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Inherently good or evil?


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Inherently good or evil?

Ok, sorry if this has been done before, I didn?t see it.

I just wanted to know what the rest of you thought, are humans inherently good or evil?

My thoughts: (I?m speaking in terms of nature, where there are no moral codes, objective view, I do not live like this.)

Humans must either be inherently evil, or based on the rule of survival of the fittest. Yes I know those don?t seem to have any connection but they do, I?ll explain.

This is viewed as evil, but why? It is viewed as evil because you are taking something some one else worked for, but if one thinks about it, this is more akin to survival of the fittest, why waste your time hunting down food or working when you can take it from some one? If they can?t defend them selves, doesn?t this say they should be? purged, to put it bluntly. If one cannot defend them selves they are weakening the species as a whole.

Ok this is definitely evil, murder is the useless killing of something, not for survival, this is truly evil, the taking of ones life, To cut one?s life short

Inherently evil. Where does a child learn this behavior, and how do they not understand what it does to the person. The argument, of they bring it on them selves is moot, why would some one who is inherently good purposely hurt others?

Ok, I?m going to stop now this should be enough to get a discussion going, I?ll post more of my thoughts on the subject if this actually gets a response.
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Human beings are inherantly ignorant. I'm not trying to contradict your question, but I think you're giving the basic human too much credit to assume his behavior will automatically conform to such concepts as good and evil.

How many things in this world have been horribly screwed up not because we went out and wanted to horribly screw it up, but because we just didn't think things through?

Example: there's a lake on the side of a road in my town, and ducks hang out there. Often, you'll see people who have pulled their cars over and are feeding the ducks bread.

What they don't realise is that by doing so, they're inadvertantly removing the ducks' natural fear of cars. What happens later? Duck pate` a la` road side.

Granted, if these people realised what they were doing, they wouldn't. The harmful results of their actions aren't a result of malice, but simple ignorance of these results.

For the most part, human beings are a cosmically blind species that fumble around their planet, knocking over furniture on their way to the bathroom.
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[COLOR=Red][FONT=Comic Sans MS]No one is inherently good or evil. It depends on how you are raised that could determine that, but even then it is uncertain whether you could be good or evil in the long run. Everyone has the power in them to do either, so I don't think anyone is inherently good or evil. I mean what about those stories of the ex-convict who turned his/her life around, they were once "evil" but now are "good." There is no real way to define things when someone could be either good or evil at any moment.

It's not really possible to define good or evil, because what you might think of as good or evil might be the opposite to someone else. As far as I know Hitler probably thought he was doing good by "cleansing" the races and all, but that's in the eyes of he and his followers. In our eyes he was evil, a monstrous man murdering the innocent. Yeah, I believe he was evil, but he didn't. To him people of "unclean" blood were evil, and he was good. It's all subjective and varies with different people's opinion of the meaning of good and evil. So this applies even with humanity as an overall.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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I'd have to say that humans are inherently good. If you think about it when your really young all you care about is yourself. All you want is to personally have a good time all the time and although in doing so you may hurt somebody it isn't as if you had any malicious intentions towards them in doing so. Before taught otherwise all you try to do is be happy all the time. Once tainted by the ideas forced upon you by society things get a little more complicated and you can go either way but inherently humans don't have malicious intentions for one another or anything else for that matter its all about making yourself happy.
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