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Zero vs. Wolverine


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[color=indigo]Thanks for the status report. ;)

Welcome to OtakuBoards, mangakiwi. We try to maintain a fairly high standard of discussion here, and to do that, we have some rules.

First (and most relevent to your thread), we ask that everyone put some effort into their posts--especially when starting a new thread. The first person to post in a thread has the ability to introduce and direct discussion, and threads are often made or broken by the quality of the first post.

You and your friend are arguing over who would win--is that all? What do you want others to say? Most likely, you'd like to know what other people think on the topic. Ask! Explain which position you hold, and why. What does your friend think? Why don't you agree with him?

Just stating that you're having an argument isn't very interesting. Give us more!

I looked at your profile as saw that you actually registered several months ago. You might want to review our [url=http://otakuboards.com/rules.php?]rules[/url] if you're going to be posting again.

I'm going to close this thread for the time being. If you want to take the effort to edit your post, do so, PM me, and I'll open the floor to discussion again.

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