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love hina bannah =)


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hey yah guys.... i know you guys haven't heard from me in a long time... but... can you make me a banner pretty please?

thx a lot..


thx a bunch guys... appreciate it...
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Sorry if I came up kinda weak, Air. But here are a few attempts at the banner and avatar. I was trying to add text... and the theme of transportation (japanese metro lines).




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sorry but thats not what i had in mind. but sorry for being pickie.... i love yoru font tho =)

ish it possible to put both children and the adult together? thx thx. =)
(sorry if my english is very bad.. =P)

and with the words
"did you hear? it's said that if two people in love go to toudai.... they'll find 'happiness'."


"if it really works... let's go to Toudai Together, okay...""

& and i'll be very very very grateful if you also have this too

"it's a promise"

and i love the font you have *referring to retribution*

sorry for any misunderstanding..... i'll love the person who'll make this request for me... i can wait as long as it takes =)
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]I tried...really I did...I managed to fit all the text, but it looks...jammed. It's very hard to get that much text on a banner and it still look nice. Personally, I would actually go with Retri's on this...*kicks self*. So...here's the full-text attempt. Hope you like...

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