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The Lollypop [M - VSL]

Guest Sean

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Ah...OB Parodies, they bring a tear to my eye. For everyone reading:
Sean = Treno
Annie = Annalisse
Josh = JJRiddler
Jamie = Saishi

That is all the characters so far, be prepared for more than one Chapter though. XD

[U][B]Teh Lolly![/B] (Chapter 1 XD)[/U]

[b]Sean[/b]: Annie! Give it to me! ;_;

[b]Annie[/b]: Nope!

Annie grinned greatly as Sean began to break down into a tantrum, he started to kick really fast as he lay down on the ground.

[b]Sean[/b]: But I want it! You promised me?

[b]Annie[/b]: Did I now ~_^

[b]Sean[/b]: Yes :_; *sniffle*

[b]Josh[/b]: Sean you dumbass, you don?t beg the poor girl!

[b]Annie[/b]: I know ;_; I thought I taught you

[b]Sean[/b]: Taught me well, >_> Yeah?

Sean pounced on Annie at this moment, everyone in the room clearing away from a collapsing couple, they both hit the ground with a tremendous thud, leaving in the mist, Sean pinning Annie to the surface of the room. Josh looked to the roof, and Jamie burst out laughing.

[b]Sean[/b]: What? ;_;

Annie grinned pulling out an unseen object, being unseen, Sean never seen it, and when he turned back around to Annie he finally saw a little red bottle, with a nozzle top. Annie sprayed it. Needless to say, that Sean got off Annie at that point of time and clutched onto his eyeballs.

[b]Annie[/b]: XD Pepper Spray, never leave home without it.

Josh, now being in a fit of hysterics, Annie whacked him across the head, she looked suspiciously around the room.

[b]Jamie[/b]: Look at the poor boy?*gives Sean lollypop*

[b]Sean[/b]: WHEE! *suckles lolly*

[b]Annie[/b]: O_O *whacks Jamie* ? *steals lolly*

[b]Jamie[/b]: ;_; head?

[b]Sean[/b]: ;_; lolly?

Annie shook her head, and then flashed the lolly and got Sean?s attention again. She smiled again, and Josh burst out laughing.

[b]Sean[/b]: Shut up >_<

[b]Annie[/b]: Here boy![/COLOR]
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[Color=DarkBlue][Size=1]I can't believe you decided to make this into a story. I must kill you now for untold reasons.

PS: Yes, I cracked a smile more tha once, because it was that funny.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]I just made this because I was really bored, but since two people enjoyed it, I'll make it less n00b-ish. Heh. Yeah, I never thought anyone would like it.

So next Chapter will be up in a while, where I'll put more detail in it, but not that much Josh. XD[/COLOR]
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