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"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

A black haired girl skidded on the corner as she ran as fast as she could to school. Three floating boys followed behind her.

"I TRIED WAKING YOU UP BUT YOU KEPT CALLIN ME MAMA!!!!!!!!!" yelled one of them. As the other two sweat dropped.

"Honestly Alex. I never called you Mama." answered the girl has she jumped the gate into school. Only to be stopped by her teacher.

"Oh Konnichiwa, Saki-sensei. Ano...I overslept?"

Saki-sensei dragged the girl into the school and placed her outside the classroom while she was holding to buckets of water.
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