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Falling of Dreams [M -LVS]


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[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=SeaGreen]Damion smiled, trying to keep from vanishing back into the black waves of dizziness. All he could focus on was Sarah's beautiful face and soft eyes staring back at him. He couldn't believe she had come back. He was so overjoyed and wanted to kiss her, but he knew that moving would cause him to fall back into the black waves.

Damion was about to say something when the door burst open and Jarrod rushed in, his breath short.

"Sire," Jarrod bowed quickly. "Forgive me," he added upon seeing Sarah.

Damion turned to him, Sarah dropped her hands and turned to look at the man. He was large, like Damion, but his face was hardened with the many years of torture and battles he had endured. His fine flaxen hair was cut short and was scattered about his face. His heavy metal armor made quite a racket when he moved and his pale blue eyes seemed to be missing something.

"What is it?" Damion said bitterly, receiving a hardened glance from Sarah. He cringed slightly as he waited for Jarrod's reply.

"Sire," Jarrod stood back up. "The rebellion has started and Asher rides to the city gates!"

"WHAT!" Damion sat up quickly, despite Sarah trying to usher him to lay again.

"They have taken many of the outer posts, Sire. And they try to take hold of your nobles and some have already turned."

Damion swayed lightly, grabbing his head. "Marquise?" growled Damion.

"Yes and many others, Sire."

"Call Lysander, Raymond, Adler and Michael to me at once! Rally the men here at the castle to stop the current attack. Send Ashrel to me at once!"

"Of course, Sire." Jarrod bowed, his eyes flickering to Sarah for a moment before leaving.


Jarrod rushed through the halls, his armor making enough noise to warn any one in the way to move. He rushed first to the knight and guard quarters, yelling commands for them to rally in the front court yard in full line up and to call upon the horsemen. Once the word had spread, Jarrod rushed through the building in search of Ashrel.

"Ashrel!" a voice called above the noise. The castle was in chaos as it prepared to take upon the rebel force.

The woman turned from the slave before her to see Jarrod approaching her, full armor and all.

"What is it that you want?" She snarled at the man.

"Damion wishes to see you in his chamber and you'll be happy to know that his favorite pet is with him." Jarrod smiled wickedly at Ashrel. She sneered at him.

"Is it true, the rebellion that is?" Amaya said boldly, standing just off to the side from Ashrel.

"Yes," Jarrod said quickly before he made his way back into the castle and out to the front courtyard. Four hundred men had gathered, a hundred of them on horses, and all were ready to take on the rebels at the gates. Jarrod mounted his horse and rode the front line up to the gates.


"My Lord," a servant said as he approached Raymond. "Word has come from King Damion. He asks for you and your army to join against the revolt at the castle."

The small man, standing only at 5'6", turned to the servant. He wore the king's colors, green, silver and gold, and his symbol, the horse and tiger. Raymond nodded and sent the servant away. The noble pulled his long auburn hair back at the base of his neck and tied it with a bronze ribbon. His strong, angular facial features exposed and his rich chocolate eyes glowing with the anticapation of the coming battles. He rushed from his study to deliever the message and rally his own men.

A much similar event happened at Michael's, Adler and Lysander's estates. They drove their forces closer to the castle, not knowing that Damion knew that this battle would not end well. With not only his physical strength nearly gone, but his will to keep his power sliding with every moment he grows closer to Sarah. [/COLOR] [/FONT]

OOC: Well here we go kiddies! A war has started...let's see who will win :animesmil
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OOC: Here we go! I love using the laptop for internet service. ^__^

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Maaya was doing chores out in the courtyard when some of the castle's nobles walked by, whispering feverishly. "Have you heard? King Daimon has called on Lysander, Raymond, Adler and Michael to help him in this 'revolt'! Do you think that we may be required to fight as well?"
"I'm not sure. I've heard that Sir Rion Marquise is yet to be found."
"No, he has joined with the rebel, Asher Ravenblood! And Jacob is among their ranks."
They continued walking off while Maaya stood there, eavesdropping.

'Hmm. So that's what he was doing all along. It's not totally surprising.' She thought to herself as she looked down at her arms, which were wrapped in bandages up to her elbows. These small flesh wounds brought her back to the duel they had just a few nights ago. 'He is truly remarkable.'

'But the King in his current condition...will not last if he decides to fight...

The medicine I have given to him is more powerful than most, but it takes longer to become as effective as it should...'

A large explosion was heard throughout the city, and Maaya looked above the western castle walls. A large, ominous cloud of smoke appeared and she knew that this meant trouble. For the King anyway.

What would any of these rebels do to a slave girl? After all, she remembered that it was made clear that Asher's sister was once a slave here herself. If the worst occurred, Maaya would be fighting to save herself.

On either side, safety couldn't be guaranteed. However, that didn't mean that Maaya couldn't serve under either side. Time would just have to push the slave in making her life-changing decision.

The blade was sharpened up in her room, and that chamber wasn't far away from Maaya's current position. "I'll feel safer with that around my waist." She stopped what she was doing and walked upstairs to change out of those rags. 'Speaking of the King, I've been wondering, what made him take me instead of another slave girl to that little event in the square with those rebels? It seems like he would've taken Sarah. Oh well, it is the past and right now, there are more important things to worry about.'[/FONT][/COLOR]
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'Freedom to the people!' the rebel forces rang the battle cry. It'd been nearly three hours, and the fighting showed no sounds of stopping. Asher didn't care. He'd fight to the point of death, even beyond, if necessary. He risked a quick glance to the other men.

Thing's seemed to be going well. Most of his men were still alive and battle-worthy, they'd taken most of the outer posts and captured a few nobles.

'Freedom to the people!' Asher yelled, loud enough for his men to hear him over the din of battle, as he saw one of his men on the ground with an enemy sword about to fall.

Asher rushed the soldier, tackling him to the ground. The both rolled to their feet and squared off.

'Rebel swine!' the soldier spat, 'I'll have your head!'

The soldier swung, nearly decapitating Asher as he dropped to his knees and thrust his sword. The sword went through the man's shield, but not enough to hit him. The soldier threw the shield away, taking Asher's sword with it.

'Now you're unarmed, rebel.' the soldier gloated, raising his sword, 'I'll kill you, now, in the name of the king!' He cried as he brought the sword down.
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They all left, including Ashrel... she had given her nothing but sharp glances the entire time... she knew Ashrel was dying... word had spread around since Damion had found her...

She walked out with the rest of them, and Ashrel pulled her aside. "Remember your mark..." she said angrily as she pressed her hand so it appeared like she was giving her a "reassuring" squeeze, but she was pressing over the wound, and drawing out fresh blood. Sarah winced at the pain and pulled away.

"You will not scare me away, Ashrel... I do not wish to hurt you."

"How very noble of you slave... Damion may have changed your title, but nothing will remove who you are... you're a whore." she spatted.

Sarah stared at her as her eyes narrowed. "Your words are nothing to me, bitch. I know what I am. It is [i]you[/i] who should be worried about the person you are."

Ashrel stared at her and walked away. Sarah calmed herself down and went back into the room. Damion was holding his head as he went to go lay back down.

Sarah looked at Damion. His face creased in pain and agony... she hated seeing him this way. She hated seeing him in doubt. But she knew he had reason to be in doubt.. the people were going to fight him with a vengence... he had not ruled with a kind hand in his years as king...

She hesitated, but gently laid her hand on his head, and played with his hair. He looked at her, and she almost cried. She didn't want him to die.. she could feel... him changing. And it hurt... that he might have to pay for everything he had done... that he might... be killed in the end of this battle.

Trying to think of something else, she decided to change the subject. "I don't think too many people are taking kindly to the news of me being freed..." she said softly. He stared at her... she felt wanted here... not wanted for services... but because he enjoyed her prescence. Be wanted... made her feel good... in ways she never even realized were possible.

"I think... it's mainly because they are not freed..."

"I have no need for them now..." he whispered as he looked at her. Sarah smiled... she didn't even try to hide her relief... it was exactly what she wanted to hear.

"You should go Sarah... I don't know if Asher will spare anyone who is loyal to me..." he said looking at her.

Sarah looked at him. "You need to leave..."

"I can't... I won't run like a coward."

"You listen to me..." she said getting out of the chair, and sat on his bedside. "You may have wanted to show the world that you were not a force to be reckoned with... but you know you're changing... you're not that same person anymore... the Damion I love isn't the same angry man he was before..."

He looked at her, and picked up on the word love... his eyes were so soft... and loving... she kissed him softly and squeezed his hand... the mere look on his face was bringing her to tears...

"I'm going to see if there's nothing we can't do to give you strength... I'll be back." she said quickly as she left the room. She wasn't ready for the feelings he gave her... she needed some air.

She walked out to the main hall toward the kitchen when a hand touched her arm. She looked to her side and saw the man from earlier. "I don't think we've met properly..." he said smiling at her.

Sarah looked at the man... he was very cool about his business... one minute, he's spouting orders, and another minute he's getting himself acquainted with all the people in the castle.

"It's Sarah, and I'm really in a hurry..."

"Jarrod..." he said smiling. She looked at him... and nodded.

"I have to go... Damion needs to get his strength back..."

"Oh... you're on first names basis..." he said looking at her. She stared at him confused.

"I don't see how that has any significance to you."

"It doesn't... don't worry." he said as he touched her cheek softly. She stepped back as she looked at him. He winked at her and turned around as he walked away.

She was at a loss for words... she rubbed her arms nervously as she walked back to the kitchen.


Sarah knocked on the door, and entered and saw Damion standing by his window. His head bandage was black with stained blood and he stared at nothing. His hands were folded across his chest.

She laid the tray on the table and walked over to him... she suddenly felt cold... she was scared... that this would be the end. But she smiled... she didn't want people to see her scared. Damion looked at her, and she felt his eyes pierce through her and tear every defense she had. He saw her fear...

"Damion.... you need your rest, you have to save your strength."

"I don't need rest..." he said. She walked over to him and laid her head on his shoulder.

"I can't lose you.... please... get some rest..." she said softly.

OOC: Didn't want to go too far in my post... I hope this RPG doesn't end too soon... :)
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Ashrel looked at Amaya and gave a rare smile.
" If you wish to learn, then I will teach you."
Amaya bowed curtly.
" There is no need to bow anymore Amaya. I am changing back into my real self. You have no need to bow to me anymore," Ashrel said softly. Amaya looked Ashrel in the eyes. She could see that her eyes were softening ever so slowly.


Ashrel did not mean to be harsh to Sarah, but her jealousy of Sarah's relationship with Damion always made the green-eyed monster come out. Sighing to herself, Ashrel made her way slowly to the courtyard in which she and Amaya had decided to meet in for Amaya's first lesson.

Upon entering the courtyard, Ashrel saw Amaya standing there, fiddling nervously. Confronting the nervous girl, Ashrel withdrew both of her swords from their sheaths.
" Amaya, catch!" Throwing one of the perfectly balanced swords to Amaya, who turned around in surprise and caught it awkwardly.
" First rule of battle. Never let your opponent see that you are frightened of the outcome of battle - whether it be death, injury or victory." Amaya nodded.

Ashrel walked over to her and showed her the correct way of holding the sword. It glistened in the sun as the sounds of battle in the city outside the castle echoed through the air. Then Ashrel began showing her how to defend. Being able to defend well was more important than being able to attack at any level. Twirling around, Ashrel attacked Amaya furiously. Amaya's instincts saved her most of the time, but as the lesson progressed, Amaya learnt how to predict an opponent's move and block it easily. Before long, Amaya was blocking every single attack Ashrel threw at her.

" Well done Amaya. I haven't taught anyone before, other than myself, but you are doing splendidly."
" Thank you." Amaya went to bow but Ashrel caught her by the shoulder.
" Remember. You have no need to bow to me."
" Make I ask why?"
" You are higher than I. I have let my morals and life slip away. You are in higher respect than I."
Amaya was amazed at Ashrel's words, however, privately, she agreed.

" Now, lets continue. You've done well defending. Now lets concentrate on attacking." Ashrel held up one of her swords in a defensive position, waiting for Amaya to attack.

[b]OOC: Sorry I couldn't reply in the last chapter Aiyanna. But here is it.[/b][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR=SeaGreen][FONT=Arial Narrow]Damion turned his head carefully to look down at her. Her face was hidden amongst her hair and the warmth of her tears slid down his bare arm. He reached out and lifted Sarah's head by her chin, bringing her eyes up to him. He tried to smile, to comfort her, but knew that this would more than likely be his last battle. He rubbed her cheek gently with his thumb and tried to wipe away her tears.

The feel of her lips still lingered on his own, her delicate scent and taste racing across his mind. He didn't want to lose her or cause her more pain. He had done enough of that already. His heart ached and he wanted to turn away from her, but just couldn't bring himself to do so.

With a slight hesitation, Damion bent forward and gently laid his lips against her's. He waited for a moment, feeling her body rise to meet his, before he allowed himself to indulge in a more passionate kiss. He pulled her in front of him and gently pressed her body against his, desire and lust falling over him. He intangled both his hands in her hair and held her head delicately before he pulled back.

She looked up at him, her green eyes glossy and splendid, oh how he wished to have her by his side always.

"Will you please lay down?" Sarah begged again.

Damion smiled and nodded. "Only if you will lay next to me." He said softly.

Sarah seemed to catch her breath and she said nothing at first. He was hoping he hadn't done anything to cause her pain or discomfort. Suddenly she smiled and began to push him towards the bed. He did all he could not to show his satification as she got him back in bed and under the covers. He ran a gentle hand across her face as she laid next to him, the blankets seperating their clothed bodies, his nearly bare.

She cuddled close to him, placing her head on his chest and an arm over his waist as he engulfed her with one of his powerful arms and ran his fingers across her face before he difted back off to sleep.


Jarrod watched as the rebels fought fiercly against Damion's small army. Many had already fallen and he was rather taken back on how well the rebells were holding up.

He swung his large broad sword around and it smashed into the face of a rebel, nearly cutting his whole head in half. The man fell to the ground with out a word as Jarrod prepared to defend himself from an on coming attacker. A perfect parry and an outside swing, and the man fell, screaming, to the ground below.

Jarrod looked up for a moment, blood splashed across his armor and face. His five elite had done well to keep the rebels away from the gates, though the rest of the guards and knights seemed to be falling to hold up much, despite their numbers. Just about all on horses were now on foot.

"Now you're on armed rebel," Jarrod heard some one yell. He swung around to see Ravenblood and a soldier. The rebel leader was unarmed and the soldier was preparing to take his head, and what glory would come of it as well.

Ravenblood smiled as the soldier rushed at him. The boy jumped out of the way and knocked the man's knees out. The man fell forward and right onto his sword. The metal shot through his back and a cry fell from the fallen soldier's lips before he fell silent.

Jarrod shook his head and smiled as he prepared to defend the gate once more.


"Did you hear!" a slave girl rushed to Maaya and grabbed a hold of her hands.

They stood in the slave quarters, which was in chaos.

"No, what?" Maaya replied, puzzled by all the commotion.

"Damion has freed us all! He has sent us all free!" The girl screamed as she took Maaya's hands and jumped up and down in great joy.


"Because of the rebellion, Damion has sent us all free to do with our lives as we please!" the girl smiled broadly as she rushed from the slave quarters in great joy.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[font=Garamond][color=darkolivegreen]"Splendid day for battle, isn't it Harris?"

"Aye my lord, that it is..."

Lysander smiled down upon the skirmish that lay before Damion's kingdom from a nearby hilltop, listening to the faraway cries of pain and anger and watching distant battles unfold. The Rebel army seemed to be making a small yet powerfull impact upon the soldiers loyal to Damion. This all made Lysander scowl and 'tisk' as his mount shifted uneasily under him. It seemed that he would have to aid his new lord sooner rather than later, proving how weak he was against the average commoner.

Lysander shook black locks from his hair before he turned to his man-servant Harris, a fair man of only one and twenty, but wise beyond his years.

"Let the troops rest here, send fifty to battle, the rest will wait on my command." Lysander spoke smoothly, turning to look over the battle again. Harris nodded, averting his auburn gaze to the ground,

"Aye my Lord." He spoke softly, turning to a general to transfer orders, "He then turned back to Lysander, "Any furthur instructions my Lord?"

"Yes, You shall accompany me with five guards to the castle," He tugged at the silk gloves on his hands boredly, "I must have a word with Lord Damion on this matter at once."

With that, Lysander drove his steed down the hillside and on the outskirts of the battle, aiming for a rear entrance to the castle. His guards and Harris were not far behind as the rest of the ordered troops stormed towards the battle on steeds to assist their King's men. Lysander assumed that the distraction would give him time to slip into the castle unnoticed.

His assumptions prooved true as he soon found himself, Harris, and a few less guards than he started with dismounting in the courtyard. Lysander strode into the castle ignoring any hand servants that tried barring him from Damion's quarters.

The noble had soon found the doorway to his Lord's rooms and threw them open with ease. He stormed into the room, finding his King in bed with a young woman whom he did not recognise, although she seemed a bit startled at his entrance.

"Damion!" He shouted at the man in bed, not responding to any of the noise errupting around him, "Your soldiers are loosing their battle and here I find you bedding some Whore!"

Sarah jumped to her feet, a furrious glare in her eyes, "Out!" She screamed, not willing to take any gall from the rude noble, "Your King needs his rest and I will not stand for that title which you have so carelessly spat."

Lasander was now faced with an angry woman who obviously was not intimidated by him at all, yet the fact that she was so guttsy made him smile. He backed away and gave a short, curt bow,

"Great appologies my Lady," He said rather demeaningly as he sent a chilling glare at her, "Please allow my lord to rest, but inform him of his shortcommings as a ruller..."

Lysander cast one more dissapointed glance at the bed before he swept from the room, now off to find what could be done to keep the well being of the castle in tact.[/color][/font]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype]"Did you hear?!" a slave girl rushed to Maaya and grabbed a hold of her hands.

They stood in the slave quarters, which was in chaos.

"No, what?" Maaya replied, puzzled by all the commotion.

"Damion has freed us all! He has sent us all free!" The girl screamed as she took Maaya's hands and jumped up and down in great joy.


"Because of the rebellion, Damion has sent us all free to do with our lives as we please!" The girl smiled broadly as she rushed from the slave quarters in great joy, leaving Maaya even more puzzled.

'This doesn't feel right. He must know of his fate...' She thought to herself as she walked through the door to what was her room.

She ran for the blade under her bed and held it like it was her own child. "There's nowhere else for me to go. What could I possibly do? I could stay here without much notice and be free, or go back outside of these walls and do whatever a certain man tells me. I won't allow it." She said to herself and all of a sudden felt drowsy. "I can't let go of my new freedom..." She mumbled as she fell asleep.


Maaya woke up and it was dark outside. She was still in those rags and the blade was still clutched in her hands. She thought all was well until she began to hear the screams of women and children coming from outside. They were faint, but she ran to the window with urgency regardless.

The sight she saw was breathtaking. Fires were scattered about the city and smoke was rising quickly. Something had to be done about the fighting. Either join it, or wait for it.

Maaya wasn't the type to wait. She got changed into the same clothes that she dueled with Sir Marquise in and grabbed her blade. First, she was to see if there was anyone else in the castle as aware of the situation as she was.

But when Maaya walked outside, the halls were a mess with clothes, sheets and anything else one could think of. She stepped around these things and walked around to the Center Court.

There was no one there either.

It was like the castle was abandoned just recently.

But surely the King, Sarah, and Ashrel wouldn't have left...

Or would they?

"I have to keep looking." Maaya said to herself.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]Jacob; riding his horse Oblivion...entered the town of Asta...behind him followed four men on horseback. Everyone in the streets glared up at them as they made there way to the center of the town.

He had changed a lot since that day, since his fight with Damion. Wearing leather armor, holding his fathers long claymore on his back; he finally stopped in the center of the town, drawing everyones attention. The other four laid back in the streets.

Everyone in Asta knew that that war was upon them...one even noticed Jacob.

"You're Jacob Reise are you not" as Jacob came to a halt. A space was cleared around Jacob as the man in the crowd spoke...coming forward as Jacob looked down on them with those blue eyes of his.

"You're the one who's been going from town to town...bringing more people into the rebellion, killing Damion's forces on your way." he continued.

"He can't be Jacob Reise...he's seven feet tall, and kills men by the hundreds." yelled out one of the young men standing in the crowd.

"Yes...if I were Jacob Reise" as Jacob replied with a smile and a slight chuckle. "He would be able to face the armies of Damion; shooting fireballs from his eyes...and lighting from his arse."

Everyone in the crowd laughed at his humor...

"I am Jacob Reise!"

"We don't want to be part of this rebellion" yelled out another from the crowd. Just as quickly...the crowd was in an uproar.

"There are too many...we have heard that the leader of this rebellion, Asher, has landed an attack upon Damion's castle...outnumbered..." added the man who walked up to Jacob before...his name was Dante.

"We don't want to die at the hands of Damion's army...so we will stay away."

"Aye...if you stay away from this...you will live..." as Oblvion paced back and forth, as Jacob continued to look at them all. "But what will you do without freedom?"

"Your father was a patriot Jacob..." replied Dante..."I remember him fighting in the war against Damion's takeover...do you wish to follow in his same footsteps...you know it is feutile to fight against Damion...he is too strong. Why not let us live out our lives in peace..."

"Aye..." replied Jacob..."I myself want to live a life of peace; to harvast crops...and God willing...to have a family once again...but..." as he took a pause

"Fight, and you may die...run...and you will live. At least a while...*long pause* and dying in your beds...many years from now. *pause* but...would you be willing to trade, all the days from this day to that...for one chance! Just one chance!...to say to our enemies...that they may take our lives...but they will never take....OUR FREEDOM!" Jacob's voice was profound and direct; seeping into the hearts of the crowd. At first they were left speechless...till the end...they roared with patriotism. Oblivion ran in a circle, Jacob raising his fathers claymore up into the air.

Coming to a stop..."My friends...my countrymen...this is our chance. Do not flee from this...search inside yourselves...and seek what you truly want. Our lands; our lives were taken from us by a force not of our own. Only by taking our kings throne did Damion recieve such a title as king."

"I see...a whole army of my countrymen...here, wanting to stand in defiance of tyranny...able to fight for your freedom...*pause* free men you are, and together...we will combine our forces with Asher, and create our own fate."

Jacob ushered Oblivion to move as he left the city; the crowd spreaded, letting him pass through. The four others followed suit and followed.

"Do you think that some will come?" replied one of the men at his side as they stopped outside the town gates.

"Fine speech Jacob...but do you think it was enough?" asked another.

Suddenly...horses could be heard within the town, as dozens of men on horseback flooded out of the town with swords, spears, and bows...lead by Dante who rod up next to Jacob.

"Seventy men in total Jacob...we are with you. Do you truly think that we will be able to bring down Damion?'' Dante asked...

"I don't think...I know that we can.'' answered Jacob has he rod off down the dirt path. As the now group of seventy-five shot down the path, a horde of over two three hundred men came into view...all camped out beside a forest. Jacob motioned for the others to stay as he prepared to go off to the next town.

[I]We need more...[/I] "Keith...'' asked Jacob to one of the four who was following him. "Send word to Asher and Sir Marquise of our rally...that they are not alone. Ask Marquise as well if he would like to discuss a strategy to fight this war. Asher's intentions are pure...but foolhearted. We must plan this together...to take out the surrounding castles before taking on Damion and his armies full force."

"Understood..." as Keith rode in the opposite of Jacob now heading to a new town.[/SIZE] [/COLOR]

OOC: You want a war demonchild...I will give you one :D :p And yes...I know that it has a lot of references to the movie "Braveheart"...but it works:)
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[SIZE=1]OOC: It's late as crap... I needed to post this quickly.


Rion strode to the gates as quickly as he could without looking suspicious. He could deal serious damage to Daimon's men while their backs were turned to them. Realizing he could not kill enough without dying himself to make a difference, he ran back inside the castle. Taking a torch off a wall, he carried it up to a high turrent, a vacant one. He burned the bed and everything else inside, setting fire to many rooms, be it with servants or none, he torched all of them. If he encountered a room with people, he sternly told them to leave or die. It was their desicion. Eventually, he decided he had enough of the castle smoldering, so he sprinted back out towards the gates. A great multitude of the guards ran from the battle to save their burning castle.

Rion smiled with delight, as it was enough to give the rebels a chance. He turned his head, and caught a glimpse of Ashrel teaching a servant swordplay. He had no idea, and harbored no interest, so he looked back at the battle. It was going better, as Daimon's forces had to divide themselves between the castle, which was slowly burning in small portions, or the fray at the gates.

"Please, Asher. Push forward. If I become involved now... I'll be killed by the great number of men." He whispered to himself, watching the violent maelstrom of combat devour men whole. War was a red, raging beast, that consumed people in hate and destroyed all things.[/SIZE]
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OOC: Be prepared to die!! How dare you set my castle ablaze!! :animeangr


[FONT=Arial Narrow][COLOR=SeaGreen]Watching Lysander leave with aggrevation streaming across his face, Damion shoved himself to sit up again. Sarah was clearly angered by the man's words and rude mannerisms towards her. She sneered at the opened door as Damion reached out and grabbed her hand. She jumped at his sudden touch, swirling around to hit him when she realized that it was he who had her.

"Don't let him get to you, my Angel. Lysander is a great man, and only knows of my misdeeds." Damion smiled and kissed her hand lightly. She smiled at him as she sat back down on the bed.

"You really should rest," Sarah said as she laid her head on his chest.

"I know," he replied, brushing a strain of hair from her face. "But I am still king and need to attend to this uprising."

"I know, but I wish you didn't have to." Sarah sighed. He slid his hand onto her cheek and held her close to him.

"My Lord!" some one shouted as they rushed into his chamber. It was a young servant boy, the one from the stables.

"What is it?" Damion asked, Sarah sitting up again.

"The castle is on fire, my Lord!" the boy shouted, sweat pouring down his face.

"WHAT!?" Damion bellowed as he rushed to his feet, Sarah quickly at his side. "Where are my nobles?" Damion yelled as he gathered a tunic a trousers.

"Lysander, Raymond and Alder are here, but no sign of Michael, my Lord." The boy watched as Damion dressed himself in his royal grab quickly, his light armor being placed upon his body with Sarah's help. He could see the pain that danced in her eyes before she turned to smile at the King.

"Fetch Ashrel and my nobles, I want them in the main foyer by the time I get there." Damion cursed. The boy bowed and rushed off.

"My Angel," Damion turned to Sarah and grabbed a hold of hands gently in his. "Would you gather whatever servants and freed slaves that have remained behind to help put out the fires."

She smiled at him and touched his face gently. She nodded, her pain so obvious.

"I will come back to you, my Angel. I shall never leave you here alone as long as there is an ounce of life left in my body," he bent forward and passionately kissed her before rushing from the chamber to meet with the nobles in the main foyer.

[I]How in the world did a rebel get past my guards even with most of them fighting at the front gates?[/I] Damion growled to himself.[I] I know I didn't raise and train my own army to be idiots or lazy and I know damn well not all of them left my side.[/I] He tried to wash the thought from his mind as he burst into the foyer.

Two massive guards held a fair looking noble between them, while Lysander stood before him. Ashrel stood off in the distance with both her servants and Amaya. Raymond and Adler stood just off to Ashrel's right, laughing and chuckling as Damion approached.

"My Lord," Lysander said, turning and bowing to Damion as he approached.

"Do have a sweet tongue towards my Lady Sarah the next time you meet with her." Damion said, trying not to growl at the man he saw as a brother.

"Of course," Lysander nodded his head.

"Sire," Damion turned to see Jarrod and three of the other elite guards. "We've brought back some of the troops to help with the fire. The rebels have nearly broken through the gates, my Lord."

Damion growled. "How the hell have hundred mounted men and three hundred train men on foot been nearly beaten by a hundred and fifty men!"

"I don't know, Sire."

"Do I have to do everything myself?" Damion bellowed again, Lysander laughing at his anger.

"Ashrel, you organize Raymond's men, the remaining servants, and the soldiers that have returned to take care of the fires."

"My Lord," Ashrel bowed as she, her servants, Amaya, and Raymond left the foyer.

"MY Lord, what do you suggestion of this gentlemen?" Lysander beckoned Damion's attention.

Damion finally turned towards the two guards to see who they had caught running around his castle. Upon approaching them he could smell the faint smell of smoke and seeing the man's face Damion could nothing but smile and chuckle.

"Marquise, how nice of you to join us."

"You won't win this time, you murderous bastard!" Rion shouted at him.

Damion gritted his teeth as he wrenched his body around and back-handed the rebelious noble. Damion's head began to ache and his vision swirled a bit. "You will bow to me, you treadous snob!" Damion turned to the guards. "Shackle him and stick him on a horse." The men nodded and dragged Marquise off.

"Lysander and Adler, you and your men will accompany to the front gates. Bring your troops." Damion started towards the stables. "Jarrod, fetch my sword. You and the elites will ride with me."

"Sire." Jarrod bowed and hurried off towards the armory.


Damion looked down the hill from upon Eclipse, Lysander on his right with Jarrod and another elite next to Jarrod. Adler, high upon his grey horse, on Damion's left with two elites next to him holding firmly to Marquise mount. An army of over a thousand men, both on foot and mounted, waited patiently behind them.

Damion sneered at the sight he beheld. His men were being easily slaughtered by these rebels and it was disgracing beyond all words. Eclipse shifted uneasily under Damion, anticapation racing through the stallion. Damion was dressed in his metal armor, larger shoulder plates, silver cape and all. His head had been cleaned and its bandages removed, and his long dark hair was pulled back at the base of his neck. His eyes glowing red with anger as he bellowed for the charge.

Lysander, Adler and the two elites with Marquise stayed perfectly posed on the hill as the army rushed forward, Jarrod and Damion, sword drawn, in the front. They collided with the rebel army and nearly destroyed it upon impact. Screams, cries and begging could be heard as the king's army descreated what had remained. As the battle died down after such a short moment, Lysander, Adler, the elite and Marquise made their way towards them.

Damion and Jarrod dismounted, two soldiers holding their mounts as they approached the nobles. Both Jarrod and Damion were covered in crimson blood and one of it was their own. None to the troops that had followed the king down had stained any mortal wounds, but some wounds were being treated for.

Damion greeted the nobles as Jarrod walked past them to grab Marquise and pull him from his mount. The noble hit the ground hard as Jarrod dragged him by the collar over to Damion. Damion pulled his sword from his waist as he took a hold of Marquise.

"I know you're still out there, Asher!" Damion bellowed over the calm. "You and your rebels! You see this," Damion pulled Marquise to his feet by the back of his neck. "Your precious noble lord who thought it would be satifing to set my castle on fire!" Damion stuck his blade through Marquise's right leg, listening to him wail in pain. "This will happen to you if you dare try to set foot on MY castle again!" Damion threw the noble forward into the blood and muddy earth, shackles still around his wrist. Damion turned away from him, cleaning his sword with a piece of cloth. "Strip him," he commanded Jarrod as he mounted Eclipse once more. [/COLOR] [/FONT]

OOC: Decided that I was being too nice to you people!
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[SIZE=1]OOC: Wow. You weren't playing, were you? Maybe just a [i]little[/i] overcompensation? Meh. I fight fire with fire anyway. ^_^


Rion looked at the king in hate, killing his subjects who wanted only peace and prosperity. He was a power hungry tyrant who overthrew the government when he knew nothing about governing. He still did not. Overtaken by the pulsating pain in his right leg, he clenched his teeth together tightly to prevent him from whimpering.

"So this is how you fight a man? Stabbing me shackled, without any hope of defense? I suppose I shouldnt've expected anything more from scum like you." He spat at Daimon as his guards took off his shirt.

"Marquise, I suggest you quiet yourself!" Daimon yelled at him, losing his temper. He rode off, obviously in a fit of rage again. Jarrod smiled at Rion, stepping forward towards him.

"You think you're that good? You're not. Rebel." He said with disgust, walking in a slow circle around Rion. Rion was busy calming himself, thinking about how he could live and sustain minimal damage from his abusers.

"Do you really think so? Are you the king's type? The one that stabs a foe in their back? One with no chivalry?" Jarrod said nothing, only giving him an angry stare into Rion's eyes. He needed to get his rapier, and unbind himself.

"So maybe you [i]are[/i] the cowardly, dishonorable type. The scum of the earth." Rion said, mustering every ounce of slander and smearing it generously into his tone. It had the desired effect.

"I am [b]not[/b] dishonorable! On your feet, you trash." Rion stood, with slight difficulty. His wound gave him a a twinge of pain, which shot up his thigh. He planted his feet, testing them. It was a miracle the sword hadn't hit a bone. The bandage also seemed to be holding up well.

"Get him a shackle with more slack, and hand him his rapier. I will kill you swiftly." A servant moved to grant Jarrod his request, while a sword was placed at his throat, to make sure he wouldn't run. A new set of bonds were on his arms, and now his arms were forward, with about three feet worth of slack. Another servant handed him his rapier, which he unsheathed and held at the ready.

Jarrod pointed his rapier at Rion, not bothering to tap it to signal the beginning of the fight. Marquise was caught off guard, but quickly conpensated by moving slightly to the side dodging the attack and throwing a thrust at Jarrod's own midsection. That attack, as well as plenty others were parried by each party. Rion's moves came with a slower precision due to the bindings, but were strong nonetheless. Jarrod attacked more than often, and with each passing second he moved more and more rashly. It was probably due to the fact he could not easily kill Rion. Sending a few more savage attacks at Rion, he grunted in hate. One of which grazed his left arm.

"Good fight you've put up. Now you die!" Jarrod shouted vulgarly, as he charged, rather than stay in his form. Rion blocked the thrust Jarrod dealt, but did not see the knee-blow to the stomach he recieved. He fell to the ground, pulling Jarrod down with him by using his momentum. They both flipeed a few times, with Rion ending up on top with his sword drawn pointing at Jarrod's throat.

"You're no better than Daimon."

"Call him King!"

"Never." He said simply to Jarrod's fanatical barking. Rion quickly shoved his rapier through the man's jugular vein, keeping it there for several seconds to think about his victory. He had sustained little damages, but damage nonetheless. A knee to the stomach and a stabbed thigh would do him no good. He was also missing his shirt.

He snapped back to reality, exiting his dream world were he had existed in bliss for a few seconds, and pulled out his rapier. Wiping Jarrod's blood on the man's hair, he cleaned his sword well enough, and shealthed it.

"If I have learned anything, it is to steal away before another man comes to kill me." His eyes darted around, desparately searching for a quick flight from the castle. He had no desire to be captured and killed. Rion could see no trace of Asher, and all the rebels had been slain. Then something snorted loudly from behind him. Rion jumped, quickly turning around, but saw it was only Jarrod's horse. [i]Perfect[/i].

Rion jumped on the already-saddled horse, whipping it with his rapier's sheath to start running. It almost instantaneously responded, and actually provided no resistance to Rion. It seemed like a tame enough horse if one knew how to ride it. Petting it gently, he darted out of the gates with the horse's noteworthy speed.

[i]I need to make it to the nearest city... I have support, as my family is wealthy. But I need better-trained soldiers than the common folk. They got slaughtered...[/i] He thought slowly.

He quickly deviated from the beaten path that usually led to the castle, and went through a heavily wooded area. The horse, whatever it's name was, was particularly skilled at maneuvering through the thick brush, and soon the pair were out in the open again, near a bustling porting city. Riding into the gates, he went to the mayor of the city in his tattered state. The man was very rich, and Rion felt like he was a mess.

"Oh, dear! Rion, what happened to you?"

"It's a very long story. To put things short, I need your city's help immediately. We must rebel against the king. I'm not sure if you have gotten word about it, but a near-by village rose up and was quashed. As you know, my family has support throughout your city... and I need your local army. As you know, recent setiment of Daimon was grown sour. We must revolt for our freedom and well-being." Rion said, hoping that the mayor would agree.

"Ah...," he thought out loud. "Get this man a shirt, and unbind him. Give him fresh bandages... we have no time for any further grooming." The mayor said urgently. Rion's spirit's lifted, knowing he meant they were leaving with the armies.

"Issue a decree that we are moving to war. Send word to all other sympathetic cities as well. We will rid ourselves of this tyranical king." He said to his right-hand man. The herald walked outside the town-hall, and blew mightily into the war-horn, which sounded throughout the city. Other horns caught the note, and blew as well so that every citizen would be alert. Within twenty minutes, the entire army had formed up in the village green, fully clad in their armor, uniforms, horses and in their organized divisions. The mayor addressed them.

"Soldiers, I call you valient warriors in a time of great need. The king has grown sick and twisted with power, his brain has been corrupted. We need to rid ourselves of such a cancer to this nation. We will allow him to longer to rape our wives, to kill who he wishes! We want justice! We want FREEDOM!"

The entire army raised their standards, shouting in approval. They would prove a very formidable foe for Daimon.

"Now go! Begin your march to their castle, knock down their walls, and tell them his people wanted their retribution!" The army gave a mighty yell once more, then marched out in rank and file, ready to fight a battle. The calvary rode on the flanks, the infantry in the front and center, and the archers in the back. Of course, there were many companies and divisions among them... pikes, swords, spears... and finally, the siege engineers whipping the horses carrying their folded-up equipment.

They made their way through the forest, then arrived at the castle, standing in formation and out of bow-range. Their own archers stood ready with their arrows knocked, ready to fire their volleys once they decided to come within range. The engineers didn't have to do much to ready their machines, as they were only folded up with minimal contructions. Soon the catapults were aimed at the castle turrets, and being loaded with some of the projectiles they would use. Rion smiled, feeling his leg throb still. Pay back would be sweet.

The army was holding its breath, all its weapons ready, all it's calvary mounted, all the infantry ready charge an open gap in the walls. The first bolt of the storm struck mightly upon the battlements of the castle, as stone rained down on them. The walls chipped and fractured, and some of the turrets cracked slightly. There was enough ammo for several more volleys... enough to knock down the walls.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Maaya was wandering around the remains of the castle. She had heard the voices of servants still trying to escape and knights running for the exits.

Maaya herself was now lost within the labyrinth of corridors. The smoke escaping from the fires was clouding Maaya's vision while she continued to wander.

Just as Maaya looked up, a large wooden beam that had caught fire fell. She leaped for her life and barely escaped to realize that she was near the slave corridor.

She ran even faster to get by and make her way to the Central Court. But before she could make it, a large projectile had just burst through the stone wall to her left and she fell over, shaken.

"What the hell!?" Maaya yelled to herself she dusted off the ashes. She looked out. Sir Marquise could hardly be seen amongst the soldiers, but she knew it was him. And if he was attacking the castle, then the King and several others must have still sought refuge here.

Maaya stood once more and continued onward toward the central courts. Instead of continuing to the right, she veered to the left towards the main entrance of the castle. Surely someone had to be there.

She arrived at the entrance to find several soldiers, slaves and nobles. After looking around a little more, she found Daimon standing next to Sarah and Ashrel, Lysander approaching them.

Maaya sighed and looked around to see the sea of frightened faces. She coughed a little and walked off to the side in search of water, her throat itching for something.
She caught sight of a bowl and rushed over to it, picking it up as soon as she realized that it was fresh water. Drinking rather fast, she was soon stopped by a rather large, old noble.
"Slave, what do you think you're doing?!" He rose.
"I'm not a slave, and as long as I'm here, I won't be." Maaya replied wth that vicious glare in her eyes.
"How dare you speak to me like that!" He squealed.

"Stop this now." Maaya heard a voice behind her. She turned slightly to see Daimon and Sarah standing there.
"My King, this mere slave girl thinks that she has the right to speak to me in such a rude manner." He bowed slightly, Maaya standing still.
"Well sir, that is because you have interrupted her in whatever she may be doing. And also, she is not a slave any longer. As of late, I have no slaves. Now if you don't mind, I have much more important matters to attend to than to listen to such a minor squabble." He remarked with a glare to the both of them. The noble bending his waist to bow and Maaya bowed slightly enough to hide her eyes from him.

Sarah remained long enough for Maaya to say thanks and then ran off after Daimon.

Somehow, she had to alert these people of the state of the castle. Maaya then glanced over at Ashrel. She walked over and addressed her. "Lady Ashrel, please I need to tell you something." Ashrel looked down at her and then nodded as if for her to speak. "This castle is under constant attack, and it will not last long. We need to do something."[/FONT][/COLOR]

OOC: I was kinda thinking I went a little too far on this...but I'm not sure...if I have to, I'll edit it later.
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[COLOR=Indigo]OOC: sorry I'm late. Been busy. TESTS SUCK! YAARG! though I can say that I have lost 5 punds because I haven't had time to really do much besides wolf down a few bites to eat...I guess loosing weight from not eating is a bad thing...but 5 pounds gone! Oh yeah!

Amaya was standing in a vacant but messily clutter hallway of rubble, breathing heavily. In some freakish turn of luck she had barely managed to escape what seemed like half the castle crumbling with her underneath it. Though she had escaped most of the falling rubish, alot of it had fallen on top of her, and she had had to worm her way out of some tight places. Thus, she had smears of soot and dirt on her face and hands, a few scratches, and tears on her clothes. She did have one cut that had sliced it's way across her cheek, and she could feel blood trickling out of it, but she payed it no mind.

She hadn't meant to get caught in anything, because of course, she hadn't planned for the castle to be set afire. She was actually on her way back from the Armory, where she had been looking for a suitable sword. Ashrels teachings had been quite effective, in her opinion, and though she wasn't the best fighter in the army, she could now at least defend herself and attack.

Now the sword she had picked was an interesting one. She hadn't thought to find something that she would adapt to so quickly in the King's armory, but she had found what seemed like the perfect weapon for. The blade was thin and long, and thought it was not exactly like Ashrels, it was very similar. It was a bit thicker, and it curved ever so slightly. The sheath for it was a dark greenish color, and the hilt seemed made for her small grip. It was balanced perfectly, and she could move with it like it was a third arm or something. All in all she was very happy with the sword. And she was eternally grateful to Ashrel for teaching it to her.

"Now, I just need to find someone to pratice my newly found skill on." SHe grinned and brushed herself off, laying a hand over the sheathed sword buckled to her waist.

She headed off towards the central hallway at a quick trot, avoiding fallen timbers and stones. She saw no one as she traveled, and as she was looking around, she ran right into the king himself and stumbled backwards from his firm body, her arms windmilling as she tried to regain her balance before she fell. "God, I must look like an idiot!" she muttered to herself as she fell backwards, her attempt at balance failing. She grinned up at the King as he turned to see what had hit him, and a red flush crept across her cheeks.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Ashrel looked at Maaya and then at Amaya, Ishizu and Marou. A few more servant girls gathered around the group.

"This castle is under constant attack, and it will not last long. We need to do something," said Maaya.
" Yes. Come. Lets put out the fires. Find anything that is not flammable, and try and beat the fires out," Ashrel said, leading the way to put out the fires. There was to be no more fighing for Ashrel. Her condition had weakened tremensely and she could barely fight for any longer than a few minutes. The training session with Amaya had drained her of her remaining strength.

The ex-servants gathered what they could and started to put out the fires. Beating them out, using soot to smother the fires, they used any device at their desposal, except for water. Ashrel looked outside and saw the Sir Marquise had returned with more forces. He was fighting amongst his countrymen. A soft warm feeling spread throughout Ashrel's body - one she hadn't felt since her first meeting with Damion.

With the fires now extinguished in this part of the castle, Ashrel gathered everyone to execute the plan she had formulated in her head while fire-fighting.
" Continue onto the parts of the castle where there isn't any fighting. If fighting does outbreak in the part of the castle where you are putting out the fires, use the secret passageways out of the castle." Ashrel handed Amaya, Maaya, Ishizu and Marou a map each. " These show the tunnels. Now, I must join the battle. Good luck my friends."
With that she left in a whirl of her cape.

Walking to the battle front, Ashrel easily made her way into the fray of blood and bodies. She had only one sword with her - she had left Amaya with her other - a parting gift. Managing to dodge any attack aimed at her, Ashrel made her way quickly to Rion. Suddenly a burly man moved in between her and Rion. He aimed his sword at her neck.

" Now what are you doing ey missie?" he said.
Ashrel looked at him with indifferent eyes. " I want to speak to Sir Marquise."
" Speak or kill. There's a big difference missie."
He grabbed her roughly by the arm. His grip was tight and strong. Ashrel was no match for him in her weakened state - even with her skills with her sword. He dragged her over to Rion and placed her before the leader of the army. Rion looked surprised at Ashrel.

" My Lady Ashrel."
" Sir Marquise."
" Now did you come to be captured?"
" I was merely wanting to talk to you, when your bodyguard arrested me in a matter of sorts."
" Ah."
" What shall I do with her my Lord?" the man asked. Ashrel moved uncomfortably around - she had never been in this situation before. Usually she was the one deciding what fate her prisoner should face.
" Put her on the back of my horse. She and I are going to have a long chat," Rion said. The man practically threw Ashrel on the back of the horse. Rion steered the stallion around and headed back towards a safer place where they could talk without any interuptions.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Asher heard Damion call his name, demanding he show himself. He looked around, trying to find the man, but could see nothing with all the battles going on around him. A few moments later, he saw Rion riding by on a horse, away from the battle.

[I]Can't blame him for running.[/I] he thought, [I]But, I can't dwell on that. I have to get to the castle and end this.[/I]

Asher headed for the castle. He had to end this, finally. He'd fight Damion. Kill him and free the people from the oppression of the tyrant.
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OOC: Hmm...no one's touched this in a few days...

[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype]The four girls worked hard to put out the fires. But battle cries could be heard not too far from where they were. Ishizu and Marou began to make haste, as if to not be caught by any one of those rebels, while Amaya and Maaya worked hard to get out one larger fire.

Another large blast was heard on the floors above and soot from the ceiling began to fall. A loud creaking noise emerged from the wooden beams holding up the stone.
"It's going to fall!" Maaya yelled as she pushed Amaya out of the way.
She fell backward and close to the fire as the floor fell through and separated the four of them.
"Are you okay?" Ishizu yelled as she helped Amaya up.
"I think so..." Maaya gasped, but when she got up and moved her arm, she watched as a long cut down the side of her forearm began to let the blood seep out. "Damn..." She said to herself. "Go on without me. I'll be fine."
"Are you sure?" Amaya yelled.
"Hurry up! Just go before the fires get worse!" Maaya yelled as she turned to look for some way out. The fire had died down, and the ones that they had extinguished before the collapsing of the ceiling were also ahead of her now.

She heard the other girls footsteps get lighter and soon disappear. She looked up to see fire on the next floor above. She used her uninjured arm to climb up the ruins and jump through the fire in front of her and continued on through the corridors.

Before long, Maaya was growing weary, and so she pulled out the map that Ashrel had given her. A tunnel hidden to her view was about twenty feet behind her, so Maaya turned around and looked for the door. When she found it, it was behind a mass of rubble and scorched wood. She worked to get everything out of the way and squeezed her way through. Continuing through the darkness wandering to someplace that she would know of when she got there.

When Maaya emerged from a spare wine cellar near the stables, the sky was a midnight blue and the stars showed no sign of the day's events. Maaya brushed off the soot and dirt that managed to stain her clothes and mark her skin. She walked no more than a few steps before collapsing from exhaustion and falling unconscious.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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We have a problem kiddies...our wonderful '...' might have left us which causes great conflicts with the story. I can't continue this rpg without Sarah!! If some one wants to play her character PM...if not I might just end up playing her character myself. Oh and keep an eye on adventure inn, I might start a new rpg soon ;)
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Hrm...why'd she leave? ::glances at clock:: Shoot. can't type anymore...I've gotta go. I hate TIME! IT IS ALWAYS SO FAST!...and yet...so slow...::slumps away pouting...::
Oh, you could always have your character fall for another person...or something odd like that.
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