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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duel of the Century (PG-13:V,L)


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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue] [FONT=Courier New] Chapter 1: Saiyuki?s Trap- Pt. 1

Yugi and the gang are at Yugi's card shop. Yugi looks at them sadly. ?It seems empty without Grandpa.? Téa comes over and sits next to him. "Everything's gonna be alright Yugi. Your grandpa would be proud of you." She gives Yugi a kiss. Tristan, Serenity, Mai, Duke and Joey all oooooooh very cutely. Yugi blushes. "I guess you're right Tea." Then, the doorbell rings. Serenity gets up. "I'll get it." She heads over and opens the door. Standing there are Seto Kaiba and Mokuba. Kaiba talks in his normal stern voice. "Yugi, long time no see. I have a favor to ask of you and your pals." Joey scowls. He remembers how mean Kaiba was 15 years ago. Yugi gets up from the couch and heads over to him. "What kind of favor do you mean?" Kaiba and Mokuba sit at the table. Kaiba folds his hands and places his chin on top. "It seems that my fifteen year old son, Saiyuki, is planning to trap all of us in the virtual world." Everyone gasps. Mokuba speaks up. "Also, Saiyuki wants to take over Kaiba Corp. just like what Pegasus and Noah were trying to do." Duke goes over to the table. "How do we stop him?" Kaiba lowers his head. "Glad you asked, dice boy. The only way to stop Saiyuki is to go into his virtual world and duel through eighteen levels, each level has a boss that we've dueled before." Duke yells. "I don't even have a deck. So how'd you suppose I duel?" Mokuba looks at him. "Duke, you won't be dueling with cards, you'll be dueling with your dice. You see, every boss will have both a duel disk and a dungeon dice monsters playing field." Duke jumps up. "Then, I'm in." Everyone else nods. Joey looks at his sister. "Serenity, dis'll be ya first maja duel. Are ya sure ya wanna go through wi dis?" Serenity nods. "Of course I do, Joey. I mean, I've even beaten Yugi in a duel my third year of dueling." Yugi looks at them. "That's right. Serenity knew every single one of my strategies from watching my past duels." Tristan looks at Kaiba. "Kaiba, I've never even dueled before." Kaiba looks at Tristan. "No problem. I have cards here that you can use to create your deck. Even everyone can use my cards." Kaiba opens up his silver briefcase, revealing all of his cards. "Let's get creative with those decks." Serenity heads over first. Mai looks at Serenity, a little confused. "Serenity, where's your deck?" Serenity responds without even looking up. "I left it at home." Serenity kneels down and looks at the cards. "Joey, what were your cards in Duelist Kingdom?" Joey thinks. "Basically, it's my deck now minus the Claw of Heremos card." Serenity chuckles. "Thanks big brother. I'm gonna make the same deck that you had in Duelist Kingdom." Serenity searches through Kaiba's briefcase to find all the cards in Joey's Duelist Kingdom deck. Serenity heads over to Joey to make sure that her deck and Joey's deck from the time he dueled Yugi in Duelist Kingdom matched. "Every card is right sis." Kaiba goes over and places a hand on Serenity's shoulder. "Serenity, I'll let you keep that deck if you promise to help us stop Saiyuki." Serenity nods. "I'll do it Kaiba. Anyone that's not playing fair will have to be defeated." Meanwhile, at a big office building, on the sixteenth floor, a light can be seen from the middle window. In there, Saiyuki Kaiba is preparing his deck, since he'll be the final boss. "Let's see. I'll make a deck that my father will wish he had thought of." He chuckles menacingly. He goes through all 30,000 of his duel monsters cards that he stores on his Card Database program. He searches through his dragon section first. "Hmmm... I'll choose Tri-Horned Dragon, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Seiyaryu and Yamadron." He enters them in his deck list. Then he goes over to his Spellcaster section. "Let's see. I think I'll choose two Dark Magicians, Dark Paladin, Gemini Elf, Dark Magician Girl, Right Leg of the Forbidden One, Left Leg of the Forbidden One, Right Arm of the Forbidden One, Left Arm of the Forbidden One, Exodia the Forbidden One, Skilled White Magician and Skilled Dark Magician." He also adds them to his deck list. He searches through his warrior section. "I'll choose Buster Blader, Dark Magician Knight and Millennium Shield." As he adds them to his deck, a man dressed in black comes in. "Excuse me, Mr. Saiyuki. It seems that your father is recruiting the King of Games and his little friends." Saiyuki turns to him. "That's just what I wanted my father to do Jackson." Jackson bows and leaves the room. Saiyuki turns back to his computer program. "Now, on to the machine section." He clicks on the machine section. "I choose the Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon." He then goes to the reptile section and chooses Des Feral Imp. He then heads to the rock section. "Hmmm... I'll choose Alpha the Magnet Warrior, Gamma the Magnet Warrior, Beta the Magnet Warrior and Valkyrion the Magna Warrior." Then, he enters the beast section. "For my beasts, I'll choose Ojama Yellow, Ojama Black and Ojama Green." He then clicks on the winged-beast area. "For winged-beasts, I'll choose Punished Eagle, Blue-Winged Crown and Niwatori." Saiyuki then finds the beast-warrior section. From there he chooses Nin-Ken Dog. After, he goes into the magic area. "For the magic cards, I'll choose Knight's Title, Pot of Greed, Card Destruction, Change of Heart, Monster Reborn, Dark Magic Attack, Infinite Cards, Graceful Charity, Graceful Dice, Ojama Delta Hurricane!, Polymerization, Scapegoat and Mystical Space Typhoon." He then heads over to the trap section. "Let's see. I'll choose Metalmorph, Magical Hats, White Hole, Anti Raigeki and Skull Dice." He then clicks on create and his deck comes through the card port which looks like a miniature deck slot on the duel disks. He then lets out a menacing chuckle. Back at Yugi?s card shop, Duke is looking through his dice to see which ones he?ll use. [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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"Master Dimitrikov?"

"Ah, yes, that is me."

"I'm the representative from Kaiba Corp; I'll be escorting you to the virtual tournament."

Alexander nodded slowly, still a bit intimidated; Domino, Japan, was a much larger city than any he'd been in before, and any city was huge compared to the village he grew up in.

However, there he was a big fish in a small pond; he'd be regonized as the Eastern European Duel Monsters champion for the past three years. This was how he'd gained the attention of Kaiba Corporation, as they organized this mysterious Virtual Tournament.

he slid into the back of the KC limo and meant to review his deck, but rather looked out the window, amazed by the sights.

Eventually, the limo arrived at the KC Tower. "Here we are, sir. You'll be shown to the tournament site inside; please enjoy your stay."
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][FONT=Courier New]?I?ll use two Warp Vortex dice, Orgoth the Relentless, Battle Warrior, Knight of Twin Swords, Medical Aid Kit, Strike Ninja, Flame Swordsman, Harpie Lady, Killer Needle, Mighty Mage, Meteor B. Dragon, Witch?s Apprentice, Jinzo and Time Machine.? He places them in his case. Yugi looks at Téa. ?Hon, you haven?t dueled in a couple of months, do you think you?ll be able to duel now?? Mean while, back at Saiyuki's office, Jackson came up to Saiyuki. "Mr. Saiyuki, one of the duelists, Alexander Dimitrikov, is here." Saiyuki turns to Jackson. "Thank you Jackson. I'll personally go welcome Mr. Dimitrikov myself." Jackson bows and leaves the room. Saiyuki goes to the elevator and heads down to the lobby. As soon as Saiyuki reaches the lobby he sees Alexander looking around the lobby, amazed at how big it is. "Welcome to my tournament Mr. Dimitrikov. My name is Saiyuki Kaiba, the one who organized this little tournament. I hope you have your identification card that you got from the game?" Alexander checks his pockets and pulls out his card. "Here it is. When will the duels start?" "The duel will start two days from now, when we have everyone here." Saiyuki looks at Jackson. "Jackson, would you be so kind as to escort Mr. Dimitrikov to his room?" Jackson nods. "Yes, sir." Jackson grabs Alexander's bags and gets on the elevator with Alexander. He presses the button for the fourth floor. When the door opens, Jackson looks at Alexander. "Follow me. Your room is the second door on the right. Hope you like it." Alexander grins. He thinks to himself. "I hope that Yugi, Joey, Mai, Tristan, Serenity, Kaiba, Mokuba, Duke and Téa are coming. I sure would like to meet Yugi." He enters the room. The room looks like a fancy hotel room with the works. "Mr. Dimitrikov, Mr. Saiyuki has ordered me to give the duelists free meals, so anything you want to eat, just ask me." Alexander nods. "Thanks Jackson." [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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Alexander dropped his bags in his room, sighing slightly as he sat down in a chair. He was exhausted from the flight over, but was also too wound-up to sleep.

"Vell, if I am too tired to see the sights, then I suppose I have no choice but to prepare for the tournament. If I have two days, I vill train today and tour the city tomorrow."

There was a small table attatched to the wall, with a screen alligned to the wall next to it. "Vhat is this?" Xander wondered aloud. He pressed a button on the side.

"Welcome, guest duelist. Please feel free to use the Kaiba Corp dueling simulation computer to practice for the tournament."

Alexander sat down and placed his deck on the table. The screen in front of him showed the computer's hand. "Make your first move, guest duelist."

"Very vell; I play my Vampire Lady in Defense mode!"

As he placed the card on the table, a six-inch holographic image of the monster rose from the table; Alexander gasped. He'd never dueled using a holographic system before.

"And the one in the tournament vill be far more advanced..." he realised slowly.

This would be fun.

He continued dueling against the computer for several hours, then got some sleep.
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][FONT=Courier New]The next day, Seto and the others were outside Saiyuki's office. Seto looks at the others. "My son is expecting us. Everyone got their card that came with Duel of the Century?" Everyone shows Seto their card. He nods. Jackson comes out and greets them. "Good morning. I am Jackson. Mr. Saiyuki is expecting you. Will you please show me your identification card." Everyone shows Jackson their cards. "Excellent. Please come with me. The fourth floor is where all duelists will be staying for the tournament." They head to the elevators and ride to the fourth floor. "Yugi Motou, you'll be in the first room on the right." Yugi heads to his room. Jackson turns to Joey. "Mr. Wheeler, your room is the first one on the left. You'll be sharing accommodations with Serenity Wheeler." Serenity gives her big brother a high five. Duke looks at Jackson. "Where will I be?" "Mr. Devilin, you'll be staying in the third room on the right." Duke grabs his bags and heads to his room. "What about me?" Mai asks in her whiny voice. "Ah, Mrs. Wheeler, you'll be staying with Mr. Wheeler and Serenity." Mai grabs her bags and slowly walks away. Tristan turns to Jackson. "Jackson, where will I be staying?" "Mr. Taylor, you'll be staying in the second room on the left." Tristan grabs his bags and runs to his room. "Mr. Kaiba, Saiyuki told me to let you and your brother stay in the special room. It's the fifth on the left." Seto gives Jackson his traditional look. "Thanks. Oh, just one more thing. Don't call me 'Mr. Kaiba.' Ever since Battle City, I had my employees call me that." Jackson nods. "Everyone, the duels will begin tomorrow at eight o'clock sharp. So be up by seven-thirty to prepare your things." Jackson walks back to the elevator. He pulls out his cell phone. "Mr. Saiyuki, everyone's here. When we capture your father and the others in the virtual world, nothing will stop you from taking over Kaiba Corp." Saiyuki folds his hands. "Excellent Jackson. Tomorrow, no one will even remember the name Seto Kaiba." He lets out a menacing chuckle. [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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Jon walked up to the baggage claim in the Domino Airport. He looked around wondering just how far from the hotel he was, and how he was to get there. It had been over 15 years since he last saw his cousins. Word had it they made friends with the great Duelist Champion Yugi Motou, and that Joey had even married Mai Valentine. But those could just be rumors fabricated by his over exagerative mother. Either way, Jon was bent on making retribution for the wrongs of his past. They weren't his fault, but that's not what Joey thought when he left. That's why Jon was here now, he didn't care about Saiyuki or his attempt to overthrow Kaiba Corp, for all Jon cared he could have it. But he was invited to this little test of his for some new virtual world, and there was no way Jon would miss this great opportunity to prove his dueling skills in this highly coveted game. At the same time, Jon could reunite with his cousins and start all over again.

[COLOR=Red]Mister Wheeler?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Depends on who's asking.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]My name is Jackson, I was sent by Mr. Kaiba to bring you to the hotel where the duelists for his virtual world will be staying. Your bags have already been claimed by the limo driver, so if you are ready sir, we can be on our way now.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Fine, this view was getting old anyway. Let's go see my cousin, I am sure he will die to see me again.[/COLOR]

Jon followed Jackson to a nearby limo and got in atking note of every little detail. The seats were of a rare leather and died a dark blue. There was a mini bar stocked with all kinds of drinks and food most normal people could only dream of. In the middle of the limo was a small television screen suspended from the ceiling and a cable ran off to the side where it was connected to a series of entertainments. A DVD player, PS2, X Box and Gamecube, not to mention a strange laptop. The lights were dimmed but gave off just enough glow for Jon to ba able to make out the person sitting on the opposite side of the limo.

[COLOR=DarkGreen]So, you are the great duelist from America? I was expecting someone a little tougher, but I guess you seem to have enough edge about yourself.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Watch it bub! You have no idea who you are talking to, besides, I'm not the little wimp hiding in the shadows of a limo now am I?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen]Tuché. But you are wrong about one thing, I know exactly who you are Wheeler. While many believe you hide behind your last name hoping to gain respect 'cause of that contestible cousin of yours, I know the true power your name holds. By the end of this little game, the world will no longer hear the name Wheeler and think of that pushover Joey, they will hear it and be in awe of the great Jon! That's why you're here isn't it? To prove to your cousin you aren't as worthless as he thinks you to be? You want the power over Joey to show you can take care of yourself. Well I can give you that power Wheeler. I can make you the strongest duelist out there. All youy have to do is abandon your cousin and his friends, and join me. Together we can take over Kaiba Corp and then the world![/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]And just who do you think you are! You think you can "read" my mind and tell me what I want to hear and I'll do as you wish. Well forget it. I work for no one, and I will never abandon family. I have come to make amends for the past we lost, and help my cousins in any way I can. And just who exactly do you think you are anyway? You think this game will give you enough leverage to take over Kaiba Corp!? You must dumber than I thought. First of all, Seto and his brother Mokuba will be joining us in this Virtual Game World, second, his son is in charge of all this, and he is the only one who even stands a chance of winning against me. So save yourself some time and embarassment and have the driver pull over so you can home now![/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen]You sure do have guts and confidence don't you Wheeler? Well, I guess I might as well show you who I am.[/COLOR]

The figure leaned forward into the light revealing himself to Jon.


[COLOR=DarkGreen]That's right Jon, I am your host for the events ahead. Join me Wheeler, and you can have all the power you want, not to mention the leverage to rejoin your family. Think of it Wheeler, with the power I can give you, you can get those cousins of yours to respect and fear you. I control this game, and I can male you any boss you want.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Then here's the terms. You will make the boss of the first level, that way I can surprise my cousins and show my dueling skills. But no matter the outcome of the duel, I am free to do as I wish. You get a powerful duelist to stop that father of yours, and I get my family. But don't get disillusioned Saiyuki, I am in no way siding with you, but I will be the first obstacle in this game of yours.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen]As you wish Jon, you can be the first, but just remember this, you lose, you are to join your cousin and fight for your life like the others. I will make no exceptions to those that lose my game. But tonight, get your rest, you will need it. And be careful Jon, I gave you chance to fully side with me, but go against me and you will have the most powerful enemy you could imagine![/COLOR]

The limo stopped outside the hotel and Jon was led out and to the fourth floor. Jon presented his identification card to Jackson and was taken to the seventh room where he was to stay until morning where he would be introduced into the game as the First Boss. Jon only prayed that his first opponent would be Joey, otherwise, his plans would crumble. It was agonizing knowing his cousins were just a few rooms away from him, but the knowledge that he would be able to surprise his cousins gave him the ultimate joy.
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Days earlier in the slums of a city somewhere in Russia, four duelists are reaching the end of the match. Three on one team duel. The three men are wearing heavy winter clothing while the single figure standing alone wears but a simple, black-hooded robe.

Lifepoints:2000, 1000, 3000 against 550

"I'll put my 'Cyberstein', into defense mode. And attack with Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon!" the first man says.

The face down moster reveals that it is a Watapon, just before it is torn to shreds. The robed man is just as calm as ever with only one other face-down monster to protect himself.

"Now I will activate defusion to turn Ultimate into three other blue eyes! Now I can attack three more times!"The first Blue Eyes destroys the facedown to reveal..

"BRAIN JACKER'S ABILITY HAS BEEN ACTIVATED!" announces the robed man. The monster attaches itself to the second Blue Eyes. The controlled Blue Eyes moves to it's new master's side.

"You can't let him have a Blue Eyes! Sacrifice your third one to destroy his!" shouts the second man.

"ATTACK!" The Two Blue-Eyes are destroyed in a blinding blue light. "I'll end my turn by placing two cards face down."

The robed man places his fore fingers over his deck and begins to chant. "I DRAW!" He lays his gaze upon the card, reading the title. "It is over. I DREW 'SNATCH STEAL'! BUT BEFORE I PLAY IT I WILL ACTIVATE 'HEAVY STORM' TO WIPE THE FIELD CLEAN!"

"Not so fast! I reveal face-down trap card 'Imperial Order'! Now your Magic is useless as well as your 'Snatch Steal'!" the third man points out.

"Not unless I have this!" The robed man reveals 'Mystical Space Typhoon'. "I will chain 'MST' to your 'Imperial Order' to negate its effect as a chain! Now watch as your 'Imperial Order' falls and the rest of all of your cards go along with it!" The cards blow away into oblivion.

"ACTIVATE 'SNATCH STEAL' NOW!" The Blue Eyes is taken over. "Activate 'Monster Reborn' for your other Blue Eyes.'Change of Heart' on your 'Cyberstein'. And now I summon 'Slate Warrior'! Good-bye!!" The three deadly monsters attack to finish off the three duelists, as they dissapear into the shadows.

"That is the last time you will challenge someone to a Shadowgame," the robed man says as he tears the 'Cyberstein' card into shreds.

Another person walks into the alleyway. "You must be Mr. Freidon."

"Who wants to know?"

"I come with news of another Kaiba Tournament."

"Then speak up." The man's smile can be seen under his hood as he slightly touches the hilt of his sword.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=3][FONT=Book Antiqua]Oliver entered the airport in Domino city and looked around. It was much bigger than the airport in Australia. As he waited for more duelist to arrive he flipped throw his deck.

[I] I can?t wait to get into the virtual world that master created [/I]

Jackson appeared behind him ? Oliver, master would like to see you before tomorrow ?s dueling tournament begins.?

?All right o? chum I?ll git goen? said Oliver before departing to the limo that was parked out side waiting for him.

When he reached the room at the top of the skyscraper he began to knock.

?Come in Oliver, I?ve been expecting you? said a voice said

?I wish you would not do that Saiyuki it really bugs me mate? said Oliver.

I?m a little concerned with the new deck you?ve built,? said Saiyuki ? I don?t think it can stand up to the rest of the world I?m putting together. And you know the trap is set for my father and his friends so?if they lose then they become permanent residents of my land, but if you or Jackson lost then you?d be trapped in the game forever, and I wouldn?t want that. So I request that for your own safety you make a new deck, yours is so out dated.?

?Well..okay I try..? said Oliver looking at the card data base. Lets see I would want? nothing.? Oliver looked up ? I?m sorry but I trust my deck I would never leave it, or change it?

?Very well Oliver, go to your room and await for the tournament to begin?
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Jon spent half the night reviewing his deck for old time's sake. The other half was spent vigorously pouring over the databse provided to him by Jackson. Jon found out every strategy and card Joey, Yugi, Mai and Kaiba had used in their past duels. Jon then reprepared his deck accordingly in aniticipation of the events soon to come.

*[I]Knock Knock[/I]*

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Who's there?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]'Ello Mate! It's Oliver![/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Come in, if you must![/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]Well, there's a welcome if I ever heard one. Jus' came to introduce meself. I 'eard about your deal with the Master, but let me warn you. Cross him and you won't come out of this alive. Git me drift mate?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Look here Aussie, I have no interest in your menial threats. If I were you, I'd save them for the game, 'cause in duel monsters, you can easily distinguish the men from the boys. Now leave me alone, in a matter of hours we will determine who is worthy of this little game, and who should have stuck to Candy Land![/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]Aight Ol' chum, no need to git cross. Just some friendly banter you know. But guess I'll git goen.[/COLOR]

[I][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Just who do these guys think they are? They don't know the first thing about this game, and yet here they are puffing out their chest towards me like they created the game. In all my years, I have only found one duelist who could defeat me, Pegasus. As far as my cousin and the "King of Games" is concerned, well I'll just see about them soon enough.[/COLOR][/I]

[I]Knock Knock[/I]

[COLOR=Orange]Sir, the game is about to begin. Mr. Kaiba requests your presence at the entrance so you can be integrated into the game phase. The players are being breifed now and will be venturing on their quest soon. It is recommended that all level bosses report to their castle in the game immediately and await your victims. And sir, Mr. Kaiba also wanted me to warn you about his end of the deal. Fail to defeat Mr. Wheeler, and you will immediatley start the game from the beginning as a player to then fight to get out. Good Luck.[/COLOR]

Jon quickly got dressed in his "dueling outfit" and left for the platform for level one. The plan was to force Joey to challenge him, and find a way to join his cousin and beat the game. But the key was to fight Joey, if he faced any other, he would be forced to beat them. The catch: he couldn't let Saiyuki catch whif of his plans.

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