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Duel Monsters: The War to End All Wars (PG13 for Language and Content)

You Don't Care

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"LET DOMINO'S TENTH ANNUAL 'DUELS FOR THE EARTH' CELEBRATION BEGIN!" The crowd cheers as they witness four duelists enter the arena and prepare the new duel-disks manufactured for the glorius event.

"PREPARE, LOYAL FANS, AS THESE DUELISTS SHOW THE NEWEST TECHNOLOGY IN DUEL MONSTERS!" All of the duel-disks suddenly fan out from what was thought to be normal watches.

"THESE AREN'T YOUR NORMAL DUEL-DISKS! AND TO SHOW THEM OFF ARE THESE FOUR TALENTED DUELISTS!" Spotlights shine brightly on the four as they become fully visible.

"WE HAVE MAKO AND HIS OCEAN DECK!" Mako punches the air with his spear clenched.

"VALEN WITH HIS DECK OF ARMOR!" The crowd cheers once again for the return of the power-suit pounder. He chuckles as if he already had one the biggest duel of his life.

"WE ALL KNOW THIS ONE!! JOEY 'GODFATHER' WHEELER!!" The crowd grows even louder as the returning champ does a dance to please his fans.

"LAST, BUT NOT LEAST! MANNY WITH HIS..." the announcer pauses as he checks the paper in his hand. "Uh..AN EXODIA DECK!" Cheers can be heard from the crowd, but also the murmur and shock of hearing the word EXODIA. The rest of the duelists' attitude change when they hear this. Manny turns to face them with closed eyes and a calm smile.



"So our efforts have finally paid off," Maxamillion Pegasus states as he looks down into the arena. "The new duel-disks are finished thanks to our combined efforts and we have the most interesting players of the world right here! We make quite the team, wouldn't you say, Kaiba?"

Kaiba remains silent as he looks down at the four. "I only agreed to work with you, because of the design you have managed to copyright under my nose."

"I guess with the constant poundings of Yugi, as well as Joey always challenging you, has made you forget how to run a business adequately." He drinks from his wine glass.

"I told you! My priorities aren't focused on such things anymore!"

Kaiba stands up and walks toward the table where his lunch waits. He grabs for a champaign bottle and two glasses as he continues. "With my new role as Earth's representator to the monster world, I hardly even have time to watch this match." He pops the cork and begins to pour into the two glasses. "Which is why I would like to use this time to make a toast on you and my brother's success, Maximillion."

Pegasus looks up at Kaiba with a shock and then hooted. "So you finally mellowed out! Eh, Kaiba?!" Their glasses rang as they two toasted.

"To our success and the new line of cards!"


"This has been a good match, but I 'ave nothin' else left," Valen announces as his life points click to zero. "I can't believe it, I couldn't even touch the guy!"

Mako had already lost and Valen walks out of the arena tattered and torn. All that remains is Joey at 3600 and Manny at a whole 8000. 'I can't believe this guy. Everything we try has no effect and he just throws right back at us,' Joey thinks to himself as he begins his turn again.

"Would you look at that? Three duelists defeated and all by myself, too. I guess it's just you and me now, Mr. Wheeler," Manny says as he makes another calm smile. "I have to admit, not even I thought that my 'Triangle Power' would have worked so well when my Exodia pieces attacked."

Joey looked at his newly drawn card and then at the ones in his hand. "You are a tough duelist, but I'm not gonna give up. This may be an exhibition match, but my honor as the reigning champ is at stake!"

"Oh. We were playing seriously?

Joey made a look of horror, then it suddenly changed back as he remebered something. "Plus, my friends have my back and I have the heart of the cards. I CAN'T LOSE!"

"Oh, yeah. I already know about [I]your[/I] heart of the cards." Manny's smile suddenly became a sneer of extreme insanity.

"What the hell?! MY heart of the cards?! What is THAT supposed to mean?!"

"End your turn and you'll find out!" Manny went back to his calm smile, but his eyes remained open with the glare of insanity.

"Okay! I'll end my turn!"


"WHAT!?!? I FORGOT!!!!"

"Because of that, I can activate this card. 'TRINITY FINISH'!" Manny plays the card and pulls his deck from the duel-disk. "Now all of our cards go into the graveyard. Then we both take out a monster, magic, and trap from the graveyard and add them to our hands." They both do this. "We both can then place the trap face down and summon the monster. I'll leave my monster in my hand and a new round will begin with both of us at the same time. The loser will be the first one that uses up the three cards!"

Joey takes his three cards and places the trap and summons,"I summon, Red-Eyes Black-Dragon!" The great red beast comes forth and its roar bellows across the arena. "You made a big mistake mistake when you allowed me to get my Red-Eyes and this card 'Aura Armor', which I play with my 'Red-Eyes Transmigration'! Watch as I become 'Lord of Red'!" Fire completely surrounds Joey his Red-Eyes-Black-Dragon fuses with the armor that just forms around him.

A calm presence seems to enter his mind. "According to your card's effect, I am allowed to activate the trap card despite the requirements that must be met!'

"How could you possibly have known about that effect!?" Manny shouted over the resonance of Joey's 'Lord of Red'. "I..don't know.." Joey muttered as he realized this himself.

"I see. You have the power that the other underworlders do. But before you can fully realize it I must destroy you," Manny announced as his insanity began to show again.

"Destroy me!?!? I don't know what you mean, but from the look of it I have this duel in the bag."

Manny begins to chuckle. Then it slowly turns into a maniacle laughter.

"What are you laughing about?" Joey says in a calm demeanor.

"Looks like you screwed up again...You used up your three cards!"

The horror returns to Joey at the realization of what he had done. "Then I lose."

"NOT SO FAST! I WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY THAT EASILY!" He begins to chant something. Then an aura appears around him. A light flashes throughout the stadium, blinding everyone. As it fades, Manny's trap card can be seen activated.

"NOW THE DUEL IS REAL AND EXODIA IS PISSED! 'Backup Soldier' allows three of the Exodia to go to my hand!"

Joey begins to smile himself. "Now you have four Exodia pieces. But it doesn't work without the last one! ITS USELESS! Nice try, bucko. HA!"

"Not unless I have this. 'Monster Reincarnation' can bring any monster back from the graveyard to my hand as long as I discard a card. And you wouldn't believe what came back to my hand, too, when the new turn started. My 'Sinister Serpent'!"

The final piece returns to Manny's hand as the Exodia the Forbidden One rises from the shadows. "Now, Exodia. KILL HIM!!" Exodia hurls the blast at Joey as it obliderates everything in its path.

The power tears through Joey's flesh and there remains nothing more.


"What is this?! An actual duel monster appeared and it was Exodia of all things!" Kaiba hollered. "There hasn't been one on Earth in a while, because of recent events!"

"NOT ONLY THAT! LOOK!" Pegasus points into the arena.


Joey's blood and burned flesh is scattered in all directions. There is nothing else left, but a tattered duel-disk. "Wheeler. You died at the hands of a duel monster. But thanks to you," Kaiba looks to the audience as he continues,"You have blocked the blast from destroying countless others. You truly are an honorable duelist... Let's go, Pegasus. We have an agenda to make."
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