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I need help with a Gundam Perfect Grade..


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[COLOR=Blue]Hey out there. It's Dragonboym2, and I'm having some trouble with building my GW Wing Zero Custum Perfect Grade model.

It's a great model, but so far all I got is the legs, and the weapons. The arms I have to put back together because I put them together wrong, and for some reason the screws they gave me for the arm joint won't go in all the way.
But the biggest deal I have is, that putting things in there. I put in a screw, and turn it over put in another screw, and it falls out. I need some way to keep them in place, so I can finish this thing. From there, I can finish the damn arms, and go on to the lower torso, upper torso, etc.

Can anyone out there give me some advice? I would like to get it done, so I can get a Zeta Gundam PG.
Thanks, I appreate it.


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[b][size=1]Try this:[/size][/b]

[b][size=1]There's this great stuff called "Lock Tight"- you can usually get it wherever snowboarding equipment is sold. It works kind of like super glue, but it's great for keeping screws in place in the threads...[/size][/b]

[b][size=1]Come to think of it, you could probably find it at the hardware store, as well...[/size][/b]
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[quote name='Dragonboym2][color=blue']Some of the parts are metal. (Bolts, screws, etc.) Is it strong enough for metals?[/color][/quote]
[b]Yep... sometimes obnoxiously strong (ie: you can't get the bolt/ screw out at a later time, when you need to)[/b]
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