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Rated M: BLOODY PENGUIN BASEBALL (not for penguin lovers)


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Anyone who loves penguins turn your heads. I've just played one of the funniest/meanest penguin games ever, SMACK THE PENGUIN. The original had a Yeti with a bat hitting a penguin like a baseball. The objective was to hit the penguin as far as possible. The new version has a Yeti with a spiked club hitting a Penguin. There is tons of blood, first the head flys off when you hit the penguin, from there when you land the head of the penguin will probably hit a bomb and take off again. If you want to play it go to: [url]http://www.technetguru.net/host/29/[/url]

BE WARNED THIS GAME IS GOREY SO IT IS RATED M for Blood and Gore. But still check it out.
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