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Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction: tips and comments [E]


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I've had this into my head for a long time now. I'm not sure I've integrated everything I wanted as clearly as I expected to and would greatly apreciate criticism.

[QUOTE]This article is aimed at those wanting to produce fairly long, anime-type Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction. That is, fanfiction that creates a "new" anime season or story arc, or simply wants to use the same "framework" as the anime.

"Mary Sue" also refers to masculine characters.
Most of these rules can easily be applied to roleplaying[/I]


Friendship and honor *are* central themes to Yu-Gi-Oh!, no matter how mushy it sounds. Do not forget that when writing.


[B]Characters have ties[/B]

Characters in the anime have complex backgrounds and links to secondary characters. When creating a new major character, be it an ally or an enemy to Yugi, make sure to have a small gallery of related characters: a fanfic allows for much more space for secondary characters!

[B]Villain ties[/B]

This is even more important. If you want to make villains which have ties to Yugi, know your ancient egypt and the anime's ancient egypt stuff. A little research never killed anybody and many sites have good manga/anime timelines and summaries.

[B]Characters are not perfect[/B]

This applies to all fiction, but make sure to give your characters flaws, otherwise you have a Mary Sue. But then overly tragic characters (e.g. orphans, loners) don't have any link to other characters! It is a delicate balance.

[B]Out of the blue[/B]

Please, liberate us from odd and forgotten family members appearing out of the blue. Not only is it frequently a way to throw in a Mary Sue but this plot device is overly used and way out.


You should always know precisely why a character wants to beat/duel another or, if that's the case, why he doesn't want to.


[B]NO god cards[/B]

PLEASE liberate us from new god cards. There were 3 created by Industrial Illusions. If there had been more, we'd have heard of it by now. At the very least, we've seen way too much Anubis god cards.

[B]Real world vs Anime cards[/B]

We have seen little cases were people used duplicates of cards in their decks. Also, the anime and the TCG's idea of a powerful card are DIFFERENT. Remember that cards like Raigeki were banned during Battle City. Also, the anime's equivalent of a 1900 (e.g. a base attacker) stands around 1400-1600 ATK. The only 1900 atk we see is Kaiba's sole Blood Vors.

[I][B]Decks and duels[/B][/I]
Dueling levels[/B]

NOBODY beats Yugi in a fair duel. And Yugi is the ONLY one who can beat Kaiba in a fair duel. If you can't respect the conventions of canon, don't write for that canon.


Give us themes. Give us motifs. Give us a reason to be interested in the duel. We expect o discover new strategies and new themes with each new duelists. A good Anime duelist has a strategy and loads of cards that work together. He also has a signature card that might or might not be very powerful (One of yugi's signature cards is Kuriboh!)


A good duel is won by a fairly narrow margin, or saved from the brink of loosing. It i of no interest to us to see duelists being utterly crushed down within 3 turns. We want to see complex strategies, clashing and suspenseful duels.

[B]New cards[/B]

Make sure to reveal a few wholely new cards with each duel. Don't be afraid to have half the cards in a deck be made up. To keep suspense rolling, each and every duel a character fights should reveal to us a few new cards from his deck, unless you want to reveal new uses of previous cards.[/QUOTE]
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